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Mike Mc Carthy Topsham


Michael McCarthy enjoys music and gymnastics and has been pursuing the development of practitioners and students who can handle the challenges of the two fields.

Michael McCarthy owns and operates Midcoast Gymnastics in Topsham, Maine. As the primary mover of the gymnastic school, Mike sees to it that students get the best training through the gymnastics program he offers. Blessed with utmost patience and the ability to work with amateur athletes of all ages, Mr. McCarthy opens his mind and heart to those he trains, guiding them through their routines and overseeing their gymnastics program to ensure that they are getting the most out of it. Dedicating himself to developing competitive, globally recognized athletes, Mike McCarthy has been able to produce a number of nationally-ranked gymnasts. Using his interpersonal skills, Mr. McCarthy communicates with his students and their parents to ensure that they are aware of the skill levels of the gymnasts and what else needs to be done to ensure consistent success in the sport.

Michael McCarthy also developed a not-for-profit organization fittingly called Music Heals, Inc. The organization raises money to sponsor certified music practitioners to play healing or therapeutic music to people who are ill or dying. The group plays at hospitals, hospices and assisted living facilities. Mike McCarthy himself has played in numerous assisted living facilities. He hopes to be able to develop and produce therapeutic musicians who are certified music practitioners, capably helping patients in need of comfort to be entertained through the power of music and helping patients at the end of their life pass on through a non-stressful, peaceful environment. He hopes to be able to get as many Certified Music Practitioners as possible employed in various healthcare facilities to help more sick and dying people in a unique way through the power of music.