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A Honolulu native, the food industry has been in Midori Chun’s life since she was born. As a child, Midori’s mother — a classical Japanese chef — greatly influenced her culinary background. When she grew up, Midori assumed a wide variety of restaurant positions. Each provided a stepping stone, from being an active member of the wait staff to opening her own Honolulu deli and café.

Midori moved forward by focusing her efforts on consulting within the event, food service, and hospitality industries. With an eye on both the customer experience and the kitchen’s operations, her experience includes Gallo Wines, the Bay Area’s Ibiza restaurant, numerous notable corporations, and Stanford University. In 1988, Midori moved forward with The Other Woman, her own popular catering business.

Her success created an industry reputation for smart decisions, a commitment to local and organic ingredients, and forward-thinking vision. She brings this unique combination of business savvy and aesthetic taste to the clients of Carrubba Consulting.