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Key strength is building strong management teams to drive innovation and profitable growth in real-time manufacturing and real-time collaborative software or supply chain solutions

Work experience

Nov 2008Present


Private Equity

Affiliated with a San Francisco Private Equity Firm 

Researched and proposed high technology acquisitions where I would become the CEO after the acquisition. One proposed acquisition involved a large gas sensor company with a strong potential for wireless applications and global enterprise safety applications.

Jan 2008Nov 2008


Apprion, Inc

Apprion, Inc., CEONASA Ames Res. Park, Moffett Field, CA (Jan 2008 – Nov 2008)

CEO of Apprion, a Silicon Valley startup and a technology leader of industrial wireless applications for plants in the chemical, oil & gas, power and raw materials markets.

The Apprion platform creates an intelligent wireless grid for plant-wide wireless applications.

Applications include condition monitoring, video monitoring, plant-wide VoIP and emergency notification, mobile asset tracking/worker location, and handhelds for real-time applications. Customers include Huntsman Chemicals, Entergy, ConocoPhillips, Shell, Marathon and Valero. Partners are Motorola, Yokogawa, Emerson, Oak Ridge Natl. Labs, and NASA.

Accomplishments At Apprion

Totally revamped the direct sales organization and tripled Apprion bookings in 2008. Developed an alternate System Integrator sales and deployment channel. Raised $4.3M from Motorola Ventures in an extension to Apprion’s Series B offering.

Significantly improved the company image and market perception through an aggressive marketing campaign. In October 2008, reduced company “cash burn rate” by 50% to help Apprion weather a severe downturn and survive until a 2010 Series C investment round.

Aug 2002Nov 2007



Wonderware, PresidentLake Forest, CA (Aug 2002 – Nov 2007)

President of Wonderware, the $175M industrial software Business Unit of Invensys, plc. Wonderware is the leading global supplier of industrial automation and information software solutions. Over 36% of the world’s plants with 20+ employees, or over 125,000 plants, run Wonderware software solutions. The company currently sells into 130 countries.

Wonderware has more than 500,000 active software licenses and has customers in virtually every global industry — including Oil & Gas, Food & Beverage, Consumer Packaged Goods, Utilities, Pharmaceuticals, Electronics, Metals, Automotive and more.

Founded in 1987, Wonderware has continued to pioneer the use of the Microsoft Windows operating system in HMI, SCADA, Manufacturing Intelligence and Real-time Operations Management software. Based in Lake Forest, Calif., the Wonderware business unit has regional sales and development offices throughout North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia-Pacific regions to provide support to its network of more than 160 distributor offices.

Accomplishments At Wonderware

Turned the Wonderware business unit around in 2003 returning it to profitability, while at the same time rolled out the new ArchestrA framework in both Wonderware and Invensys products.

Grew the Wonderware business unit from $86M (FY02) to $175M in five years and achieved four and a half years of double digit growth (20% in 2007), upper “teens” profitability, and 100%+ cash conversion.

Maintained market leadership versus Siemens, Rockwell and GE Fanuc and increased share several points. Drove strong technical/marketing partnerships with SAP and Microsoft and a marketing partnership with Mitsubishi Electric.

Implemented a performance/sales growth driven distribution agreement and rebranded Wonderware’s global distribution channel with the Wonderware Star+ Program. Grew the Wonderware ArchestrA and Strategic System Integrator (SI) channel to over 100 SI’s. Strengthened relationship with over 3500 registered SI’s.

Built a strong executive leadership team. Successfully recruited two top leaders from SAP and three top managers from Rockwell into the management team in 2007. Created and developed a vision for a real-time industrial framework that would interface to ERP systems, transactional MES systems, and real-time plant floor systems leveraging plant-to-plant collaboration, demand-chain collaboration and manufacturing/operational intelligence.

Made Invensys’ first acquisition in seven years, by acquiring and successfully integrating Cimnet’s MES technology into Wonderware in four months.


Aug 2002Nov 2007

Vice President, Invensys Systems, Inc.


Vice President of the Invensys U.S. Holding Company. This was a parallel position to being President of Wonderware.

Nov 2000Aug 2002

Chief Executive Officer

Projexsys, Inc.

Projexsys, Inc., CEOJohnson City, TN(Nov 2000 – Aug 2002)

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer. Developed the strategic plan for the company and managed the day-to-day business activities for this Electronic Business Intelligence company.

Projexsys focused on serving industrial and financial markets with information about planned investments by manufacturing companies. Information was delivered to clients over the Internet in a fully searchable on-line database and electronic alerts. Customers included Fluor Corp., Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, and Wonderware.

