Work experience

Work experience
1996 - Present


mAdcOW deZign

My one-man company where I do computer related projects.

Works include

  • Programming assistance
  • Logos
  • Web design
  • Computer maintenance
  • Invoicing system
  • Furniture webshop
Aug 2009 - Present

Microsoft Lead

Comperio AS

At Comperio I work as an Enterprise Search Consultant, primarily delivering solutions based on Microsoft FAST. I'm also a Consulting Manager, responsible for the Microsoft initiative within Comperio. The projects I've worked on bring the power of FAST together with SharePoint.

I do both hands-on implementatoins as well as advisory work on how to work with information within the business in order to maximize information reuse and shorten the time to decision making.

Aug 2008 - Jul 2009

Consultant / Advisor

Bouvet ASA

Solution architect and developer in the Microsoft Department of Bouvet, being a part of the internal architect group.

With a background from search, and enterprise search in particular, I also did advisory projects related to search and system integrations.

Projects included an internal SharePoint solution for an insurance company, search related work for a big Norwegian media house, and search integration for Statnett in SharePoint.

Sep 2005 - Jul 2008


IntelliSearch AS

IntelliSearch was a fun place to work and I especially enjoyed working with sales and marketing to get their take on the world. Joining in on anything from pre-sales meetings to contract negotiations made me love the field of search even more. Also being in charge of delivery projects and creating solutions together with customers was something I really enjoyed.


  • Headed the development department of the IntelliSearch, managing both in-house developers as well as an outsourced team in India
  • Main contributor to the product roadmap
  • IntelliSearch ESP Architect
  • Core engine development
  • Connector specialist
2000 - 2005

Senior Software Developer

CyberWatcher / IntelliSearch

Programming major parts of the CyberWatcher web crawler which is still used today, three generations of an ASP.Net portal, and a windows form application hooking into Office applications doing automatic searches related to what you are working on.

Worked on

  • Web crawler
  • Search engine
  • Alert services
  • Database tier
  • Business tier
  • Front-end (winforms and ASP.Net)
  • Webservices
  • .Net Remoting

Around 2004 the company split in two, starting up IntelliSearch. This was done in order to move the same search technology we had developed for websearch, into the realms of the enterprise.

1993 - 2001


The Gathering

Being one of the largest LAN parties with 4000+ attendees, it takes a lot to get everything up and running smoothly based on peoples free time.

It all started up before network games were available and focused on creative skills to create music, graphics and demos (multimedia graphics). Five days every Easter it all went down and the planning started in January each year.

Positions held (manager of teams from 5-20 people)

  • organizing competitions
  • organizing the stage and events
  • organizing the ticketing/entrance/information

Working in such a special environment learned me to appreciate positive stress, and how to handle and prioritize multiple issues at the same time. This is a lesson you cannot learn many other places at that age.

Mar 2000 - Jul 2000


Paynet AS

Start-up to create an online gambling site together with payment solutions. I was the first and only employee at the time and was let go due to the company not being able to acquire a gambling license.

Feb 2000 - Mar 2000

QA Manager

Seven Mountains Software

Hired as a short-term QA manager right before a product launch.

1996 - 2000

Game designer / Producer trainee

Funcom AS

This was my first "real" job and I was hired based on having played a lot of computer games. My first work was on a game based on the movie Dragonheart, created together with Acclaim. The second one was a full 3D tank/strategy game which unfortunately got canned after 3.5 yrs in the making. During the second project I was also a producer trainee (project management), working alongside the projects producer on many tasks.

Working with computer games is a lot of fun and those four years was a blast. My time here strengthened my excitement for doing optimized solutions and how to get the most out of a piece of hardware.


1999 - Present

BI Oslo

GP1 - Project management

1989 - 1993

Skedsmo VGS
  • VK2 - Computer Science - 89/90
  • VK1 - Accounting - 90/91
  • GK - Commerce and office - 92/93



Organizational And Management Skills

Motivator Great capacity Structured Agile programming techniques Lead by example


Oral and written   Norwegian (native) English

Technical Skills

Applications SharePoint Photoshop SVN, Git   Technology Topic maps

Technical Skills

Technology Search   Applications TFS, SourceSafe   Languages C#/.Net, JavaScript,  Pascal, Perl, Shell Scripting   Operating Systems Windows Server 2008/2003/2000/NT, Linux (RedHat, CentOS, Gentoo), Mac OSX   Relational Databases MS SQL 2008/2005/2000, MySQL   Protocols HTTP (cookies/sessions), SMTP, SNMP, DNS, SSH/SSL, TCP/IP (packet sniffing/analyzing), SMS (Short Messaging Service)



Microsoft .NET Framework - Application Development Foundation


Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 - Application Development


Microsoft .NET Framework 4, Windows Communication Foundation Development


Microsoft .NET Framework 4, Web Applications Development