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Over 8 years of professional information technology experience.Significant experience with C#, ASP.NET, CSS, XML, SharePoint 2007, SQL 2000/2005, HTML, XHTML, PHP, JavaScript, VB Script, , Visual Basic, Oracle, MySQL, and others.Solid candidate with excellent system administration and web development skills, strong inter-personal and team leadership skills.Additional experience with enterprise data architecture, full life cycle development and support of software applications.

Technical Skills

Technologies/Tools:C#, ASP.NET, WCF, ASMX, CSS, Web Services, XML, HTML, XHTML, Silverlight, Flash, PHP, JavaScript, VB Script, Visual Basic, Visual Studio 2005-2008, SharePoint 2007, MSSQL 2000/2005/2008, Crystal Reports, ADO, ODBC, Subversion, Cruise Control, Commerce Server 2007, IIS6/7/7.5

Computer Systems: Windows 9X-2008R2, Novell, Solaris, Linux

Databases: MSSQL 2000/2005/2008R2, Oracle, MySQL, MS Access 9x-2007

Networking:Network Routing and Connectivity (TCP/IP, IPX, UDP) Novell, Sun Microsystems, Cisco, DNS, Active Directory, Nortel VPN Software, VNC, Console one and Remote Desktop

Hardware:Sun, EMC, Dell, HP/Compaq Servers, IBM


Strong Health Care Information Systems Experience.

Windows system administration, Web development, Software development, .NET technologies, Microsoft windows server technologies, MSSQL server.

More about me


Software Implementation
Installed multiple desktop as well as web applications to servers and clients
MSSQL Administrator
UNIX (SUN Solaris)
Windows Administration
I have Administrated multiple Windows Server installs as well as Client installs. Starting back in Windows 95 and advancing to Windows 2008R2. I am a Guru of  the Windows Client and Server architecture. 
Written and maintained multiple Web Applications using ASP.NET and C#. 
Have Developed for as well as administrated multiple IIS installs from 5.x to IIS7.5.

Work experience

Aug 2006Present

Web Developer

  •   Maintain 3 remotely hosted websites including 3 corresponding test sites for testing.
  •   Maintained 6 remotely hosted SQL 2000/2005 Databases.
  •   Wrote and designed within a team environment.
  •   Designed and implemented server side applications using(Visual Studio 2003/2005, ASP.NET, C#, SQL, Javascript and CSS).
  •   Developed two E-commerce Sites. One ( from scratch and the other using Commerce Server 2007
  •   Designed and implemented Subversion as well as continuous integration (Cruise at an enterprise level.
  • Enabled multimedia for using flash and silverlight video.
Jun 2004Jan 2009

PACS System Administrator

Intermountain Health Care
  • Maintain Remote and local support PACS systems throughout the Urban Central Region
  •  (4 Hospitals and 5 clinics).
  • Maintain and support Multiple OS (Solaris, Linux, Microsoft 9X-2003)
  • Maintain network connections between various servers and radiology imaging devices.
  • Developed and maintained user interface for install of scanning software.
  • Developed and maintained UCR PACS website.
  • Troubleshooting and updating Enterprise EMC SAN
Sep 2002Jun 2004

Application Support Specialist

Affiliated Services Intermountain Health Care
  • Maintain internal and external users computers and software and update systems and software.
  • Supported external small networks via VPN and VNC.
  • Support Netware servers.
  • Experience with Novell Administrative support software console one.
  • Support and Administration of OTG document scanning software.
Jan 2002Jan 2003

Software Developer

Woodland Prescott
  •  Designed and implemented client database using Access.
  • Designed business software for company using Visual Basic.
  •  Maintained existing Network of 40 windows 2000 computers.
Jan 2002May 2002

Pc Technician

Superior Computers
  •  Built custom Pc's for business and personal use.
  •  Provided customer support on PC hardware and software.
  •  Supported small office high speed network.


Feb 2003Present


Advanced studies of software developement and architecture.

Aug 1999Jul 2000

Web Development

Certified Careers Institute

Trade School. HTML, Databases, Java, Visual Basic.