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Aug 2013May 2014


Deltion College

I have not finished this course. The reason behind this was that I felt like it did not suit me to be a pharmacy assistant. So in may 2014 I left the course. I have not studied anything else after that.

Aug 2009Jun 2013

Mavo Care and Welfare

Van der Capellen S.G.

The first two years on this school I studied all the subjects in general. In the third year we had to choose between categories. I chose for Care and Welfare. Wich meant that I would focus more on subjects like biology and science and languages and less on subjects like geography, history etc. I have passed for my all my final exams and earned my diploma in 2013

Work experience

Mar 2015Jun 2015


Sabis International School

I have worked at the Sabis International School for four months. What I have learned there is how to interact better with children and what the best way is to teach them things. I have learned how to make a lesson plan and how to keep on track every week. And also I have seen how important it is, in a school, for everyone to make a real effort to be able to run everything nice and smoothly without problems. 

Apr 2014Jun 2014



I did not work for a really long time at the Mcdonalds, but it most certainly was the most stressfull and most difficult job. My job responsibilities were refilling the drinks and desserts, cleaning the floor, refilling the tissues, bringing food to costumers in the lobby, cleaning the tables in the lobby, asking around if the costumers had any wishes or complaints, but my main responsibility was to take the orders of the costumers. This was for me, the most fun. Since Mcdonalds is internationally famous, there were a lot of foreign costumers. If it were English or German ones, I could interact with them and take their orders just fine. Otherwise, I always asked for help from my manager. Sometimes my managers held a contest. The cashier who could collect the most money in 2 hours, would win. You could do this by organizing their order as fast as you can, by thinking smart and by having good interaction skills. I had the honor to be one of those who have had collected the most money in those 2 hours. I think that is my biggest achievement in the time that I was working at the Mcdonalds.

May 2014Jun 2014



V&D is an international store wich sells male and female clothing as well as furniture, blankets, pillows etc. I was a cashier at the male clothing and child toys section. I must say it was a really quiet and peaceful job. My main responsibility was to checkout the purchases of the costumers. But when there were no costumers, I would look around to see if I could help anyone or I would tidy it all a bit up.

Nov 2013May 2014


Albert Heijn

My job as an employee at my local supermarket started from 5 am in the morning. Most days were from 5 am till 8 am. But sometimes I had to work from 5 am till 11 am or longer. After some time they wanted me in the evenings also. My job responsibilities were throwing out the garbage, filling the stocks, keeping the warehouse tidy, helping co workers, emptying the containers, but the most important of all was to be there for the costumers and to help them with whatever they wanted. For example, if they were looking for something, it was my job to show it to them. Sometimes I had to call the manager if I could not figure it out myself or if a costumer was being difficult. There also were some times when a foreign costumer asked me something. If it were English or German, there was no problem and most of the time I could interact with them just fine. I achieved to be the best stock filler. They told me that my work was very neat and secure. Also did they reward me for being the most flexible employee.



Technology and computers




Dutch Language


English Language