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Work experience

Sep 2013Present

Senior Software Developer/front End Team Lead

Acxiom, CA

Senior Software Developer/Front end team lead

● Tech lead of AOS Analytics Front end team. Rebuilt and refactored the legacy codebase based on YUI3, created a more smooth development and test workflow for the team. Lifted the Javascript test coverage from 0% to 60%. Ensured the quality, stability and maintainability of the codebase.

● Created AcxiomJSLibrary based on YUI3. Build the whole toolchain of the AcxiomJSLibrary, which includes components structure generators, built tools, test runner, test coverage report and assets publish(to CDN).

● Built an entire resuable visulization chart library based on d3, which includes heatmap, line chart, bar chart and bullet chart etc.

Nov 2012Sep 2013

Senior Software Developer

Chuwa America Corp

Senior Software Developer

Build/develop/design software products for clients

Feb 2012Oct 2012

CTO, Beijing


Responsible for building the web site product for Guomi

● Built a web site product featured in cosmetics area using RoR, include server side and client side. The web site is based on Rails framework, using TDD(mainly Rspec) method to build. Heavily used web page parse library such as Nokogiri to scrap page and Oauth library to fetch user's different social media information. The project was well architected which organized the functionality in different modules and can be easy resued.

● Deployed and maintained the website. The web site is deployed to a Centos server served in Nginx and unicorn. Using bluepill library and exception-notification to monitor the server status.

● Created client side notification module using Backbonejs. The notification module is a view to show the user notifications, cause it is highly interactive, so we build it using JavaScript.

May 2011Feb 2012

Ruby developer

Buz Interactive, Beijing

Responsible for creating web site and the tablet app

● Created the web site using RoR, including client side and server side. The web site is a Groupon like web site, which can allow user view and buy an offer on the site.

● Created the tablet app using Backbonejs and Phonegap. This tablet app let storeowner to view the offers and then change the status of the offer according to the customer buying behavior.

Jul 2010May 2011

Software Engineer, Beijing

Software Engineer

Responsible for Hotel search cache system refactoring

● Built a new easy reused cache library. The library is an abstraction of the caching behavior, which allow client using this cache lib directly without knowing the storage layer(such as Mongodb, memcache, Redis etc.). Meanwhile can switch storage layer by simple configuration.

● Refactored hotel search system using Mongodb, redis. Make the most use of NoSql storage's speed advantage to refactor the hotel search process. Sharding the hotels information according to city attribute to different servers

● Built a test env deployment communication platform using rails. This platform is for hotel team internally. Which allow us to know the status of test env and easily communicate with each other about the deployment process in test env.

Jul 2007Jul 2010

Software Engineer

UFIDA Software Co. Ltd, Beijing

Software Engineer

Responsible for implementing or creating tools for U9 ERP

● Implemented the U9 ERP Quality Module based on.NET using C#

● Built a QueryDesigner for quickly implement the model query interface of U9. This designer is basically a code generator which generates C#codes. This tool speed up the implementation of common domain model query interface on the U9 ERP product.

● Built a domain model design and code generator tool on top of Visual Studio 2010 for U9 Platform Team. This tool is a plugin on top of Visual Studio 2010, which extend the basic class design interface in Visual Studio, so it can let user design the domain objects and relations, and finally the plugin can generate the real codes in C#.



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