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With over 11 years of real world marketing experience, I am a passionate advocate of online marketing. 

I specialise in Conversion Optimisation ie:  Designing websites and online experiences that achieve excellent statistical conversion rates.  I utilise a proven system of psychological triggers I have developed which cause internet visitors to be highly likely to perform a desired action, be that leaving their details, buying a product or requesting info. 

I am an all-rounder possessing expert level proficiency in copywriting, design (both online and print) and direct and online marketing.  From the conception of an idea through to the design, implementation and optimisation of that idea, I am capable of performing all facets of a complex marketing plan.

Enthusiastic about statistics, I fine tune online experiences until they achieve industry leading conversion rates.  I delve deeply into the mind of the web visitor to grasp their wants, needs and desires; then apply systematised techniques to trigger emotive responses to the web content.  Superb copy, outstanding design and targeted messages combine to create a unique and highly effective web presence for the companies I work with.

I am capable of performing to a high level the complex discilines of SEO, PPC and SEM.  I possess knowledge of systems that are largely unknown in the SEO world, being able to gain hundreds of high page rank links quickly.  Having studied extensively the algorhithms that guide the search engine ratings, I can position a site for first page rankings reliably.

In summary, I would be a mighty addition to any companies marketing team, capable of accelerating the online sector for profit and sustainable, statistically repeatable performance.


General Marketing Skills
Creative Direction/Project Management: Skilled Creative Director able to develop concepts, write copy and oversee execution of creative for all media. Strong strategic and creative thinker. Branding expert with a deep appreciation for and understanding of the importance of brand and brand aesthetics. Skilled in the creation of new brands, the revitalization of tired brands and the management of established brands. Proven project manager with expert knowledge of production and the ability to maximize budgets through effective budget management, media planning and negotiations. Experienced manager with proven mentoring skills. Marketing/Business Consultant: Experienced in the systematic planning, implementation and control of the entire mix of marketing activities, including strategic planning, brand management and advertising. Able to develop on-target positioning/messaging strategies to accomplish marketing/sales objectives. Author of marketing and business plans for both established and new business ventures. Communications: Experienced in the development of new business.  Adept at making formal presentations to business prospects, team members and higher management. Good presentation skills and demonstrated ability to effectively communicate ideas. Comfortable presenting to large audiences. A master of the art of persuasion and possessed of a knack for motivating and inspiring others. Good interpersonal and networking skills and the ability to effectively communicate across organizational lines.
My background is solidly rooted in the world of web development and project management. I have spent the last several years combining my technical and people management skills with the area of search engine optimization (SEO), Pay per Click (PPC) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). My goal is to effectively bridge the divide between search engine marketing and online businesses   I am an expert in Internet Marketing campaigns, specialising in Organic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing, Article Marketing & Market Research I Maintain an excellent knowledge of the major search engine algorithm and ranking systems Highly knowledgeable in all aspects of Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and MSN Adcenter Possess an excellent understanding of Web Analytics
Design for Online and Print
I have been designing online experiences and print work for 10 years.  I possess a keen eye for visual excellence, and am capable of designing complex flash based web experiences as well as incredibly effective landing pages.  I possess all the knowledge required to take an idea from concept to print.  My designs possess a simple beauty and are rich in psychological triggers. Creating, updating and maintaining multiple web sites; Web Programming, script installations; HTML: CSS Designing graphics, logos and animation for websites; Collaboration with content providers; Overseeing and driving day-to-day website operations; Ensuring web site quality, performance and reliability; Ability to work under pressure, and to consistently deliver projects on-time; Excellent communication skills, teamwork and project management skills
I have been a copywriter for over eleven years, and compelling, powerful copy is one of my core skills, especially important in relation to getting people to perform desired actions on landing pages etc.   Skilled creative communicator, with persuasive skills that can make any process, product or policy interesting to any target. New business developer who seeks out and capitalizes on opportunities to make a marketing message known in as broad and in-depth ways as possible. Possessing a broad base of knowledge, able to remember and use important facts, details, and information, and make connections to arrive at different and creative solutions/approaches.

Work experience

Aug 2009Present

Project Manager

Matt Hudson Projects
Jan 2006Aug 2009

Marketing Manager

Line Management Pty Ltd
Aug 2005Jan 2006

Marketing Manager

Print Systems Australia
Mar 2003Jul 2005

Director of Marketing

Living Energy Juice Bars
Apr 2001Mar 2003

Marketing Manager

Feb 1998Mar 2001

Senior Copywriter

Crockford & Carlysle


Melanie MacDonald

Managing Director of Line Management Pty Ltd, one of Australia's leading private training companies.

Matthew Hudson

Owner of Matt Hudson Projects, a multimillion dollar Project Management Company.



Jan 1998Oct 2002

Adv Dip Health Science

Southbank Institute of Technology