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Work experience


Country Digital Marketing Manager

Country Digital Marketing Manager at (2 years 2 months) Lead MCM strategy & planning for Romania. Manage general guidelines and vendor overall performance for digital content development and campaign execution. Enable MCM efficiency by enforcing the use of customer segmentation techniques and KPI setting that collect user experience data(direct or indirect). Accountable for multi-channel marketing campaigns deployment. Grow MCM capabilities within Romanian organization. Identify and recommend action on Cross-Organizational MCM opportunities or challenges. Manage Global to Local and vice-versa work-stream. Member of MCM EU Scale-up Team Achievements (non-disclosure): 1. Evolved adoption and execution of customer interaction projects via Multi Channel


Integrated Digital Solutions
Owner at (3 years)

Channel Marketing Lead

Multi-Channel Marketing
Lead at Pfizer (7 months) Lead MCM strategy & planning at brand and BU level. Manage digital content development flow and vendor identifying process. Manage in-country Multi-channel deployment Identify key channel metrics

Digital Lead

Multi-Channel Marketing
Digital Lead at GlaxoSmithKline Page1 (10 months) Organisational Lead for national mobile devices e-Detailing implementation-Coordinating the iPad Content Manager-Leading implementation of multichannel marketing into brand plans-SPOC for Romania organisation in relationship with the Digital Design Centre and several local Digital Agencies-Setting up and coordinating the implementation of digital&alternative marketing activities GlaxoSmithKline Romania, covering major therapy areas brands(Respiratory, Urology, Vaccines, Primary Care etc)

Web Development Consultant

eLearning & Web Development Consultant at (1 year 5 months) Major contribution to the company's largest cross departmental e-learning project: an integrated learning tool initiative designed to penetrate and grow targeted markets. Successes:- implementing the platform in record, 1 year, time.-over 40% of Romanian General Practitioners use this platform-2 prestigious awards:" Excellence Prize for Continuous Medical Education" & 2012" GSK European Medical Excellence" Award Communicate with management, internal departments, vendors and endorsers to coordinate overall digital and marketing effort in accordance with company's goals. Selected Contributions:-Increased platform's value through usability design coaching and functionality.-Increased project's overall plan adherence through constant vendor coordination. Online Development Advisor at BRICO Communication SRL

Area Performance Manager

Area Performance Manager at (1 year 5 months) Contributed to and implemented specific integration management techniques that were common practice for RDS-RCS SA with companies merged into the group. Managed customer satisfaction and engagement teams, across 3 satellite ISP operators. Budget planning and activity reviews for Area Coordinators. Managed daily operational issues. Managed key product trackers, marketing-channels effectiveness, sales- data by product segments analysis, call center metrics. Selected Contribution:-Successful integration of 3 smaller ISP companies into RDS-RCS with minimum(less than 7%) client loss.-Extended one coverage area market share from 25% to 80%.

Business Consultant

Business Consultant at (2 years 2 months) Contributed to and implemented specific integration management techniques that were common practice for

Managing Partner & Owner

Dynamic Net Solutions
RDS-RCS with companies that were merged into the group. Offering input data to other team managers on performance management. Managing Partner & Owner at (1 year 7 months) Hiring and staffing. Established procedures and goals for sales and customer support teams. Budget planning. Coordinated and analyzed customer retention programs. Managing and planning of end-to-end sales process. Managed design, production and release ofmarketingcampaigns. Interpreting reviews and follow-up reports. Selected Contribution: #Founding member of INTERLAN(The Internet Service Provider's Association in Bucharest) #Cession the Company's market share to one of the biggest national telecommunication provider in Romania: RDS-RCS S.A. Projects iamademana. ro

Mobile Representative

Mobile Representative Enablement
Members:, Florin Vacaroiu, Marius Popianu Sales Force mobility project with focus on increasing efficiency and detailing capabilities in the field by using mobile devices.