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Monique BAVAUD is a mixed media artist whose work explores the dichotomy present in each of us and the inner sanctum that makes our spirit sacred in our every day lives. She has painted and exhibited in Europe, and extensively throughout the United States and Canada. Involved in community art projects, and taught the creation of art to all ages. Her work has been shown extensively in the US and in Canada, and collected by Galleries, Corporations and Private individuals. Exposition credits include art shows, galleries and museums throughout the United States and in private collections worldwide.

Her interest in art as a tool for social thought and discussion led her to create “A tin series of outsider art” Beloved by many collectors in the Old South Coast, where she currently resides

Mrs Bavaud’s artistic roots were never in question. Her mother always knew she would be involved in the arts, as her early paintings and drawings show. “”She would sit quietly in a corner of her room or the patio outside and paint and drawing for hours” said her mother proudly. As her Swiss Born father and her Italian mother traveled extensively through Europe, It gave Monique an insight into the human condition. Monique now works on commissions and continues to paint everyday.

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Self Represented Artist

Bavaud Fine Art

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Fashion Design

Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale