Work experience

Work experience
Jan 2004 - Present

Emergency Physician

Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital

Currently working full time with a dynamic team of like-minded consultants in Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital Emergency Department - a busy tertiary emergency department in Perth, Western Australia.

The recent shortfall in physician staffing in Western Australia has necessitated ongoing part time work at Swan Districts Hospital Emergency Department. In these hospital setting I participate in supervising, educating and supporting medical students and junior medical staff in the evaluation and resuscitation of medical, surgical and trauma patients.

I designed, developed and maintain an emergency medicine intranet site in Western Australia to facilitate eLearning and continued medical education. Examples of evaluative flow include: Clinical examinationRadiological evaluation and MCQ evaluation for Fellowship examinations.

Jun 2007 - Present

Founder and Medical Consultant

HealthEngine is a dynamic multi-relational internet-based search engine for the general public, GP's and medical specialists. HealthEngine aims to facilitate accurate and up to date information on all doctors, dentists, allied health professionals, hospitals and private practice groups in Australasia. HealthEngine provides a simple and intuitive navigational structure to guide users through the maze of health related questions from finding the right doctor or medical specialist through to learning about medical tests, procedures, investigations, diseases and conditions After three years of development HealthEngine launched in February 2012 with an online appointment system
Jan 2007 - Present

Sports Medicine

Senior Medical Educator at the International Rugby Board

  • 2014 – Present

Team physician for the Western Force

  • 2010- Present Team physician and traveling physician for the great team of sports professionals at Western Force

Match Day Doctor 

  • 2014  AFL Visiting team physician (North Melbourne)
  • 2014   Cricket Australia Australia vs England One Day International WACA, Perth for 
  • 2010   AFL Fremantle Dockers Home fixtures Subiaco Oval
  • 2009   AFL Fremantle Dockers Home fixtures Subiaco Oval

Resuscitation doctor for the Western Force

  •  2004 – 2010 providing on-field backup with advanced life support, suturing and orthopaedic management

Resuscitation doctor for the Australian Rugby Union (ARU) for International fixtures played at Subiaco Oval in Perth, Western Australia

  • 2013   Australia vs Argentina at Subiaco Oval, Perth
  • 2012    Australia vs South Africa at Subiaco Oval, Perth
  • 2010    Australia vs England at Subiaco Oval, Perth
  • 2009    Australia vs South Africa at Subiaco Oval, Perth
  • 2008    Australia vs South Africa at Subiaco Oval, Perth
  • 2007    Australia vs Fiji Subiaco Oval, Perth
May 2008 - Present


VIP Medicine

Providing ethical and confidential medical advice and treatment to VIP guests to Australia. Liaising directly with tour managers and staff form Promoters such as Frontier TouringChugg EntertainmentDainty Group and Live Nation Australia as well as independent concert tour managers to provide timely medical intervention to visiting musicians, concert tours, International events and their support crew.

  • 2014: Bruce Springstien, Rolling Stones, Michael Bublé, Big Day Out, SoundWave, Lady GaGa, Queen, Adam Lambert, 
  • 2013: Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Wheezer, Neil Young, Axel Rose, P!NK, Black Sabbath, One Direction, Rhianna, Burt Bacharach, Beyonce, J-Lo, Justin Bieber, Bon Jovi, Alicia Keys, Cliff Richard, WWE, Engelbert Humperdinck, Sarah Blasko, Leonard Cohen, Muse, Taylor Swift, Ten Tenors, Baby Animals, Deep Purple
  • 2012: Duran Duran, Jessie J, WWE, Taylor Swift, Dandy Warhols, Elton John, INXS, Matchbox 20, Ben Folds Five, Nickelback, J-Lo, Rod Stewart, Simple Minds, Ed Sheeran
  • 2011: Michael Bublé, Neil Diamond, Eddie Vedder, Justin Bieber, WWE, Miley Cyrus, Janet Jackson, Elton John, The Wombats,
  • 2010: Regina Spektor; Status Quo; ACDC; Wolfmother; Michael Bolton; Rickie Lee Jones; Rob Thomas; RubyLux; Bon Jovi; Jack Johnson, Linkin Park, Metallica, U2 360, The Eagles, Them Crooked Vultures, Guns ' Roses, WWE, The Cult, Florence and the Machine, Leonard Cohen, Blondie, Vampire Weekend
  • 2009: Pearl Jam, Fleetwood Mac; Andre Rieu; ACE Frehly; Beyonce; P!NK; WWE, Nickelback
Apr 2005 - Present

Medical Consultant

Medical Emergency Solutions [MES]

Liaising directly with paramedics and nurses in rural and outreach mining and development posts to provide rapid medical expertise and advice.

