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Jeonghun Yeom (Mickey Yeom)



"Creative people can change the world" It is a my strong belief entire my life and aim to become as creative person. Mostly had Waitperson experiences both in Korea and Australia, resolved  customers issues in real field and motivated to work in marketing. 

Although I have not enough internships, those experiences much valuable especially work in brand marketing. As the entry level of marketers, I expect to improve my lack of business skills through internship and I can make more good result with my various experiences I had. 


Jul 2009Oct 2015

Bachelor of Information Technology, Business

University of Newcastle, Australia

Cumulative GPA Overall: 2.6/4.0

Major: Business Information, Communication and Technology

Relevant Coursework:

Business Strategy, eCommerce, Principles of Marketing, Retail Marketing, Principles of Advertisement, Project Managements, Contemporary Issues Information Technology

Based on Information Technology degree, more attracted to learn aspects of business industry. It drived to me  m. However, through the failures, I have learnt as below ;

1. Team Project, make sure concern own part of work with fully responsibility.

2. Even an Idea was great, It won't make an outcome also great either.

3. Make a time schedule in order to finish

4. Motivated me to study English.   


Aug 2007Dec 2008

ELICOS for Academic Purposes

University of Newcastle, Australia

Learnt academic level of English in order to study in University of Newcastle.  

Work experience

Sep 2015Dec 2015


Chungcheongbuk-do Provincial Government

Three months contract as causal occupation 

I have re perceived from this job as below ; 

  1. I don't like to work which is a mindless and repetitive task

  2. Not suit me to work as functionary

  3. I would more fit into work as challenging work.

May 2015Jul 2015

Business Development & Planning Intern

Eco healing cooperation 

Eco healing cooperation is based on Chungcheongbuk-do province which belongs to Aroma&Cosmetic field. As It is a small company, I am able to take lots of roles even if I was an Intern.

   1. Generated new production plan and launching for Goesan Beauty expo in 2015. 

   2. In order to Implementation new supply chain in an expressway rest area,      

      conducted field investigation.

   3. Charged of products export through Alibaba and eBay.   

   4. Posted articles and information on the internet blog as aspects of Viral marketing

   5. Developed make skill Business planner strategically

Jun 2013Mar 2015

Adjutant General's Department Assistant

56 Infantry Division, Republic Of Korea Army

According to Korean raw, I served in the army at 56 infantry division as Adjutant General's Department Assistant. Mainly, my role was that organised events of division, also organised external events for a general.

As the feature of this role, I was able to improve Ms office skills to make a formal documents or keep a records by Excels. Furthermore, some of events required even presentation, It helped me to improve make a PowerPoint skills too. 

Even if It was a duty of Koreans, as my position had more chance to see progression of organization and experience of it.

Nov 2011Aug 2013

Senior Waitperson / Head Chef


  1. Ability to do more than two things at the same time especially rushing time

  2. Provided personalized customer service to local Australian

  3. Checked the quality of the final servings and resolve any issues from customers

  4. Managed team workers flexible in responding from randomly issues.

Nov 2009Feb 2010

HouseKeeping Room Attandant

Pacific Blue Resort, Nelson Bay, Australia

Performs routines duties in cleaning and servicing of guest rooms and baths under supervision of housekeeping supervisor. Generally,  room attendant promotes a positive image of the property to guest. Hence, must be pleasant, honest, friendly and should also able to address guess requests and problems. It was my first time a work under Australian manager.  

Through this experiences, It was a great chance to face the real customers and learnt their preferences of services and wants. Also, It helped to me aware the Australian behaviors.  

Mar 2003Apr 2006


Lotte Department Store Restaurant and Other Restaunrants , Seoul

Generally,  serve meals and drinks to the patrons of restaurant. Surely, ensure the customer satisfaction and augment restaurant reputation.

These experiences  were how I started interesting marketing field and I had learnt from skills as below ;

   1. Ability to build relationship with colleagues and customers an ensure mutual satisfaction 

   2. Patient and friendly with demonstrated experience in problem solving


Attended a broadcasting program which is called "Insight" in KBS (Korea Broadcasting System).  I was a questioner regard these topics several episodes ; "Korea wave", "New wave of Korea companies" 

To find an answer or an opinion all aspects of living,  I strongly believed that debating or communication with someone, who has other point of view, surely make a right insight. 

Since when I was 20, I have been dancing even in Australia  as my best hobbies and more further meaning of my life.   To work in marketing field which is such a competitive industry field, surely requires creatively thinking. Dancing with music, It requires much thinking to make a good choreography then need so much time to fit in your body. I believed that it would help to me get inspiration of new idea also develop the thinking broadly.