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My name is Miguel Nogueira, I was born in Porto, I’m 41 years old Geographer (1994) with a Master’s Degree in Urban Planning (1999).

My professional life takes place among Academics. I’ve been working in close contact with Teaching (I’ve been teaching both High School and University) and Research (multidisciplinary projects, mostly in Social Sciences). My expertise is Thematic Mapping and Graphic Communication, mainly when a Territorial/Spatial element is inherent, supported in IT like GIS (Geographical Information Systems). Basically, all comes to Organize, Analyse and Communicate Information in a clearly, efficiently and objectively manner…

My 15 years’ experience on imagining and developing graphic resources, communicating and visualizing scientific data, organizing and structuring information or teaching has contribute to a broad vision and knowledge of the (academic) universe I have been absorbed.

I’m focused, disciplined and meticulous as far as scientific imperatives moulded me. But I’m also creative versatile and resourceful in order to adjust and/or convert me and theoretic speeches into reachable graphic languages.

So, I’ve been accumulating tools and procedures, experiences, in a non-stopping process of learning, which lead me into a stronger work capacity, efficiency, and accurate sense, developed in an environment of Excellency and Rigour such as the academic.

I strongly believe in my Geographic Thought and the ability to look at the “big picture” and, simultaneously, on detail and the skill to establish relationships. And I trust on my organizational and planning capabilities and my creativity.

Work experience

Jun 1995Present

Universidade do Porto
Jan 2000Present

Founder and CEO



Sep 1997Jul 1999


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Graphic Communication
Thematic Mapping