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Mike Galos

System Architect/Technical Program Manager

Work experience

Jan 2009May 2009

API Program Manager

Wimmer Technologies at Microsoft
  • Created APIs for interoperability between Microsoft's Speech Components Group and key partners.
  • Designed and negotiated compatibility strategies between key internal and W3C standards in both managed an unmanaged languages
  • Analyzed customer and competitive data

Developer Evangelist

Aditi at Microsoft
  • Primary technical liason between Microsoft and over two dozen Global Partners in the ISV space.
  • Manage and participate in onsite technical briefings, deep dives and Executive Briefing Center conferences with our partner's senior managers, executives and C-level officers.
  • Provide strategic dirction to both partners and to key members of industry-wide initiatives on new directions for software development and platform strategy including parallelism, HPC, cloud computing and work flow.

Program Manager

Aditi at Microsoft

I worked on an agile methodology development team that develops the VoIP system that is used in Windows Live Messenger and several internal partner products.

I owned the SDK, key design elements of the next version of the product and relationships with multiple internal development partners including backward compatibility and future design.



Galloping Gadgets, LLC
  • Designed and developed an ASP.NET/C#/SQL Server 2000 vertical market system that facilitates management and communications between customers, staff and business partners for Equestrian Centers.
  • Worked with a small team at the invitation of the Deputy Prime Minister of a Southeast Asian government to plan that nation’s strategy for developing their technology infrastructure. 
  • Designed and developed a web service based application that retrieves data from USGS web pages, converts the data to an XML web service, and then displays in the user’s tray on the WinForm client and on a Windows Mobile Smartphone client. 
  • Trained developers and SEs around the US on a variety of subjects including ASP.NET Programming, Object Oriented Techniques with C#, ASP.NET Security, Active Directory, SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services, COM+ and .NET Security.
  • Developed and tested commercial training materials on Microsoft BizTalk Server 2004.
  • Technical participant in the developmet of Microsoft’s Certification Exams for Visual Studio 2005 and BizTalk Server 2006.

Security Program Manager

Aditi at Microsoft

Hired to do threat modeling for a very visible and sure to be targeted 1.0 distributed consumer product, I became the Area PM responsible for product wide security.  This included managing multiple security review processes, coordinating security with partner teams to drive issues to efficient resolution, writing and reviewing specifications and threat models, managing the security virtual team and working across divisions and development sites. 

My work, along with my exceptional team, was rated as the best in Microsoft by the ACE Security evaluation team. 

Another highlight was a dev lead saying “Mike makes developing for this project a joy.  I don’t have to deal with all the process stuff and can just do my work.” 

Aug 1988Nov 2001

Program Manager

  • Joined Microsoft Training with specialization in programming languages after working as a professional developer/project lead at IBM on ANSI X12 based EDI systems.
  • Developed Microsoft Official Courseware and trained for Microsoft on Languages, Operating Systems, Databases, Networking and Web Technologies.
  • Owned the Microsoft Official Courseware product line for Client Operating Systems from Windows 3.0 through Windows NT Workstation including Resource Kit contributions.
  • Owned the Microsoft Official Courseware product line for Internet Products from Internet Explorer 4.0 thorugh Site Server 3.0, Commerce Edition
  • Developed the world’s first Visual Basic courseware coincident with the product release.Developed, tested and reviewed Microsoft Certification programs and exams on Development and Support topics for the MCP, MCSE and MCSD programs.
  • Taught internal Microsoft training on ASP.NET, JScript and VBScript.
  • Presented with highest ratings at TechEd (US, Europe and Australia), TechSys New Zealand, Windows 2000 EMEA Deployment Conference, Microsoft TechWeek (New Orleans and San Diego). 


Technology evangelist, trainer, ex-developer with a background in the PC industry and a specialization in new technology adoption. Industry experience in everything from web farms through enterprise architectures to language design to high performance clusters. Program manager with experience in both APIs and user interaction.