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Work experience

Sep 1996Present

Senior Engineering Specialist

BAE Systems

Presently System Administrator for the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency's GEOINT Research Center's ILS / Voyager program. Responsible for the administration of the program's primary and backup SUN Microsystem servers running Voyager ILS on top of Solaris 10 with Oracle databases and web based user interfaces. Prior to ILS / Voyager, was the System Integrator and Administrator for the Rapid Imagery Exploitation System (RIES) whose primary function was to provide platforms for evaluation and implementation of new software and hardware technologies supporting NGA’s movement to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) based operations and also was the TestFlight System Integrator and Administrator, a GEOINT tool and integrated desktop application. Also was part of an integrated O&S team providing critical 24x7 mission support as an Operations Support Engineer on a large government library system in Arnold in a Dell Blade Server and NetApp Storage environment.Also maintained and supported robotic archives and associated network components and responsible for investigation into operational issues and performing problem escalation with vendor, factory and on-site and east coast based Subject Matter Experts (SME) as required. Routine tasks included performance monitoring, problem diagnosis and troubleshooting, collection of problem information, writing discrepancy reports, support system backup and restore activities and support performance metrics collection to include daily status reporting. Before this, spent a year as a Data Migration Specialist on the Arnold STIL.

Prior to working in Arnold, was the Front-End Processing (FPE) Lead System Administrator and Field Engineer responsible for daily FPE operations including routine care of operating system and application software, system hardware, troubleshooting and all aspects of routine UNIX Administration. Duties included acting as a liaison for the Development Test Facility (DTF) in San Diego and the NGA customer here in St. Louis.

Also was a System Administrator and Customer Service Representative for the St. Louis Integrated Exploitation Capability (IEC).Acted as a liaison for the development / integration facility personnel and the NGA (National Geospatial – Intelligence Agency) customer here in St. Louis. Part of a multi-contractor team responsible for system administrator support, system maintenance and operations support. Responsible for daily operations in IEC to include routine care of operating system and application software, system hardware, troubleshooting and all

aspects of routine UNIX and Windows System Administration. Assist in troubleshooting system problems and determining whether they are hardware or software related. Interface with users on a daily basis to resolve any issues or problems they encounter from an operational standpoint. Coordinate hardware maintenance and repairs with vendors. Install new software releases, system upgrades, evaluate and install patches and resolve software related problems associated with COTS/GOTS products on Windows 2000 platforms and perform system backups and recovery. Provide general troubleshooting on the system; maintain data files and monitor system configuration to ensure data integrity.

Prior to FPE and IEC, was responsible for performingNGA Production Cell (NPC) system integration and support maintenance tasks which included performing system administration tasks, installing various Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) and Government Off The Shelf (GOTS) software onto SUN and SGI platforms, troubleshooting both software and hardware problems, and installing various hardware components.

Also worked in Resource Management (RM) providing intermediary segment control processing between Digital Production System (DPS) segments and Data Extraction (DE/S) subsystems. Schedule, transmit and receive intersegment softcopy data items, create extraction work packages, and manage data flows to workstations. Manage data on shared storage media, and format and transmit task assignment and segment management data to the DE/S and to the Production Management Segment (PM/S). Worked briefly as the Lead Knowledge Base Engineer for DE/S. Duties include investigating and providing Technical Investigation (TI) onKnowledge Base Systems (KBS) Discrepancy Reports (DRs) concerning the Automatic Feature Extraction (AFE) database, modifying and correcting KBS rules using the Knowledge Engineering System (KES) Rule Editor, enhancing the KBS performance and detecting Ada software problems associated with the KBS. Job requires accessing the Product and Extraction Database (PEDB) for specification information and the Automated Configuration Management System (ACMS) for DR and TI information.

Aug 1991Sep 1996

Staff Scientist

TRIFID Corporation (now GeoEye)

Assisted in the design and implementation of an 80 gigabyte on-line storage system to archive digital geographic data. Established software and hardware requirements for archived storage and delivery of products, and data product development. Responsible for automating process to produce new spatial information product line. Also responsible for integrating product on a variety of platforms (PC and UNIX). Provide technical assistance and support to customers. Wrote several scripts for the Controlled Image Base Production System (CIB/PS). Subcontractor for Intergraph on the Product Generation Segment (PG/S) at NGA St. Louis. Provided support in configuring and testing of hardware. Wrote several new tools (UNIX shell scripts) including a new long line tool for PG/S. Performed integration test activities of delivered software and analysis of software problems. Provided support in configuring and testing of hardware. Assured verification and compliance of contractual agreements/requirements.

