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Work experience

Sep 2010May 2013


WLMC Landmark College Radio

I worked as a host for WLMC Radio. I played music during my multiple shows during the week. I was a one man news department for the radio station. I have done multiple interviews and have produced some of them. I anchored newscasts for the radio station.

  • Became Senior DJ in Fall of 2012.
  • Longest tenured DJ in the station's four year history. 
  • Hosted and produced all of my radio shows.
  • Worked as a one man news department.
  • Primary DJ used to train new DJ's.
  • Unofficially considered number two person at the station.
  • Known as the primary DJ for interviews with various school staff.
  • Often made prerecorded shows outside of my normal show.
  • Often put WLMC back on the air after power outages (no generator).
  • Called on to produce or co-produce for brand new DJ's during their first shows.  
  • Trained my DJ "Persona" from DJ's I grew up listening to. 
  • Anchored the first official to be ever aired on WLMC.
  • Worked with new anchors to be ready for their first newscast. 
  • Worked the school fair, to try to get new DJ's to apply for the consecutive semesters in a row.
  • Arranged the the basic schedules for DJ's two semesters in a row
May 2012Aug 2012

Newsroom Intern


I worked as a newsroom intern and fill-in assignment editor at WLNE-TV.

  • Worked as a newsroom intern, and as part of that I answered calls, made beat calls, and monitored news sources for possible stories.
  • Worked as a fill-in night-side assignment editor on two occasions as a last minute fill-in, and worked with the night-side reporter. 
  • Shadowed the night-side reporter on one occasion.
  • Ran the assignment desk on a regular basis during the 5pm - 6:30pm and 11pm newscasts.
  • Soloed on the assignment desk during newscasts or with another intern.
  • Delivered scripts to anchors during commercial breaks.
  • Wrote for the website if asked.
  • Broke two breaking stories for the station: As a result of my investigating we were the only station to have a live report at a bakery shut down by the state for multiple violations, and I discovered the story of a mother and baby found dead in a nearby town; because of me we were able to have a reporter there in a timely fashion over just having a VO of it, and we stayed competitive with the other two stations.
  • Regularly wrote the A-Block of the other two stations in the market. 
  • Updated the "ABC 6" Twitter, and monitored other twitter accounts for breaking news.
  • Often was in charge of checking the websites of our competition to make sure we didn't miss a story.
May 2011Aug 2011

Assignment Desk Intern


I worked as a assignment desk intern and Sunday night Assignment Editor.

  • Answered phone calls.
  • Monitored news sources for stories that could be aired on future newscasts.
  • Was chosen as the first intern hired, only non Rhode Island student to be hired, and youngest non high school intern the station has ever had.
  • Worked solo or with a producer, or another intern, and also with an another assignment editor.
  • Worked as the Sunday night-side assignment editor from 5:30pm-7:30pm.
  • Filled in as a Sunday dayside assignment editor on one occasion.
  • Soloed on the assignment desk during an emergency situation to answer calls during a mill fire, and to update the producer with the breaking news situation.
  • Became the first person at the station to announce the death of former RI Governor Bruce Sundlun (to the newsroom off-air).
  • Answered the phone calls from the family representative that night.
  • Shadowed a photographer on a assignment. 
  • Only newsroom intern on my Sunday shift, and was the only weekend news intern.
  • Gave story ideas to the Assignment Editor and Weekend Evening Producer.


Aug 2010May 2013

General Studies

Landmark College

Currently getting my associates degree in General Studies with a Communications Concentration. 

Only student at my college to ever intern in a television newsroom.

Sep 2007Jun 2010

High School Degree

New Bedford High School

Worked as a office aid for multiple departments at my high school.

  • Green House Office
  • Green House Guidance Office
  • Special Education Office (Disabilities Office)


Radio Show Producer
I produce all my WLMC Radio Music Shows.   I have produced six semesters of WLMC shows by myself. I time my shows to go exactly one hour to the best of my ability. I keep track of the audio levels of my voice and the songs. I control my pitch of voice during my show. I intro and outro songs with very little if any dead air. I occasionally produce first shows for new DJ's. I co-produce shows for DJ's if they request me to do so. 
News Anchor/Producer
I am an anchor for WLMC Radio in Putney, VT.   I anchor newscasts to last between two and twenty minutes. I cover the news of the day for Vermont and New Hampshire. I deliver the weather forecast. I read school related announcements. I produce my newscasts while anchoring them. I cover any breaking news that occurs, through my strong ab-lib skills. Only host to regularly anchor a newscast on the station. Anchored and produced an extended newscast on during special circumstances (such as the Boston Marathon Boming). 
I have done multiple well received interviews while at Landmark College. This is a list of who I have interviewed so far.   Dr. Brent Betit - Vice President and Provost at Landmark College Dr. Peter Eden - President of Landmark College Jill Hinckley - Assistant Dean of Academics at Landmark College about January Academic programs. Dr. Rowland Brucken -  Associate Professor of History at Norwich University about a presentation on Genocide. Matt Henson - Reporter/Producer at WCAX-TV in Burlington, Vermont Steve Bottari - Morning co-anchor/reporter at WCAX-TV Jackie Morlock - Morning Anchor at WFFF-TV/WVNY-TV in Burlington Paul Harrop - Freelance Video journalist/Producer in the Washington D.C area, former reporter at KAUZ-TV the CBS affiliate in Wichita Falls, Texas.
Produced and co-wrote a newscast at American University in July of 2008.   The co-producer and primary producer for the anchors. Co-wrote the anchor scripts. Arranged the anchor lead-ins to stories on tape. Helped the anchors memorize the scripts (we had no teleprompter). Was one of the cameraman for the newscast (we had no control room). Was designated as emergency fill-in for both anchors.  


  • Awarded Best Veteran DJ at WLMC in December, 2011. 


Worked as a fill-in assignment editor.Produced newscasts on the radio station and anchored them, and timed them to last for 15 minutes.Self taught news anchor.Strong public speaking skills and experience in writing for television news.Strong Ad-libberSome familiarity with ENPS.  Worked as a fill-in morning announcements co-host in 8th grade, and read the Pledge of Allegiance on Monday Mornings.


I have many different interests in and out of media.

  • TV News
  • Radio
  • Music
  • Fitness
  • LGBT Studies
  • Writing


Seeking a job in radio either on-air as a DJ or Host or Anchor. I am also considering off-air as a producer. I also would like to eventually work in TV News as a anchor/reporter or off-air as a producer or assignment editor.

I also have a knack for news, I have found multiple stories that have later made newscasts on the stations I have worked for.

I am also a self trained anchor. I have worked as a Host/Anchor/Producer for my school's Radio Station.Strong public speaking skills and experience in writing for television news.Writing (in the process of writing my 1st screenplay). In addition to working and vising WJAR and WLNE, I have also visited WCSH (the NBC affiliate in Portland, ME), WHDH (the NBC affiliate in Boston), and WBZ (the CBS O&O in Boston). I watched newscasts and toured the stations behind the scenes. Attended Emerson College's summer camp for television production in the Summer of 2009. Attended a summer camp at American University in the Summer of 2008, and produced my first newscast.