Provide emergency medical advice 24 hours a day to Industrial Paramedics through the St John Ambulance service. Developing a real-time decision support network through the MES On Call via the internet.

Mar 2002 - Jan 2010

Medical Consultant

Medical Media Kits

Working in the field of image acquisition and design to provide eLearning tools through clinical images - through [] and [] we provide 3D animations and high-end graphics for the medical profession. 

I am co-author and provide medical images for a series of medical educational CD-ROM’s. They incorporate the fields of allergy, paediatric cardiology, gastroenterology adult ECG interpretation and paediatric respiratory disease.

Mar 1999 - Jan 2004

Emergency Medicine Training

Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital

Based at Royal Brisbane and Women's hospital (RBWH) in Queensland I completed my emergency medicine training including rotations through Intensive Care Medicine; Paediatrics (Royal Children’s Hospital, Brisbane); Obstetrics and Gynaecology (RBWH) and General Medicine (Nambour General Hospital).

I gained experience in retrieval medicine co-ordinating and retrieving critically ill patients by fixed and rotary wing aircraft in South East Queensland.

Jul 1995 - Feb 1999

Surgical Training

Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh

Completed Surgical Training at the Royal Infirmary of EdinburghWestern General Hospital and Eastern General Hospital and Livingstone General Hospital.

Organ harvest and transplantation throughout Scotland with the Scottish liver transplant unit.

Commenced orthopaedic surgical training at the Royal Infirmary prior to transferring to the field of emergency medicine where I worked as ‘Medic 1 Team Leader’ in Edinburgh, providing high level pre-hospital care and emergency services liaison.

Assistant physician to the Scottish American Football team


Jul 1989 - Jul 1992

Master of Arts (MA)

Oxford University

Attended St Peter's College, Oxford wandering around...observing the mathematical correlation between music and mood, rationalising contextual juxtaposition of atonality and dopamine - before eventually returning a degree in natural science

Textbooks and Textbook Chapters



  • 2004 FACEM - Fellow of the Australasian College of Emergency Medicine
  • 1995 MB ChB - Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (Edinburgh)
  • 1995 MA - Master of Arts: Natural science (Oxford)
  • 1992 BA - Bachelor of Arts (Oxford)


  • 2012 ACEM award for excellence in academic teaching
  • 2003 Gold Medal / Buchanan prize for FACEM Fellowship examination
  • 2001 Glaxo Smithkline Award for excellence in clinical teaching
  • 1995 Distinction in General practice and General Surgery
  • 1995 Edinburgh University essay prize for “Addattamento e transformazione”
  • 1992 Cutlers Scholarship for Academic Achievement (Oxford)

TV appearances and Interviews

  • 2014 Top 10 Internet Smart Doctors Internet Medicine
  • 2013 FOAM and the Future of Medical EducationEM News [Reference]
  • 2013 Disrupting Medical educationRACGP [Reference]
  • 2013 Disrupting Medical educationBest Doctors [Reference]
  • 2012 Top 10 Internet Smart DoctorsInternet Medicine [Reference]
  • 2012 The Best MedicineCNET Australia [Reference]
  • 2012 Is your image Google Proof? Sydney Morning Herald [Reference]
  • 2012 All a TwitterMedical Journal of Australia [Reference]
  • 2012 Well Connected Medical Journal of Australia [Reference]
  • 2012 Social media and DoctorsRACGP [Reference]
  • 2010 Is the Taser the right non lethal option to the gun?SBS Insight
  • 2009 Can we fix our ailing hospital system?SBS Insight [Reference]

