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Can we talk here? After high school and military, I went to college for eight years (part-time while raising family) as a math & science major. With public schools and military service, I had accumulated 26 years of indoctrination - the very opposite of education. Indoctrination stuffs in politically correct beliefs and programmed responses.

Education draws out the best from individuals.

I got my real education in private organizations - AND - a marketplace that does not hand out "degrees." Degrees don't determine results in a marketplace where results count more than degrees.

My real education, self-financed & lifelong, includes scores of courses in technology, communications, leadership, management sciences, law, and marketing. My real education includes my recent travel/study sabbatical around the US (2001-2011): 186,000+ miles, coast-to-coast, border-to-border, staying in scores of towns where I studied, took courses, and wrote several books,

I have been personally trained by Michael Gerber, Paul Larson, Werner Erhard, Sean D'Souza, John Eggan, Roy H. Williams, & other business gurus. I am a Toastmaster ATM, Licensed Avatar Master/Wizard & Registered Thoughtstorm® Pilot. More.

PS: Eight Things They Don't Teach at Engineering School:8) Other disciplines get inflated grades. Thus, brilliant engineering students may earn low grades while other departments' students score "straight As" for simple reports about zombie flicks.7) Theory tells you how a circuit works - not why it won't.6) Not everything works according to specs.5) Anything practical you learn will be obsolete before you use it.4) Always try to fix the hardware with software.3) Engineering is like an 8 a.m. class and a late afternoon lab every day -- for the rest of your life.2) Overtime pay? Ha! 1) Dilbert is a documentary.


Life-long learning. Real science, writing, geology, law, marketing, classical/flamenco guitar, sailing.

Love working with execs and managers to make a lasting contribution to company growth... Enjoy managing, supervising, inspiring others, addressing groups, training others, brainstorming... Celebrate developing organizational strategy, business processes, process flowcharts/modeling.

Writer / Author

Over 15 years experience researching, organizing, and writing technical & business documentation. Delivered 30,000+ pages to Silicon Valley clients.

Also wrote: Profitable Venture Tactics, 7 Easy Steps to your Raise and Promotion in 30-60 Days, The Ultimate Career Builder, Organize your Business for Success, American Safari, Handbook of Hassle-Free Homecookin': Also reviewed Solar Fraud.