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Work experience

Jun 2009Present

Environmental Health and Safety Manager/OSHA Adviser

Sumiju Yokosuka Kogyo Co., Ltd.

References: Mr. Daniel Fujimoto; Army Corps of Engineers SAFETY Manager, CampZama, [email protected] LCDR Christine Cawayan; [email protected] Mr. James Cunniff; Hachinohe Area Fuels Director, Hachinohe, [email protected] Mr. Garlon Allen; Construction Superintendent Weston Solutions, Inc.; [email protected] Mr. Angelo Semeraro; Senior Project Engineer, SHAW Environmental & Infrastructure; [email protected] As the Environmental Health and Safety Officer/OSHA Adviser I am directly responsible for working with Sumiju Yokosuka Kogyo's staff, as well as external safety and environmental specialists representing various Government Departments to establish safe working practices and policies. I routinely conduct Safety and Environmental inspections of ship board and shore company wide job sites physical layouts, guarding physical hazards, personnel protective equipment, fire prevention and protection, materials handling, hazmat handling and storage and general site environmental conditions prior to the start of operations and enforce NAVOSH 5100.23g, NAVOSH 5100.19C, OSHA, EM385-1-1, NIOSH, NFPA, CFR, ASME, DOD, ANSI, SAE, Environmental Protection Agency and Japanese Environmental Governing Standards regulations. Responsible for preparing the company's safety and environmental budgets while reviewing and allocating funding to various job sites ensuring that the funds are properly used according to company policy and current laws and policies. Track environmental project status and provide the company and the government all the status reports as required. Solely responsible for identifying routine violations of established safety and environmental requirements and practices; preparing written reports on physical conditions and unsafe actions or practices for review and action and complete follow-up investigations to determine if accident and environmental hazards have been eliminated. Develop and distribute promotional materials and create, prepare and present safety and environmental related training and activities. I review accident and environmental reports for adequacy, completeness and compliance with procedural reporting requirements. Responsible for extracting and compiling accident and environmental data for report preparation to be submitted to the President of the company, Naval Facilities Command and the Naval Facilities Environmental Section, Base Environmental Section and Naval Facilities Officer-in-Charge. Maintain records of personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements and ensure adequate supplies are available to replace damaged or aged equipment. I closely work with the government on abatement and construction projects and have direct working knowledge of NAVOSH 5100.23g, NAVOSH 5100.19c, CFR, DoD, OSHA, NIOSH, EM385-1-1, NFPA, ASME, ANSI, Environmental Protection Agency and Japanese Environmental Governing Standards (JEGS) regulations. I have knowledge of environmental protection, DOT Emergency Response Procedures, safety and occupational health regulations, methods, standards and techniques applicable to varied industrial operations, storage and handling of hazardous materials and construction projects sufficient to identify and eliminate hazardous conditions arising from these types of operations. I am familiar with basic warehousing and physical distribution support structures with a very strong ability to communicate well both orally and in writing for the purpose of preparing and conducting training, preparing reports, developing procedures and guidelines and in directing corrective actions. I am very strong at working independently and prioritizing work so that I am able to plan, establish time-lines and determine logistic support for a variety of job sites and company wide tasks. Have a very strong knowledge in operating office automation equipment such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Access and Project. I utilize various means to gather information on the available guidelines on safety and environmental practices and policies, as well as information relative to hazardous material management. Since taking over as Safety Officer and writing and instituting the company's Safety Program there have been 0 instances of lost time injuries/accidents or environmental regulations violations in over 15,000 man-hours and we have seen a decrease by 90% in the number of job site safety violations issued by Base Safety Personnel. 

Sep 2007May 2009

Senior Recruitment Consultant

TMC Japan

Provided continuing technical advice and assistance in resolution of difficult staffing problems for complex organizations (i.e., organizations performing work of an abstract and/or judgmental nature, and whose organizational settings are characterized by frequently changing missions and functions, frequent reorganizations, unstable work force, recruitment difficulties, and technically complex staffing determinations).

Applied a thorough and comprehensive knowledge of recruitment and placement principles and concepts, a sound working knowledge of other personnel fields, and broad personnel management knowledge to identify, analyze and resolve problems which require the interpretation and adaptation of guides which, frequently, are only partially applicable and few precedents exist.

Performed pre-RIF planning and executed reduction-in-force or transfer of function actions. Assisted with on-site delivery, and counseling as requested. Provided input to private sector human resource offices for short and long range analysis of civilian personnel staffing requirements and resources. Evaluated trends in missions, technology, manpower and fiscal resources and other factors influencing future needs.

Mar 1993Sep 2007

Project Manager/Safety and Environmental Protection Officer

Nova Corporation

Project Management

Created and executed project work plans and revised as appropriate to meet changing needs and requirements. Identified resources and assigned individual responsibilities while managing day-to-day operational aspects of projects and scope. Reviewed deliverables prepared by team before passing on to client. Effectively applied the company's methodology and enforced project standards. Prepared for engagement reviews and quality assurance procedures while minimizing our risks on project. Ensured that all project documents were complete, current and stored appropriately.

Tracked and reported team hours and expenses on a weekly and monthly basis while closely managing the various project budgets. Determined appropriate revenue recognition, ensured timely and accurate invoicing and  monitored receivables for the various projects. Followed up with clients, when necessary, for unpaid invoices and analyzed project profitability, revenue, margins, bill rates and utilization.

