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Work experience

Aug 2013Present

VP of Engineering


Fourth hire, second developer at a Cambridge-based startup building an online marketplace matching auto repair shops with vehicle owners needing service. Some of the more interesting features that I worked on included:

  • Implemented a PubSub system using a Faye server to synchronize call center screens. Later used the PubSub system to demonstrate an OBDII integration prototype.
  • Geographically-based email algorithm: Based on the location of a service request, gradually expand the radius of shops notified until a maximum number of responses were attained. Used PostGIS to identify candidate shops.
  • Automated workflow: System that dynamically observed the state of domain objects in the system and kicked off "events" (notifications, other state transitions, etc) based on domain state. Totally configurable from an admin portal, allowing member services to tune communication with users without development resources.
  • Implemented an automated system for generating estimates based on vehicle owner's requests.
  • Wired up an IVR using Twilio to allow repair shops to settle their deals by phone.
  • Created an appointment "negotiation" system for use between vehicle owners and service providers.
  • Tasked with improving SEO for the site and got a 5x increase in inbound organic traffic with provider listing and maintenance schedule pages.

With the blessing of our CTO, reigned in development process once we got to a team of about six. Introduced Scrum to the group, started standups, IPMs, retrospectives, "planning poker," all the other Scrum ritual goodness.

Jun 2011Aug 2013

Chief Technology Officer

Burnside Digital (Formerly ELC Technologies)

Responsible for establishing the overall technical direction and vision of the company. The CTO's job is to ensure that Burnside Digital's technology strategy is aligned with its business strategy.

Acted as advisor to clients that needed trusted executive level technical leadership.

Client work included:

  • CityEats – CityEats was an online restaurant reservations system built with Food Network (similar to OpenTable).
    • Led team of 4-10 developers in product launch and post-launch support of the Rails 3.2 app.
    • Used a TDD approach to author many features of the site with corresponding specs, including payment processing, search, and widget customization.
    • Worked directly with the client in frequent face-to-face meetings in their offices in New York City.
    • Served as interim Scrummaster / Project Manager.
    • Technical Skills Used: Ruby on Rails, RSpec, SASS, HAML JQuery, Solr, Resque, AWS, Heroku, Git/Github
  • MaaSive – MaaSive is mobile library that allows developers to easily store a retrieve data in the cloud, compatible across several of the most popular mobile platforms (similar to Parse).
    • Ported existing iOS cloud-storage library to Android
    • Technical Skills Used: Android, Java, MongoDB, NodeJS, Objective C
  • Cloudshine – Cloudshine was an internal effort to create a product that collected exception and performance data on web applications (similar to Rollbar or Airbrake).
  • Flavorpill – Flavorpill is an site that showcases various events and venues in a metro area (primary New York City)
    • Worked alongside a team of developers from another agency to implement features and refactor data store from a NoSQL solution to a more traditional approach
    • Technologies Used: Ruby on Rails, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Mongoid, Sidekiq, Heroku
Feb 2009Jun 2011


Ceres Logic LLC

Client work:

  • Sony Music – Collaborated remotely with several other developers to create, an e-commerce destination for classical music fans. Ariama is a Rails-based application that runs on JRuby in a Tomcat application server on Amazon EC2. My role was primarily to develop 1) the checkout, 2) search, and 3) a download server.
    • Technical Skills Used: Ruby, JRuby, Rails, ActiveMerchant, Lucene, JQuery, EC2, MySQL, Rightscale
  • Intridea (Washington, DC Telecommute)
    • Digital Trends - Developed an Android mobile reader application for Digital Trends. This was a “rescue project” with tight deadlines and sparse specifications. Delivered what was effectively a “clean room” reimplementation of their Mashable application in 100 hours.
    • – Assisted with a complete re-write of Intridea’s native Android twitter-like realtime chat client. Contributed graphic elements and created BroadcastReceiver and IntentServices for automatic updates and notifications.
  • Independent Android Development – Independently created three applications available in the Android Market.
    • Skicast (Pro and Free Editions) – an application that allows users to view ski trail and weather reports. Developed a Google App Engine service that polls a third-party company for snow report data, from which the Skicast client downloads reports.
    • Tidecast – allows users to get tidal predictions for over 2,000 locations in the United States. Downloads tide forecasts from NOAA, and uses Android’s Location Service to find the closest tide station to the user.
Sep 2008Feb 2009

Senior Java Devloper

TotalMusic LLC

Designed and developed RESTful web services for a short-lived online music streaming service startup. The services included a metadata query service, search service, and advertising proxy service.

Technical Skills used: Spring (IoC and MVC), EJB3 (Remoting and JPA), Web Services, Lucene, Hibernate, JBoss, Postgres, Oracle, Data Modeling, Freemarker, Maven, Git

Jun 2007Sep 2008

Senior Software Developer

BlueTarp Financial

Created a new Tapestry and Hibernate based JEE web application for the Credit Department to track and score credit applications.

Converted an externally facing web application from an Apache Struts implementation to a one that uses Hibernate and the Stripes framework.

Technical Skills used: Tapestry, Stripes, Struts, Hibernate, JPA, Javascript, iText, Jasper Reports, Servlets, Tomcat, Glassfish, HTML, CSS, Javascript, IntelliJ IDEA, SQL, Data Modeling, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL

Apr 2000Jun 2007

Senior Software Engineer, Senior Software Engineer Manager

Boston Communications Group, Inc

Architected an integrated postpaid/prepaid billing solution for national wireless MVNO, Amp’d Mobile. Met with carrier and representatives from multiple integration partners, including Verizon, Lucent, Schematic, and VeriSign/PayPal. Coordinated design effort and served as subject matter expert for entire development team.

Developed and improved recurring charge engines, realtime charge engines, and taxation engines, Developed other billing applications using C and C++ with Sybase ct-lib database API.

Architected solutions to product requirements as established by product management and internal consulting teams.

Authored detailed specifications for product enhancements including conceptual and detailed design documentation.

Designed user interfaces for the Voyager online application using Cognos Axiant/4GL and Sybase T-SQL.

Technical Skills Used: Java, JBoss, Hibernate, T-SQL, Sybase, jBPM, Mule, Castor, JUnit, Apache Struts, EHCache, SOAP, Linux, HP-UX, bash, Perforce, OOP, Data Modeling, C++, STL, T-SQL, Sybase, ksh, HP-UX, make, Cognos PowerHouse, Perl, Perforce, Emacs, OOP, UML, CIBER, TAP (3.1), ASN.1, XML, XSLT, Axiant/4GL

Jan 1997Apr 2000

Firmware Design Engineer

Quantum Corporation

Implemented industry-leading real-time servo control firmware for the Atlas 10K II disk drive. Code was implemented on a 32 bit NEC V850 processor in assembly and C.


Aug 1992Jan 1997

Electrical and Computer Engineering, minor in Computer Science

Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  • Senior project: implemented a gate-level digital logic simulator in Java 1.0 as an applet
  • Two co-ops as a Software Quality Assurance Engineer at Digital Equipment Corporation.
  • GPA: 3.4