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I not only have the experience with new media, but an extensive background in both traditional media and public relations (formerly with WPP Group's Burson Marsteller PR and Omnicom's Ross Roy advertising agencies). I have worked in Nashville on a number of campaigns, including the introduction of social media practices to healthcare PR and marketing groups at HCA-TriStar in Nashville, Ochsner Health in Louisiana and St. David's in Texas.

I conceived the architecture and led the development for for the United Methodists. The big idea was to serve the content of the home page like a giant tag cloud, generated by an algorithm that listens to feeds from news sources, blogs (including Twitter), keyword searches, site paths and referring pages, and displays the available related Methodist content, like a tag cloud, in different sizes according to interest level at that moment. So by design (conceived last year) it is constantly refreshed, and always highlighting the most relevant content based on the most current topics relevant to seekers. And in a "partnership" with Google (fueled in-part by an advertising buy), there are additional relevant innovations for the website including a Methodist layer on Google Earth, and Google Maps, and content fed by the churches from Google Apps, and most important, Google Friend Connect's Open ID standard - people are bringing their social networks with them to "re-think church" together... there are Twitter and Facebook components as well.

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I also recently finished a promotion for Fazoli's restaurants where we successfully gave away 2 million pounds of free spaghetti using only Twitter (@FreeSpaghetti) and Facebook - raising same-store-sales by 8% in select markets. The QSR industry is becoming another convert to the benefits of social networking, as I think so many others will in time (it was interesting to watch the tide of the healthcare industry interest swelling at HealthCamp - the topics all about mobile & social media & communities). In addition, my guess is that unless you are a bowling fan you would not have heard last year about "They Ruined Bowling," the ongoing rant by comedian Dale Jenkins that I created for Ebonite Sports, that started as postings on the message boards of then escalated into a full YouTube channel "mockumentary" and played on ESPN as TV commercials. I came to Nashville from California and helped publicize the launch of wireless internet services here for Cricket Communications (Leap Wireless/Qualcomm). For Cricket, I designed a viral campaign fueled by musician's egos - soliciting the local bands with the most fans (10,000+) to submit tracks that were turned into free ring-tones for fans - the MySpace Cricket Nashville Music Showcase - and became a showcase for bands traveling within the Cricket coverage areas of the southeast, adding to Cricket's customer base and reputation in the region.

I am currently Chairman of the Analytics Committee of the Nashville Technology Council, bringing my passion for business intelligence, knowledge management, research, ERP, ROI, KPI metrics and web analytics, to the business community by evangelizing for analytics and data-driven management to Tennessee SMBs.


Bayard Saunders brings leadership experience in traditional and new media consumer advertising, public relations, direct marketing, and online communications, with expertise in the healthcare, telecom, travel, QSR, consumer products, manufacturing, finance and retail industries.

As Director, Digital and Alternative Strategies for Bohan Advertising, Mr. Saunders delivers traditional and new media interactive online communications and research, promotions and events, social networking, word-of-mouth and viral consumer-generated content including: Social Networking & Social Media, Relationship Management, Viral Video Production & Promotions, Consumer Generated Media Campaigns, Press Release Search Engine Optimization, Social Networking Community Development, Online Surveys & Focus Group Research, Webcast - Podcast - Skypecast, Corporate Blog & RSS Feed Writing, Online Media Planning and Media Buying, and PPC Campaign Management.

As VP Marketing for Kintera (NSDQ:KNTA), a software and service provider for the non-profit industry, Mr. Saunders lead all marketing communications, analytics and ROI sales channel management, including research, strategic planning, advertising, permission-based CRM, search engine optimization, direct mail, and successfully integrated resources from multiple corporate acquisitions, established blogs, podcasts, email newsletters, webinar outreach and customer users' group programs, while reducing sales prospecting cost-per-lead by 28%. Kintera software enabled the online fundraising of $340 million in 2004 for the American Cancer Society, Big Brothers Big Sisters, UNICEF, and other good causes.