Sep 1988Jul 1991

Senior Programmer / Analyst

Daugherty Systems

Implemented a hot strip mill coiling temperature control system based on a statistical model for a large steel manufacturer. Developed and applied RMS files to simulate a database in support of an equipment management information system for a major coal company. Designed and implemented cost saving auto-composition software for automated manufacturing application for a large defense contractor.

Aug 1987Aug 1988

Programmer / Analyst

Societe Internationale de Telecommunications Aeronautiques

Developed and maintained an airline/hotel advanced reservation system.Designed the rule maintenance subsystem of the reservation system as well as developing and maintaining a travel agency display system. Provided 24 hour on-call systems support.

Nov 1983Jun 1987


Defense Mapping Agency

Project leader involved in the very successful use of GEOSAT satellite radar altimetry in the production of geodetic products. Point of contact for on-the-job training for new employees. Performed statistical analysis and utilized mathematical methods such as least squares, collocation, direct integration and spherical harmonics along with computer generated graphics to determine gravity anomalies worldwide. One of two people on a technical development project to predict short wavelength gravity anomaly variations from topographic and geologic data. Established numerous automated procedures to enable efficient handling and analysis of the large datasets used on the project.

Aug 1981Aug 1983

Minerals Geologist

Phillips Petroleum Company

Supervised drill crews to delineate oil shale deposit in Piceance Basin of northwestern Colorado. On-site logging of core and correlation of core to electric logs. Designated potential exploration areas based on core assay information. Performed detailed digitizing to develop cross-sections and contour maps of geologic structure, thickness and overburden isopachs. Monitored surface and subsurface water levels for hydrologic modeling.


Aug 1976Dec 1981


University of Missouri - Rolla (now Missouri University of Science & Technology)

Geology and geophysics involves the exploration of the Earth’s composition in order to better understand its history and future. For geologists and geophysicists, the unpredictability of our Earth is an opportunity for constant discovery. Geologists study everything from the origin of the Earth to hazardous waste issues that affect the world around us.


System Administration






  • Lead System Administrator, System Integrator , Senior Engineering Specialist and Field Engineer, BAE
  • Staff Scientist, TRIFID
  • Senior Programmer / Analyst, Daugherty Systems
  • Programmer /Analyst, SITA
  • Geodesist, DMA
  • Minerals Geologist, Phillips Petroleum Company
  • Team Lead on various initiatives


  • Oracle, Sybase, Informix


  • Extensive experience with UNIX, LINUX and Windows
  • Proficient in system and network administration

Software / Operating Systems

  • Solaris 10, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Microsoft Windows 2000, 2003, XP and Windows 7 Server and Desktop
  • GEOINT – Socet Set, Erdas Imagine, ESRI ArcInfo and ArcMap
  • SQL Server, Exchange, IIS
  • Microsoft Office 2007, 2010
  • ArcSight, Splunk
  • Microsoft Office 2007, 2010
  • McAfee and Symantec Antivirus
  • Veritas Cluster Services (VCS)
  • Apache Tomcat


  • SUN, SGI, HP, Dell, IBM servers, workstations and laptops
  • NETAPP (NAS) storage devices, robotic archives and associated network devices
  • SUN and StorageTek RAID’s
  • Cisco routers


I am currently employed as a UNIX/Linux/Windows system integrator and administrator. My duties include coordinating, establishing and maintaining a system of integrated desktop applications. To do this I have to leverage existing GEOINT systems, services and products to augment the mission. I also assist in maintaining web based applications as well as establish and maintain Linux Apache Web Servers and Oracle Databases and to a lesser degree, provide data format conversion support. Responsibilities include management of all systems, software, hardware, and security implementations to include configuration, and accreditation of same.Also was an Operations Support Engineer as part of an integrated O&S team providing critical 24x7 mission support on a large library system in a Dell Blade and NetApp (NAS) storage environment. Also maintained and supported robotic archives and associated network components and responsible for investigation into operational issues and performing problem escalation with vendor, factory and on-site and factory based Subject Matter Experts (SME) as required.Prior to BAE, I was employed by the TRIFID Corporation (now GeoEye) as a Staff Scientist. I have held positions as subject matter expert, team lead, field engineer, customer service representative, engineering specialist and system administrator.While holding those positions, my responsibilities often involved the communication of needs, requirements, and solutions to various levels of management. I continue to seek growth both personally and professionally.

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