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International Manager with 12 years of experience in the financial sector

Passionate, self-motivated, energetic and team builder, even in largely adverse situations. Naturally leadership on changes and lateral thinking processes; my International Experience includes Mexico, Panama and Uruguay.

Right now is a magnificent time in my career to keep creating and adding value to the company I aim to work in, the market and my community by developing myself in a high level decision and execution position.

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Work experience

Execution, Special projects subdirector.

HSBC Regional Service Centre, Latin-America

November 2010 to Feb 2011

PFS and Business Banking Credit approval subdirector. Regional Service Centre, Latin-America.

Personal loans, Payroll loan, Credit Cards and Business Banking analysis and approval process.To execute and deliver a consistent, high quality, efficient process.

Contribute to PFS and CMB goals on credit budgets

June 2010 to Nov 2010 Special Assignment HSBC Panama

Processes migration coordination in short period. Full support and mobility due to the required conditions.

Establishment of a plan in a tight schedule to migrate 5 processes to the LAM Regional Service Centre Urgent regulatory requirement compliance plan

Apr 2012Present

Partner/ Corporate Director

Summa Asesores

In this Start Up business I run the Operations, Technology, processes and any other task that streamlines the sales process and reduce cost and time.

We are preparing the franchise to experiment a fast nationwide growth and in the mid term, overseas growth

Feb 2011Mar 2012

Customer Value Management Subdirector

HSBC Mexico

This was an advisory role key to the Head of Personal Financial Services, and it aimed to enhance cross sale and increased value strategies for mass affluent segment.

I designed and executed processes for Customer Insights retrieving and developed strategies for its use in marketing campaings to maximise value within the specific customer segment

In close liaison with CRM, Product and Sales channel (Branches) areas, this advisory was key for the whole value added chain.

May 2007Jun 2010

Chief Operating Officer

HSBC Uruguay

Reenforce and establish CTSO (Regional Chief Technology and Services Officer) controls within the local business process in terms of:

a) Strategic Control over Costs. HSBC Uruguay has being successfully compliant with the saving objectives despite challenging environment and Global Crisis.

b) Compliance with Group Regulations and standards and Local Regulations.

c) Assist and advice Local CEO in the change Management process, key for the goal of transforming the Bank from a Private Banking unit to a whole Retail Bank.

d) Lead major organisational changes: Strategic positioning reengineering: Contributed to new HBUY’s strategic plan for the period 2008-2012, converting the Bank from a niche player to a full services and integrated organisation.

e) Core Banking System Change. Change and migrate all the data from two separated systems to a single one, including dual controls and automatic reporting contributing to ease the growth.

f) Branches deployment. Deployment of 7 branches, on schedule and within budget, a major achievement

since it trebled the branches for HBUY, and being used as Benchmark for other Latin American Countries. New channels and functionalities. Accordingly to Business Plan, functionalities on Internet Banking, ATMs, and Self Service Terminals were developed and deployed.

g) Successfully Management of Growth. HBUY grew its customers volume in 350%, in the last year, 4 audits were received and all graded satisfactory.

May 2003May 2007

Special Projects Subdirector

HSBC Mexico

To Lead diverse project in the interest of HSBC Mexico’s COO, such as Pay-In Cash Deposit Machines, Pay-In branches or a very aggressive strategy to convert utility bill users from non customers into preferred customers.

This job required an important social and networking skill, since most projects were to be done without an assigned structure or org charts and tight budgets

During most of 2006 I was sent to Panama as part of the team that participated in the Due Dilligence and organizational change in the Banistmo Acquisition


Aug 1997Aug 1999