Formerly, as a Managing Director in Burson Marsteller's Brand Marketing practice, he was the San Diego market leader and B2B Team leader for Southern California. In the first two years of operations, he recruited and managed 20 team members, opening the WPP Group/Y&R agency (AMEX:WPPGY) San Diego office. He was responsible for directing all research, strategic planning, integrated brand management, media relations, promotions, events, guerilla marketing, new business development, and customer relationship management communications programs. He also served worldwide as a strategic planning resource for clients including Sony Electronics, Qualcomm Leap Wireless, Peregrine Systems, Qwest Communications, R.R. Donnelly, Citibank, Heineken USA, Pharmacia, Lincoln-Mercury and Tiffany's.

Prior to joining Burson-Marsteller, Mr. Saunders was Vice President, Marketing, for online auctions and e-commerce, the fastest growing shopping site listed in the Media Metrix Top 500, ranked #2 auction site by PCData Online, and #1 in Customer Satisfaction by AuctionWatch. At, Mr. Saunders lead all marketing activities including new business development, strategic alliances, ad sales and customer relationship management. He negotiated strategic alliances with,, and Mail Boxes Etc, and the final acquisition by InfoSpace (NSDQ:INSP).

Formerly, he was National Sales & Marketing Director for Bowne & Co. (AMEX:BNE). At Bowne, Mr. Saunders was responsible all strategic communications planning, sales and business development. He was the architect of the first General Motors Corporate Communications Intranet for Media Relations, and for Buick, he engineered the first integration of a website and customer service call center. He provided consumer communications services for Kmart, Brooks Brothers, McDonalds, and Comerica Bank. Also, he was responsible for the strategic design of the first public relations "launch" of an automobile online by an automotive company: the webcast.

While at Bowne, Mr. Saunders served on the Advisory Board for "FAST Forward," the initiative for interactive consumer communications at Proctor and Gamble, and also as Board Member and Chairman of the Great Lakes Interactive Marketing Association. He was instrumental in producing a series of live chats on "interactive television" specials for ABC/Scripps-Howard, winning the first Interactive Television award from the Michigan Association of Broadcasters.

He began his career as a Brand Manager, at Ross Roy Communications, Michigan's largest advertising agency, now Omnicom (AMEX:OMC). There he launched the Neon brand, and founded the interactive group, now Organic Online, and was responsible for bringing the first website online for an American domestic automobile manufacturer; creating, developing and producing the Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth divisions' internet marketing programs. Mr. Saunders began his career at the same agency directing communications work for Kellogs, Delta, Westinghouse, Strohs, Prudential, and Procter & Gamble.

Mr. Saunders earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Education and Communications from Wayne State University, and a Master of Business Administration degree in Marketing from San Diego State University. He has also been on the board of directors of local chapters of the American Marketing Association, the Public Relations Society of America, the Direct Marketing Association, Sales and Marketing Executives International, and an Op Ed contributor to the San Diego Daily Transcript. He has served as Contributing Technology Editor for Hour Detroit Magazine, and as a regular columnist/author for Idea magazine. He has been a featured speaker nationally on the topic of integrated marketing, advertising, consumer communications and interactive technologies.


Gregg Boling

“Bayard is simply a genius. He has an uncanny ability to breakdown a client's digital and interactive needs almost instantaneously. I have personally seen Bayard's insight and direction turn the tide for clients on numerous occasions. I can't recommend him enough."

Nicholas Holland

“I liked Bayard the first time we met - he was laid back, intellectual, and very friendly. Over time, we became friends and I came to admire his passion for all things Marketing and Interactive. I loved the fact that every time we talked, Bayard would have 2 or 3 new, fascinating stories regarding the latest innovations in our industry. We had the pleasure of working with Bayard while he was with Bohan. He is a great project manager and extremely calm under pressure. Moreover, he understands how to motivate people to excel versus beating them into submission. I'm happy to endorse him and look forward to working with him again in the future.”

