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PROFILE: I'm a digital marketing strategist seeking a career within the social media PR niche market | Business strategist that can provide immediate value to a wide range of clients through my tech savvy, background in marketing, and sartorial aptitude | Expertise utilizing social media campaigns tying user exposure to changes in brand awareness, preference for products, and stimulation of sales | Experienced style blogger and social media influencer with skills to help organizations develop effective digital marketing strategies while trend testing and mining consumer inspiration | PRSA member since November of 2013

ADVANCED SOCIAL MEDIA EXPERIENCE: My men’s fashion blog “Dappituity" has allowed me to cultivate a large fan following on several social media platforms, with a message provoking the elusive potential success of a gentleman who is neat and elegant in dress and manner; accomplished through being cleverly inventive, original, and resourceful. This experience has permitted me to gain a hands-on comprehension of ways to create perceived value and to influence social media users’ overall loyalty, awareness, and positive/negative associations with brands.



Graphic and written samples of flyers conceptualized and developed - sent out to all of show's subscribers as well as the fans/followers of Steven Cox (CEO of Take Lessons) who was the featured guest. This announcement incorporated hot-links and interactive landing pages to allow fans to access the week's archived podcast.


A social media market research plan developed using fast-fashion retailer H&M as the subject. My research provides several actionable gauges for online marketing success through measuring conversions (e.g. spikes in number of visitors to websites, number of new social media followers, numbers of new customers from specific marketing campaigns, better search engine rankings, and more brand awareness).


CERTIFICATE OF EXCELLENCE IN SCHOLARSHIP: During my Content Management graduate course, I led a small group in the creation of a strategic communication proposal that included in-depth original research, a targeted audience-specific marketing plan, graphic design, and evaluation methods to measure post-campaign effectiveness. The project was so well executed that our faculty mentor chose it for submission to the National University Student Scholarship Conference in March 2014. At this conference, my team and I won the top prize in our division.


A compilation of my blog's most popular updates via Instagram based upon levels of user engagement. There are also social media analytics and measurements generated from September of 2013 highlighting a 3,000+ following with total engagement reaching upward of 22,200 users internationally and with 100% engagement per post. By the end of that month I had 21,341 likes and 867 comments.


"Dappituity" gives rise to the elusive potential success of a gentleman who is neat and elegant in dress and manner; accomplished through being cleverly inventive, original, and resourceful. My content projects an air of confidence, sophistication, compassion, knowledge sharing, and stresses the importance of serving as an equitable social community leader; all of which embody my core values as a business professional. A purveyor of style, fashion, and photography. I'm a SoCAL Entrepreneur with an MBA, a Style Blogger, and a Digital Strategist specializing in Branding • PR • Social Media • Fashion | Contact Me at [email protected] I'm a firm believer that beauty is found in the details. ℳ

Work experience

Jun 2014Present

Digital Marketing Strategist


On-going projects include:

  • Social and digital media strategizing and brand development for Pookie Boutique.
  • 1-Year awarded contract serving as one of two key contributors to a Student/Alumni Advisory Board focusing on helping National University continue to "move forward with online excellence". Provide on-going collaboration by reshaping the university to be more engaging to students and alumni thereby facilitating the sense of community via customized/refined capabilities.
Nov 2011Aug 2012

Production Manager (Marketing Intern)

The Brian Britt Show


Researched, interviewed, and created featured contacts with CEOs, executives, and social leaders in support of the business product.

Managed production of the show calendar in booking prospective guest speakers to ensure engaging and socially relevant content was featured on a weekly basis.

Researched and interviewed freelance contractors to construct RFP bids for optimizing the shows digital presence within a significantly limited budget.

Assisted show host with daily operations to ensure smooth workflow.


Produced all copy and basic HTML coding for weekly-featured guest biographies.

Developed and managed social media business pages (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) while providing writing and copyediting services on user-engaging content and brand updates.

Collaborated with an external web designer to develop interactive content incorporating unique widgets and targeted call-to-action marketing strategies.

Created and maintained luminary thought leader profiles on the show’s website while embedding weekly podcast segment coding.

Developed e-blasts advertisements for future or recurring radio show guest spots.

Managed contact database maintaining information of current and potential prospects, partners, leads, and vendors.


Developed feedback-marketing strategies to leverage relationships that existed in the business and maximized opportunities with prospect markets to open up communication about the financial portfolio services of our sister company Concert Wealth Management.

Developed marketing initiatives through creation of a 2012 strategic plan.

Researched and interviewed prospective freelance contractors to construct Request for Proposal (RFP) bids for website maximizing concepts under a budget-conscientious, efficient re-design.

Screened reporter inquiries to determine feasibility of source response contributions.

Collaborated with on-air talent, brainstormed new ideas on ways to increase the popularity of their individual appearance(s), and communicated with advertisers.

Collaborated with top marketing consultants on overall strategic big-picture design.

Corresponded with CEO’s, doctors, presidents and founders of some of Southern California’s most prestigious organizations to gain buy-in on mailing list merger and acquisition.

Key Results:

Played a key role in increasing listenership and website unique hits by up to 30%.

Personal efforts were cited as one of the main driving forces behind the show’s marketability success in 2012.

Structured and implemented drop-in e-mail automation process to recruit future guest speaker appearances.

Specialized Skills: Strategic Marketing, Public Relations, Social Media Management, Opt-in Email Marketing, Website Optimization, Search Engine Optimization, Production Management


Department of the Navy