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I am a coach, project manager and people professional. I love what I do and because of this find great satisfaction in my career. I have been a software engineer, scrum master and agile coach, a development manager, programme manager, compliance officer and a head of development, each of which afforded me insight and experience into how businesses work and products are made.


  • Strong advocate of all things agile, including scrum, kanban, lean, estimation, user stories, story points, retrospectives, play, learning, coaching and everything in between.
  • Experience with Information Security, ISO27001:2013
  • Trained on and experience with with Internal Auditing to ISO27001:2013 standards.
  • Holds EU GDPR Foundation certificate
  • Experienced technical writer
  • Experienced and respected coach and trainer
  • Experienced in product management and business analysis: MoSCoW, Minimum Viable Product, Paretos Law, BDD (Business Driven Design/Development), prioritising and grooming, user testing, UX and Experience Design, requirements gathering, gap analysis and 
  • Experienced in product design: wire-framing and mockups, hi-fi mockups, user testing, experience and research
  • Experienced in assuring high-communication bandwidth between clients, stakeholders, developers, design, product and UX
  • Experienced in technology: programming, quality assurance, deployment, infrastructure and architecture, TDD, pair programming, XP, responsive design, native apps
  • Focussed on delivering value and quality by working closely with stakeholders and product managers to understand priority, value and necessity. Can translate technical language into lay language for non-technical team members
  • Strong team player with the ability to talk both technically and non-technically in any given context to both peers and c-suite players
  • Experienced in working with c-suite and execs to generate and understand roadmap, strategy and company vision
  • Experienced in facilitating problem solving sessions and brainstorms.
  • Adept at project management, scrum mastering and people management.
  • Experience working with remote teams, working remote, offshore teams, 3rd party suppliers and everything in between. Making collaboration "just work".
  • Many years experience of ecommerce, content generation, API creation and web2.0
  • Project initiation, RACI and RISK log creation.
  • Ensuring cohesion and healthy debate in high-performing teams by ensuring their welfare both inside and outside of work.
  • Experience of the following industries: Publishing, Printing, Broadcasting, Startups, Enterprise, PPC, SEO, Affiliates, Digital, HR, PeopleOps, Meetups

Work History

July 2017March 2018

Project Manager and Compliance Officer

Healthforge Ltd

Healthforge Ltd is a small startup (<10 employees) that provides scalable cloud hosting for medical and healthcare apps and software that meets the regulatory and legal requirements for storing clinical and medical data internationally, allowing companies and startups to focus on building quality applications instead of worrying about data security.

  • Project managed the build of a suite of apps for diabetes patients for a large pharma client.
  • Worked with 3rd party agencies and developers to make sure on-budget delivery.
  • Worked with client and stakeholder to cut scope to just a minimal, lean product to test the market.
  • Developed a "staff handbook" to onboard new staff member and agency employees quickly into the processes and procedures involved in developing for healthcare.
  • Coached C-Level employees and founders on goal-setting, employee management and progression and other HR functions.

Healthforge also required an ISO27001:2013 certificate to be able to claim a level of Information Security Management that enables them to safeguard patient and clinician data.

  • Built project plan of end-to-end creation of Information Security Management System (ISMS) in a short timeframe to support requirements of large client.
  • Designed a built a linked and fully auditable ISMS visualisation and tracking framework in Jira. This allowed the entire company to view status, completeness and links between the various segments of their ISMS, the risks that were discovered the controls provided by ISO27001:2013.
  • Wrote documentation that included policies, procedures and process diagrams across a broad range of topics and functions.
  • Creates ISMS onboarding and training programmes which brought new and existing employees up to speed on their accountability and responsibilities.
  • Supported the creation of a searchable, on-line body of knowledge that provided employees with instant access to required documentation.
  • Planned and executed on programme of risk identification and management, looking for ISMS non-conformities and observations.
July 2016June 2017

Agile Project Manager

Springer Nature Digital

Supporting an international development team to design, build and deliver a best-in-class peer reviewer system allowing authors and editors of Springer Nature publications submit, review, edit and finally publish peer-reviewed articles to scientific journals.