Barry Berkov

“Bayard is one of the most intellegent people I've ever worked with. He has an exceptional background in all aspects of marketing. Additionally, he has an excellent business perspective and a great sense of humor -- two very valuable qualities.”

Lance Hollander

“Bayard possess a creative talent that can bring great new ideas and energy to any company.”

Rich Melin

“Bayard is a brilliant digital strategist who understands the worlds of social, mobile and online media and how to put them to work for clients. I strongly recommend him as a cutting edge thinker.”

Earl Bridges

“I can honestly say that I have not met another marketing individual with more enthusiasm, energy, and zeal. Bayard is always front and center is pushing the activities and events needed to get a company's message out. His keen and insightful perspective on marketing strategy is impressive. I highly endorse Bayard as a marketing professional.”

David Bohan

“Bayard is both very smart and extremely passionate. He brought experience and expertise to the table to the benefit of our clients and his colleagues.”

Collette Toolsie

“Comprehensive knowledge of and experience in all aspects of marketing. Contributed to the success and growth of Kintera - doubling in size and nearly doubling in revenue. Phenomenally creative, innovative and resourceful. Results and deadline oriented. Ability to work in demanding, ever-changing environment. Bayard is a pleasure to work with - a professional that I highly recommend.”

Steve Chandler

“We are all operating in a new digital world without any previous rules of engagement. Bayard Saunders has established himself as a savvy digital strategist by observing today's consumer. He helped many of our client navigate into the social media arena while also teaching our own staff how to better understand this ever-changing vehicle. Bayard is brilliant and a smart marketer!”

Debbie Signer

“Bayard is a very talented, creative, energized executive - One I would be more than happy to work for anywhere, at anytime. His devotion to his team, department and company is remarkable. He knows how to manage and reward at the same time; something many other executives/managers do not understand. Any company would benefit under his leadership abilities, ideas, stratgic plans and tactics.”

Traci Hoch

“Bayard is an incredibly talented public relations/marketing executive-- with a knack for drawing out the most creative ideas from his team. Bayard managed our San Diego office with true professionalism -- earning the respect of clients and team members. I worked closely with Bayard on a large consumer electronics account and value the lessons learned from working with such a smart and creative communications professional. His superior leadership skills are not easy to come by!”

Janet Sparrer

“Bayard was the mobilizing force for various teams at Bowne & Co. Internet Solutions Division. Bayard's visionary proposals were the largest contributor to Internet new business sales at a time when most companies had no web presence. Bayard is unique, inspired and a proactive leader."

Josh Billauer

“Bayard's creativity and commitment to thinking "outside the box" have given his company the edge over competitors in the same space. Marketing his non-profit clients rather than his own company establishes credibility and demonstrates that Bayard's priorities are in order.”

Thalia Dreissen

“Bayard is a true visionary. He is innovative, imaginative and inspired. Enthusiastic and dynamic in all pursuits. He is a professional with integrity and a great pleasure to work with.”


Work experience

Jan 2007Present

Director, Digital & Alternative Strategies


Privately owned Advertising agency - 75 employees - $50 Million BillingsCreated brand advertising, marketing and promotions, using online internet and mobile communications strategies, social media, public relations and events.Clients included HCA/TriStar Healthcare, Ochsner Health, AmSurg, The Little Clinic, Ebonite Sports, Fazoli’s Restaurants, Stoney River Restaurants, The United Methodist Church, Peabody Hotels, Pigeon Forge CVB, Palm Beach FL CVB, Cricket Communications, and the Nashville Symphony.Produced the Ebonite YouTube channel “mockumentary” ( also used as commercials on ESPN.Created the Cricket Mobile viral online community, MySpace Nashville Music Showcase, to launch regional wireless service.Increased same-store sales for Fazoli's with a promotion existing only on Twitter and Facebook ( to give away 2 million pounds of pasta.Designed a new web architecture for the Methodist church, with a “relevance algorithm” that displays the website like a "tag cloud," highlighting content based on the most current topics relevant to seekers (, in partnership with Google.