Managed project team training, evaluations and feedback. Chose project team members based on knowledge, skills and abilities as shown through prior experience, evaluations and educational background. 

Safety and Environmental Protection Management

Was responsible for the development and execution of a company wide safety program which included branch schools, head office spaces, company accommodation and material and household goods warehouse space.  

Implemented, managed and improved fire prevention and protection procedures for the company’s branches, warehouse and company rented properties. Handled accident investigations and presented findings to company management along with recommendations for safety improvements. Developed and administered company wide safety program and interacted with management at all levels of the company with direct and indirect authority.

Housing Management

Developed overall housing plans and procedures for Lodging assignment procedures, eligibility requirements, maintenance conditions and related lodging facility activities. Coordinated lodging program with other major Japanese branch offices to ensure adequate services and facilities were provided for new staff. Planned requirements for accommodation operations on a day-to-day and long-range basis.

Human Resource Management

Determined yearly requirements and forecasted budget for both appropriated and non-appropriated funds. Reviewed salary costs and other operational costs versus expenditures to identify trends; plans for needed changes in budget requests, lodging charges, staffing levels, services to be provided and maintenance.

Served as company area approval authority for the issuance of statement of non-availability for apartments and per diem payment and certificates of non-availability of quarters effecting payment. Served as a primary hand receipt holder for non-appropriated fund and appropriated fund owned furniture and furnishings and equipment. Interpreted and assured implementation of changes to existing regulations. Established and ensured implementation of local methods, policies, and procedures to ensure adequate control of property and maintenance of property records

Mar 1992Feb 1993


Ahresty Wilmington Corporation

Worked as a machining line team member machining auto parts for Honda of America. Operated company machinery and fork lifts. Was responsible for the quality and control of all parts manufactured on the machining line. Maintained records and reports. 

Jan 1988Jan 1992

Operations Specialist 2nd Class

United States Navy

Operations Specialist Petty Officer Second Class

Provided technical information and assistance during Surface Warfare, Air Warfare, Submarine Warfare, Amphibious Warfare, Mine Warfare, Naval Surface Fire Support, and Search and Rescue operations; provided technical information and advice on capabilities, limitations, reliability, and operational readiness.Evaluated tactical situations, and made recommendations to superiors during watch conditions; applied current doctrine and procedures to CIC operations as specified by U. S. Navy Instructions and Joint/Allied/U. S. Navy publications; and applied current doctrine and procedures to radar navigation.Monitored subordinates well-being, work performance, professional development, morale, education and training.

Alpha Section Supervisor

Served as the Work Center Supervisor/Quality Control Manager & Safety and Health Officer during the decommissioning of the U.S.S. Midway (CV-41) Alpha Section Spaces. 

Created and executed project work plans and revised as appropriate to meet changing needs and requirements. Identified resources and assigned individual responsibilities while managing day-to-day operational aspects of the project and scope. Effectively applied the Navy's methodology and enforced project standards. Prepared for engagement reviews and quality assurance procedures while minimizing our risks on project. Ensured that all project documents were complete, current and stored appropriately.


Mar 1988Jun 1988

Operations Specialist "A" School

U.S. Navy

Attended the United States Navy Operations Specialist "A" School then located in Dam Neck, Virginia. 

Upon completion of the course, was trained to be able to plot a ship's position, heading, and speed; operate common marine electronic navigation instruments including radar systems; and provide target plotting data to the combat information center based on information received from target tracking devices. 


Michael Vickerstaff

I was Michael's immediate manager when working at Nova Corporation.

Mark Burton

Mr. Burton was the one of my Petty Officer's-in-charge when I served aboard the U.S.S. Midway (CV-41)

Nathan Brock

Mr. Brock was my immediate supervisor at TMCJapan.

James Cunniff

Mr. Cunniff,

  I was involved in a very dangerous and challenging job task involving welding and in service fuel pipes. Mr. Cunniff was the head of the Fuel Terminal in-charge of the fuel pipes and the fuel terminal where our work was conducted.

Daniel Fujimoto

Mr. Fujimoto is in-charge of the Far East Engineering Command's Safety Section and therefore the individual to whom I am in most contact with when it comes to Environmental and Safety issues.

Christine Cawayan

LCDR Cawayan was the Officer-in-Charge of the Far East Engineering Command which was the authorizing and monitoring authority for the majority of the job sites I was in-charge of monitoring Safety and Environmental Protection standards.


Apr 2011Jun 2011

Certified Safety Administrator (CSA)

National Association of Safety Professionals
May 2011May 2011

Powered Industrial Trucks-Forklift Operator Training #FA201001973

Forklift Academy, Inc.
Apr 2011May 2011

Environmental Health and Safety Management Specialist (EHS)

The National Association of Safety Professionals
Apr 2011May 2011

Certified Safety Auditor (SAC)

National Association of Safety Professionals
Apr 2011May 2011

Certified Safety Manager (CSM)

National Association of Safety Professionals
Apr 2011May 2011

Safety Manager Trainer

National Association of Safety Professionals
Sep 2010Oct 2010

Hazwoper 40-Hour Course #1662323
May 2010Jun 2010

Environmental Protection Specialist Certificates

Mar 2010Mar 2010

First Class First Aid & CPR Certification # 10-98

Yokosuka City Fire Department
Sep 2009Oct 2009

30-Hour OSHA Certification for Construction Safety and Health #600396561

University of South Florida
Oct 2009Oct 2009

Construction Quality Manager

Naval Facilities Engineering Command


United States Navy