  • Led a team consisting of entirely remote engineers in Pune, India with User Experience and Product Manager roles fulfilled in London.
  • Built monte-carlo and simulated projections for project completion to aid in understanding project viability in the longer term.
  • Led cross-stream status communication in order to better align different product streams and better manage dependencies.
  • Coached and mentored junior members of the team to improve overall overal project delivery and ensure greater success by distributing risk.
  • Travelled to India to coach and mentor, as well as provide hands-on counselling and career development strategies for staff there.
  • Liaised with the remote team CEO to help align dependencies, build stronger teams and forge relationships based on trust.
April 2016Present

Development Manager

Broadcast Engineering, Sky

Heading up a team of developers, testers and BAs, I am responsible for the successful delivery of a migration project. Sky is migrating data from an existing, legacy rights management and financing platform, to that of a 3rd party vendor. Using every skill I have to steer a dis-engaged, disparate, low-trust team on an overdue project to iterative delivery, better contact with business users, discovery of more appropriate solutions and a review of the business benefits. As well as supporting production issues.

  • Funnelled several work streams into a single backlog - this allowed for much better transparency and visibility of work-in-progress, capacity and delivery capability, which in turn reduced micro-management and frequent updates to the management team.
  • Iteratively modified the workflow to support more steps, allowing more visibility and less context-switching/work in progress. This gave us a better view of the bottlenecks.
  • Created a team to specifically manage the relationship with the vendor - this lead to a marked improvement in the relationship and better communication.
  • Managed an engagement with a 3rd party to analyse current data and to propose and support better migration.
  • Facilitated one-on-ones and team sessions on process improvement. This is increasing trust amongst the team as it people feel like they're being listened to.
  • Encouraged the implementation of SonarQube on one of our programs to watch code-quality. This affected the quality of our tests and the level of communication about the requirements.
  • Worked closely with the Support Manager and his team to ensure that customer incidents were received, triaged and dealt with (either in-house or via the vendor), this increased the user trust on the team and system.
Aug 2015Feb 2016

Consultant Programme Manager and Agile Coach

Trinity Mirror Group Plc

Accountable for the delivery of a responsive and continual delivery programme of work, including project, risk and issues management, approach and schedule - and communication to governance and key stakeholder group. Delivered training on what it means to be agile, how scrum works and the basics of user stories. Coached other scrum masters and project managers and facilitated workshops, away-days and governance meetings. 

  • Built and maintained a high level overview of technical decisions and their associated risks, including cost of change, project and operational impact. This allowed the teams and governance group to see any obstacles and manage dependencies.
  • Coached three development teams toward high performance using scrum, XP, TDD and BDD. Span up the team with an away-day to lay down foundations for working practices, engineering charter, definition of done/ready and general team-bonding.
  • Ran regular cross-team stand-ups and workshops, this resolved co-ordination, and communication issues, which in turn led to fewer backlog discrepancies, especially concerning cross-team dependencies.
  • Organised and executed training on TDD, BDD and scrum. This ensured that the team members were at the top of the game and could create higher quality software, that attrition would be lowered by the company investing in its staff.
  • Headed up a project to deliver a cutting edge event sourcing content delivery system. This, in turn, enabled a faster delivery of other pieces of the project.
  • Consulted on department reorganisation - from project based teams and development, to autonomous, cross-functional, product based teams.
  • Managed and deployed a prototype of a new infrastructure platform, working towards a continuous delivery mechanic. This prototype helped refine wider project goals and created a focus on faster loading times for ads on the site, a better customer experience and increased revenue.
  • Created and maintained a backlog for phase one of a site reskin project - helping the team to understand the work items and allowing the team to estimate effectively, leading to better projections of completion and milestones
Mar 2015Aug 2015

People Engineer

I have driven the continual improvement of the technology department at MOO. This was enabled through the facilitation of ceremonies, tools and process, maintaining and improving organisational health and happiness, creating and maintaining an objective setting and recruitment framework.

  • Redesigned the technology department recruitment process, reducing the time to hire by 50%, reducing costs and overheads while hiring top-tier rockstars
  • Coaching on leadership, progression and management to understand training needs and reduce attrition
  • Created six 'rubrics' which describe individual roles (in addition to job descriptions) for the purposes of career progression conversations and hiring
  • Provided agile coaching and meeting facilitation both on- and off-site, enabling teams to understand weaknesses and suggest improvements and remedial action.
  • Supported managers with day-to-day people operations tasks and processes, saving platform managers precious cycles so they can focus on the technology.
  • Managed a recruitment budget of £2+million including headcount and training.
  • Made teams more effective by providing agile, scrum and estimation training
Jul 2013Mar 2015

Development Manager

Wearing three hats; developer, manager and scrum master. I was accountable for the value the team delivered, the quality of the work and the timely delivery. Working with both scrum and kanban, I successfully led the team through several major projects.