Jan 2004Jan 2007

VP Marketing


Non-Profit CRM SaaS Software - 500 Employees - $50 Million Revenue (Formerly NSDQ: KNTA, now NSDQ (GS): BLKB)Directed all marketing communications: analytics and research, strategic planning, advertising, permission-based CRM, search engine optimization, direct mail, word-of-mouth marketing promotions, CGM consumer generated media and product pricing programs.Doubled annual revenues first two years, increasing both sales volume and channel revenue while reducing marketing budget. Successfully integrated resources from multiple corporate acquisitions, established blogs, podcasts, email newsletters, webinar outreach and customer users group programs, building the marketing team from 2 to 25 members, and reducing sales cycle time and cost-per-lead.Increased non-profit market share enabling the online fundraising of $340 million in 2004 for the American Cancer Society, Big Brothers Big Sisters, UNICEF.

Jan 2000Jan 2004

Managing Director

Burson Marsteller (WPP Group)

Global PR & Marketing Agency - 3,000 Employees - $30 Billion Global (NSDQ: WPPGY)Opened and managed WPP Group/Y&R Public Relations agency, Southern California region operations, market practice leadership and new business development.Recruited and mentored team of 20 PR professionals for clients including DC Shoes, Sony Electronics, Qualcomm and Peregrine Systems, reopening offices in San Diego and surpassing $5 million first-year billings.Spearheaded USA public relations strategy for Sony Electronics digital imaging and information technology products including VAIO, Pen Tablet, eVilla, CLIE, Mavica and Cybershot brands.Directed global digital strategic planning and account management for clients worldwide, including Tiffany's, GAP, Sun Microsystems, Qwest, R.R. Donnelly and Citibank.

Jan 1998Jan 2000

VP Marketing


Online Auction/eCommerce & Software - 100 Employees - Acquired by InfoSpace (NSDQ:INSP)Directed all marketing and communications activities, increasing annual revenue from $0 to $25 million in 18 months, and ranked the #2 auction site after eBay by PCData.Negotiated all new business development contracts for advertising and co-branding with strategic alliance partners,, and Mail Boxes Etc (UPS). Principal in acquisition negotiations with InfoSpace.Directed all outside PR and advertising agencies as well as the internal marketing, PR and business development teams.

Jan 1996Jan 1998

Director, Sales & Marketing

Bowne & Co.

Global Financial Printer - 2,000 Employees, $3 Billion Revenue (NYSE:BNE)Recruited to initiate and evolve new digital printing and internet solutions division of the oldest US public company, exceeding revenue goals by 50% for first year operations.Opened satellite sales offices in Chicago, Cleveland, Boston, Dallas, and New York, leading sales and new business development teams to $100 million annual sales for second year of new division. Clients: Bodyglove, Lincoln-Mercury, Brooks Brothers, and Procter & Gamble.Built the first ecommerce consumer website for user interface for home banking systems of Deutsche Bank, Bank of New York, Bank of Montreal and Comerica Bank, in alliances with EDS and IBM Global Services.Architect of the first General Motors Corporate Communications Intranet for Media Relations, “Socrates” (still in-use today) and the first integration of a website with dynamic content. Lead multiple resources in the first public relations launch of an automobile online through use of a webcast & video:, December 12, 1996

Jan 1992Jan 1996

Brand Manager

Ross Roy Communications (Omnicom)

Advertising Agency - 900 Employees - $800 Million Revenue - Acquired by Omnicom (NYSE:OMC)Directed brand communications for Chrysler and Plymouth divisions including research, direct marketing, merchandising, events and promotions, dealer education and customer communications.Created the first US automotive websites ( and agency's first interactive division (merged with Organic Online) with $10 million first-year billings (interactive agency-of-record agreement with Chrysler Corporation).Created internet marketing programs for Detroit Edison, NBD Bank, Heineken, Delta, Pharmacia, Sauder, and Masco.Pioneered first use of CRM data-mining for direct mail opt-in sales promotions and directed first telemarketing center for integrated print, radio, TV, and Internet ad response.



Jan 1998Dec 1999