Education appointments

  • 2004-2011Clinical Senior lecturer, University of Western Australia
  • 2004-2007 Lecturer for Graduate Emergency Nursing course
  • 2004-2007 Lecturer for Western Region Rural Trauma Course (WRRTC)
  • 2004-2006 Visiting lecturer for Mid-Western GP association.
  • 2000-2004 Queensland University lecturer in clinical skills
  • 1999-2004 Academic Associate lecturer, Queensland University

Conference Presentations

  • 2012 RMEC13 Brisbane - Rural Medical Education Conference
  • 2012 ICEM Dublin: - Medical Education [Medical education] [Debate]
  • 2012 APAC Sydney: Elsevier Conference of Medical Publishing
  • 2012 AMSA Perth: - Blogging and Medical Education
  • 2012 ACEM ASM Hobart: - Blogging and Medical Education
  • 2012 AMSA New York: - Social Media and Medical Education
  • 2011 EEM San Francisco: Essentials of Emergency Medicine
  • 2011 ACEM ASM Sydney: - Blogging and Medical Education
  • 2011 QTS Brisbane: - Blogging and Medical Education
  • 2010 APAC Sydney: Conference of Medical Publishing; The Future
  • 2010 AMSA Hobart, Tasmania: Into the Wild of Social Media
  • 2009 European Conference of Medical Publishing: Elephants
  • 2008 APAC Medical Publishing: The death of the textbook
  • 2007 ACEM conference Gold Coast: Departmental Intranet



  • Player/Coach Edinburgh University Mens 1st XI (1992-1996)
  • Oxford University Blue Squad


  • Blades with St Peter's college Schools Eight and Second Eight
  • Coach of St Peter's College Women's First Eight

Musical Instruments:

  • Violoncello (Grade 7)
  • Classical Guitar (Grade 6)
  • Pianoforte (Grade 7) 
  • Theory of Music (Grade 8)
  • Wirral, Edinburgh and Merseyside orchestras


Emergency physician, sports doctor and rock-doc with a passion for rugby, medical informatics and medical education.

Created multiple interactive intranet sites to disseminate medical education and multimedia within the hospital setting as well as >100 fully externally hosted medical blogs such as Life in the Fast Lane. Using the internet and intranet educational solutions I am able to cover an extensive part of the emergency medicine syllabus in a progressive and peer reviewed manner. Specific modules have been designed to incorporate the needs of medical students, as well as trainees studying for the ACEM Primary, ACEM Fellowship (FACEM) and UCEM Fellowship. 

Medical Consultant and Co-Founder 

Life in the FastLane  - Emergency medicine and critical care medical education blog and information repository. 2013 traffic - 13,000,000 views and 4,000,000 visitors - Australian-based medical search engine that allows users to safely search for general practitioners, surgeons, medical specialists, dentists, allied health professionals, hospitals and medical practices across Australia.
Information Architect

Blog and Website design - Building on the success of Life in the Fast Lane I build, host and design medical websites to assist 'academics without titles' to get their message out in the digital age.
BluntDissection, BoringEM, BroomeDocs, DEMTED, EBMgoneWILD, EMIMDOC, EMNerd
EMtutorials, EMIreland, EMPills, ERCAST, ERMentor, FOAMem, injectableorange, iTeachEM, Keeweedoc
KIDocs, LITFL, LittleMedic, Micrognome, MDUChile, PedEMmorsels, RebelEM, SCGHED, SOCMOB
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WrightEM, CriticalCareNow, EMUMonthly, IntensiveBlog, RAGEpodcast, GlobalEMhealth, VIPMedicine
Medical Consultant 

Future Health - FutureHealth is a specialist IT solutions provider to the healthcare sector offering a complete range of strategic, creative, and results-focused IT solutions focused purely on the healthcare industry. - An online community of health professionals which provides access to a dynamically updated list of World Health Conferences and Scientific Meetings.
Advisory Board and Medical Consulting

Elsevier Australia - Working closely with Elsevier Australia to enhance the rapid communication of educational material from journals and textbooks to the largely technophobic ranks of Australian physicians. This work has culminated with the production of MDConsult Australia
British Medical Journal (BMJ) - Working with the team at do2doc to help further develop the online medical community within doc2doc
Webicina - Member of a neutral advisory board made up of e-patients and web-savvy medical professionals to oversee the development of medicine/pharma 2.0 tools by the Webicina group