  • Coached the engineers and QA on agile practices and methodology, this resulted in quicker delivery of software and features.
  • Successfully delivered many projects:
    • Checkout replacement: improved conversion through checkout and opened up payments to more European countries
    • Brand refresh: refreshed MOOs website with new brand
    • Cross-sell: Increasing average order value and items per order by 20%
    • Mobile web app, native app prototype and HTML email replacement
  • Ran agile ceremonies (standups, planning demos and estimation), created backlogs (sprint and product) and facilitated product design sessions for the ecommerce team
  • Liaised with stakeholders and business leaders to understand product strategy, priority and value on new ecommerce features
  • Ran an irregular agile meetup: Agile 25x20
  • Worked to improve collaboration between tech and creative with the formation of cross-functional teams, which reduced the time that work was in progress
  • Supported the improvement and development of an automated testing suite, which reduced overall time for regression by 25%
  • Ran retrospectives for departments outside of technology, including the marketing and user-experience departments, this resulted in an increase in collaboration and accountability across the team
  • Initiated and managed clear and concise reporting and communications to stakeholders.
  • Managed, sometimes tricky, stakeholder relationships and requests in order to keep projects on course.
Dec 2011Jun 2013

Head of Development

Affiliate Window

Managed a department of ~20 software engineers, QA analyst and designers. Ran department and team meetings including planning and standup. Defined development strategy and Introduced a Results Only Work Environment using Objectives and Key Results planning as a measure.

  • Formed architecture team to oversee the platform, identify problems and provide support to the teams, leading to improved collaboration.
  • Led the formation of a UX team and user testing. This allowed us to really understand the needs of the customers and created better relationships with the consumers.
  • Liaise with parent company in Berlin to align co-development teams and project manage across time zones to successfully complete a single sign-on project and a merger of two separate platforms.
  • Recruitment, budgeting/forecasting on a budget of £1+million
  • Department and company training on agile, scrum and lean
  • Ran two successful Fedex (Hack) Days, which resulted in a new products and features
  • Introduced Behaviour Driven Development to the department to increase quality and reduce the number of unnecessary features.
  • Worked with stakeholders and execs to create three, six and 12 month road-maps and strategies.
  • Identified risks and issues of current platform and addition of new features.
  • Improved visibility of upcoming features and potential deadline issues by creating three month release windows and defining milestones and dates allowing cross-team planning to be more effective.
  • Liaised with steering groups & stakeholders on project scope (change requests), governance/reporting, RAID
  • Initiated and managed clear and concise reporting and communications to stakeholders.
  • Managed, sometimes tricky, stakeholder relationships and requests in order to keep projects on course.
Aug 2010Dec 2011

Agile Coach

Affiliate Window
Jan 2007Aug 2010

Scrum Master/Senior Developer

Infinity Call Tracking/Jellyfish



BSc Psychology (currently studying)

The Open University

A Levels in English (Lit), Sociology and Theatre Studies

Warlingham School 6th Form


IT Governance GDPR Foundation

IT Governance

BSI Internal Auditor


Certified Scrum Master

Scrum Alliance

Train the Trainer

Reed Learning

Public Speaking

QCON London 2014
Cake Driven Development: Engineering at MOO - Mike Pearce tells the story of how MOO manages to keep a fresh, startup- like culture that fosters innovation and values collaboration, while still delivering products and looking after its staff in a  200+ employee company.

Scrum Alliance Global Gathering 2011
The Anatomy of a Sprint Backlog - Sprint backlogs can be confusing things for those new to the idea of such a thing. This talk discusses some of the things you'll often find on there, what they're for and introduces you to some new ideas and methods of tracking on Big Visible Charts.

How Big Is It? A guide to agile estimation.

PHP London

Agile 25x20

I also run a Meetup called Agile 25x20. This meetup is a pechkucha style of presentation where everyone only gets around 8 minutes to make a presentation on anything related to agile or methodologies.



Mike Nuttall, Head of Technology at Pottermore