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Work experience (narrative)


Cloud Systems Developer


I work for Cloudreach as a CSD. I work with the latest cloud software & tech daily and I love it. Phenomenal people too. On the tech side, I actually had an effort for a long time I branded as "zEngineering" -- it spanned from around 1999 until joining Cloudreach in 2017. I always carried a few small/medium clients for software arch/dev & cloud arch/ops over those years, supplementing my full-time work. I have since spun down any personal appdev or cloud-infra consulting through that channel, am full-time Cloudreach focused, and I have not looked back. I am very honored to be at this company with people who share my passions, work and personality. I truly feel I have the tools and opportunities at Cloudreach to thrive myself... but I know I also have the tools to help the business thrive. I like to think of it as flipping some of the cloudy values in the other direction... We know it's easy to work here... But you have to commit to: growing the business, respecting the many parts of the business & pushing the business to be in front of the competition. I am committed to doing all of this; reciprocating what the company is doing for me is my new passion.


Manager of Application Development

Ohio State University College of Engineering

I started focusing on AppDev & DevOps/Mgmt as my full time job in 2016 and became the Manager of Application Development managing a group that develops and supports a rapidly growing portfolio of software applications for the College of Engineering. We used puppet, a stack of 24 rhel7 vms, and a whole lot of scripting to develop, host and manage 250 custom drupal sites, a bunch of custom php & ruby apps, and a ton of custom c# stuff that I started writing for various internal customers for research. I didn't get much traction scaling this group horizontally staffing-wise because of budget and political friction between my supervisor and our CIO, but I did have some fantastic employees that I really teamed up well with. Marsha, our CIO at the time, taught me a great deal about IT management and was a great mentor for our 3 years working together. Unfortunately, my supervisor was fired by Marsha Henfer the day after my last at OSU in 2017. That timing highlights some of the political turmoil that I was in the middle of during the time. Tense... and cloud adoption was literally "zero". That was clearly (or cloudily?) not my scene, but I made it work and was able to push some efforts to the cloud while I was there (new relic, acquia,, AWS hosting for static assets, wow!) For me, I was proud of my technical hands-on work and proof that high efficiency and automation is key for a state budget! I always brought a lot of value to this role as a working manager and am very proud of the work I did in a short span of time on some major projects for Marsha and OSU as a whole.


Senior Systems Manager

Ohio State University

In 2008 I chose a more technical management path and I eventually lead a team that oversaw all aspects of IT within the College of Engineering, with a very large fed&gov research focus. In 2015 and 2016 I co-lead a project that took on operations of several support groups: basically building consolidated service management and service delivery for those respective areas under my supervision. Around 25000 users and 12000 endpoints. I managed full stack enterprise services for these departments and centers like bare metal, networking, endpoints. My org was responsible for most tangible IT services used by the entire college of engineering. I was always a very hands on technical manager during this time due to budget constraints on state dime, and also a passion to get my hands dirty and work with researchers on groundbreaking ideas and tech. I got to co-author some research work and got some degrees paid for while I was there. A lot to do & manage with minimal resources but, hustle is free! I really enjoyed my time moving up the ranks in a public institution... I met a lot of great people, learned a lot about how to be creative and scrappy, but best of all had a great time!


Systems Manager

Ohio State University

I parlayed a really great student tech part-time job into my first full time gig in 2004. I started managing the group I worked for as a student, responsible for the student computer labs and classrooms at OSU. Pretty much all of them! All the resourcing, hiring, staffing, and IT operations under my supervision. As well as the technical side (AD, networking, endpoint management, etc). At one point I managed 120 students and had 2400 computer lab seats across multiple campuses!