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Style & Ideals

=Management team. Implementation (vision + leadership + capital (human, $ $ $)) 

Team: Let one plus one are equals three ... great minds generate great ideas; avoid pitfalls by learning from the best.

Knowledge: People with a broad multidisciplinary knowledge have great opportunities to create a superior strategy, plans and innovation.

Strategy: Develop a deep understanding of quality systems, qualified suppliers, train staff and monitor staff performance - improvements based on feedback from internal and external audits.

Execution: Time of occurrence in the market can sometimes go in our favor, the other 100% success make swivel, highly efficient and employees focused on the job at all levels.

Desire: Passion to win, no matter what the obstacles.


MSc in chemistry with many years (over 20 years) professional interests in the implementation of quality systems, technology transfer (transfer quality procedures, methods and equipment), qualification of suppliers (selection and qualification of suppliers of raw materials), development of product quality (optimization of efficient production, development and validation analytical methods), statistical process control (trend analysis) and scientific experience in the field of free radical chemistry, kinetics of free-radical reactions, drug interactions with trace elements in systems of various levels of complexity.
Author and co-author of several scientific papers in the world's most famous magazines. Author Module 2 Quality Overall Summary for several drug company Habit Pharm. Author Site Master File for the same company.

Work experience


Consultant - laboratory specialist


Consultant activities for forming and startup laboratories.

Project: Modernization of University Montenegro

Project in Armenia: Development Laboratory for Pharmaceutical and Development Laboratory for Food safety unit

Project: Georgian Research Institute for Energy and Hydrotechnicks in Tbilisi Georgia


The person responsible for quality control of medical devices

Ivancic i sinovi
  • Responsible for quality control of medical devices
  • Risk management and quality evaluation of measurement uncertainty
  • Responsible for the implementation of quality systems laboratory (qualifications, training, validation)

Head of Quality Control

Ivancic i sinovi
  • Responsibility for the physical and chemical and microbiological testing of raw materials, semi-finished products and control conditions and environmental protection in production
  • Stability studies / write protocol and stability evaluation results in accordance with the directives of ICH
  • Experience with local GMP inspections
  • Responsible for the implementation of quality systems laboratory (qualifications, training, validation)
  • Responsible for the purchase of analytical equipment according to customer requirements (URS)
  • Audit manufacturers under contract and qualifying suppliers
  • Responsible for the development and establishment of quality control laboratories in the new factory
  • The leader or member of several projects: the implementation of GMP directives in production and quality control of medicines, ISO 17025, ISO 14000, HACCP
  • Member of the team for the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX system
Oct 20082010

Quality Director

Habit Pharm

In charge of organizing the work of quality assurance, quality control and Development and validation.

  • Preparation of annual reports;
  • Implementation, maintenance, monitoring and improving capacity development in compliance with GMP, ISO 9001: 2008;
  • Document management system at all levels;
  • Development and implementation of internal quality audits; verification of the effectiveness and implementation of pharmaceutical quality assurance system;
  • Management control procedures changes;
  • Approval of validation and qualification documents;
  • Research and management of nonconformities and results outside the specifications (if any);
  • Managing inconsistencies and withdrawal (if any);
  • Defining and implementing corrective / preventive measures;
  • Qualification, verification and approval of suppliers;
  • The implementation of the training program and periodic evaluation of training;
  • Participation in product development and approval of the Agreement on the quality in case of contract manufacturing and analysis;
  • Participation in external GMP inspection / quality control.
Jun 2007Oct 2008

Head of Development and validation

Habit Pharm

Responsible for the development of validation master plan, the planning and monitoring of validation activities with the development of supporting documentation quality assurance system.

Jan 2007Jun 2007

professor of Chemistry

School of Arts

Teaching chemistry at teaching plans and programs.

Jan 2007Jun 2007

professor of Chemistry

O.Š. Nada Matić

Teaching chemistry at teaching plans and programs.


Quality director


The development and improvement of the quality in the production of closures for pharmaceutical industry (push on cap, aluminum closures). Consideration of all aspects of pharmaceutical packaging, from the technical (compatibility and stability, influence the quality of the packaging process) to regulators.

Chemicals food. Chemical (lipid oxidation), physical (dehydration) and microbiological food protection. Development of methods for the synthesis and opeme additives. Formulation of complex mixtures of additives. The development of analytical methods for the qualitative and quantitative determination of additives.


Director of Development


The development of new methods for the synthesis of pure chemicals.


Research Associate

Institute Vinča

Reaction mechanisms of biologically active compounds with bioelement in heterogeneous systems. The kinetics and mechanism of the reaction protolytes biologically active functional groups with metals in micellar systems (techniques liquid chromatography (HPLC), UV and IR spectroscopy, GS MS, stopped flow). Determination protolytes constants antibiotics. The interaction of antibiotics with other drugs in parallel during therapy, as well as essential elements in serum (Fe, Cu, Pd, Mg).

Free-radical reactions. The mechanism of oxidation kinetics and mechanism of action of antioxidants in natural and artificial systems of various levels of complexity. Techniques impulse, g-radiolysis and flash photolysis to generate and study of free radical reactions. Isolation and characterization of natural antioxidants from plants (flavones and flavonoids). Organic synthesis of new antioxidants.

Immuno Chemistry and immune response. Isolation and characterization of human immunoglobulin. Immunoelectrophoresis techniques and radio immuno assay.


junior researcher

Institute Vinča

Free-radical reactions. The mechanism of oxidation kinetics and mechanism of action of antioxidants in natural and artificial systems of various levels of complexity. Techniques impulse, g-radiolysis and flash photolysis to generate and study of free radical reactions. Isolation and characterization of natural antioxidants from plants (flavones and flavonoids). Organic synthesis of new antioxidants.


Oct 1987Oct 1992

Master of Chemistry, MSci

Faculty of Chemistry

Master Thesis: Study of antioxidant properties polysupstitueted phenol and derivatives of pyrrole


graduate chemist, BSci

Hemijski fakultet

Graduation thesis: Isolation and characterization of human immunoglobulin M


Non professional interest

Blogging (, literature, history, sport (chess).

Published articles

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Quality control

Quality Management



SRPS ISO 14000


- Sales Meeting at Meteka company, September 2015, Judenburg, Austria

- Trouble-Free HPLC Analysis of Creams and Lotions: Beautiful separations of beauty products, LGC, Live webcast

- Simplifying Carbohydrate Testing in Food and Beverages to Meet Food Quality and Labeing Requirements Using Ion Chromatography and Pulsed Amperometric Detection,  April 03, 2015 ,  Thermo Sciientific

- Water Activity: Implications for Implementing FSMA Rules
Presenters:Michelle J Richardson, Senior Food Scientist, U S Army, Tejas Bhatt, Program Director,Global Food Traceability Center, Institute of Food Technologists
May 21, 2014

-  „DRcaps® Capsules - The preferred choice for delivery of probiotics and acid sensitive ingredients“, Capsulgel, 2013.

- Powder Stability with Water Activity, 28.05.2013.

- Reference materials and standards: Certificates of analysis 23.05.2013.

-  Primary and secondary reference standards in pharmaceutical QC 25.04.2013

-  A Quality by Design Approach for Stability Testing, 26.03.2013.

-  The specifics of pharmacopoeial reference standards, 21.03.2013.

-  Beyond the Basics - Water Activity , February 22, 2013 by Brady Carter

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