Aug 1997Nov 2000

Chief Operating Officer

Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer.  Managed a 60-man organization and was directly responsible for software/systems development, marketing, sales, business development, and business operations. Developed the strategic plan for the company and managed its tactical implementation. Managed the day-to-day business activities for this state-of-the-art B2B e-commerce company.   

Raised approximately $15M in private/venture capital financing for Cimtek Commerce. Prepared a $45M Series B offering.  Worked closely with the company's investment banking team, legal team and underwriters in preparing an S1 registration to prepare to take the company public.  Participated in over a dozen "road shows" as part of a two man team (CEO plus myself) presenting to leading VC firms and underwriters.

Cimtek Commerce was a leading B2B e-commerce company focusing on supply chain activities of manufacturers and distributors in medical supplies.  Cimtek Commerce was the holding company for, the leading brand in the physician market. In May, 2000 Cimtek Commerce won the Cisco/Modern Healthcare award for technical innovation in the medical products supply chain. Mr. Bradley and Dr. Edward Rollins formed Cimtek Commerce in mid-1997 and by mid-year 2000 had succeeded in building the leading brand in each of the company's target market segments. Almost 1,000 manufacturers (including all of the major manufacturers like 3M, Kimberly-Clark, Johnson & Johnson, etc.) and close to 100,000 medical products were represented in the on-line database. Over 500 distributors were represented in the system including two multi-billion distributors (Owens & Minor and Henry-Schein).

Aug 1987Aug 1997

President and General Partner

Cimtek, Inc, Cimtek-Thomas, Cimtek-Commerce

Cimtek, Inc.,Cimtek-Thomas,Cimtek Commerce, Inc.

Three different Cimtek business combinations, Johnson City, TN(Aug 1987 – Nov 2000)

Cimtek Commerce, Inc., COO (Aug 1997 – Nov 2000)

Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer.Managed a 60-man organization. Directly responsible for software/systems development, marketing, sales, and operations.

Cimtek Commerce was a leading B2B e-commerce company focusing on supply chain activities of manufacturers and distributors in medical supplies.

Raised approximately $15M in private/venture capital financing for Cimtek Commerce. Prepared a $45M Series B offering.Worked closely with the company's investment banking team, legal team and underwriters in preparing an S1 registration to prepare to take the company public.

Cimtek-Thomas, General Partner (Aug 1994 – Aug 1997)

Merged Cimtek, Inc. into Cimtek-Thomas in 1994, a joint venture with Thomas Publishing Company, the publishers of the Thomas-Register. Managed the operations of the business. Major customers of this business included IBM, Allen-Bradley (Rockwell Automation), GE Fanuc, and Fanuc Robotics.

Cimtek, Inc., President (Aug 1987 – Aug 1994)

Formed Cimtek, Inc. in 1987 to provide database marketing services to the leading industrial automation and computer companies. The leading customers were Digital Equipment, IBM, Allen-Bradley, Texas Instruments, Gould-Modicon, and Square-D.

Aug 1977Aug 1987

North American Sales and Marketing Manager

Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments (Aug 1977 – Aug 1987)

Two different divisions of Texas instruments (TI)

TI Industrial Systems Div., Johnson City, TN (Apr 1979 –Aug 1987)

North American Sales and Marketing Manager in the $150M Industrial Systems Division. Managed a sales, applications, and service organization of 125 people. Also directed a distribution channel of 45 independent distributors.

TI Business Personal Computer Div., Lubbock, TX (Aug 1977 – Apr 1979)

Vertical Marketing Manager in the startup of the TI Personal Computer Division. Managed the development of software and marketing/distribution plans for Financial, Insurance and Real Estate Applications for the TI Business PC.

Aug 1975Aug 1977


Dynatronics, Inc.

Dynatonics, Inc., President

Beavercreek, OH(Aug 1975 – Aug 1977)

Marketing and product planning for consumer electronic games. The games were featured on the cover of Lord & Taylor's 1975 Christmas Catalog.

Jun 1974Aug 1975

Product Planner

Mead Corporation, Mead-Digit Division

Mead-Digit Div., Product Planner Dayton, OH(May 1974 – Aug 1975)

Part of Mead Corp. Advanced Electronics Group. Product planning for industrial electronic products and services including ultra-high speed ink-jet printers.

Oct 1968Aug 1972

Systems Engineer

Olin Corp., Ecusta Fine Paper and Film Division

Olin Corp., Ecusta Fine Paper and Film Div., Systems Engineer

Brevard, NC (Oct 1968 – Aug 1972)

Installed on-line marketing information and production control systems for three plants in North Carolina and Indiana.




University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - Kenan-Flagler Business School

Graduated first in class of 120 with a 4.0 GPA.


BA Physics