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Work experience

Jul 2011Present


Sals Grocery
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Feb 2009Jan 2010

Office Assistent

Brian R. Hawke Law Office
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Sep 2011Present


Durham College


People Oriented
I have experience in working constantly with people through referring, coaching, as well as being a cashier at a grocery store. I find that people skills are very important especially in my current job as well as my past jobs. In terms of being a cashier, you have to be able to be patient with the customers even though you may have a cutsomer that is causing you problems you still have to remain patient inorder to stay professional. In addition, by being a coach you have to be able to make sure that the players understand what they are doing by communicating to them and giving them a sense of direction. When being a coach you have to make sure that you treat everyone equally and do not have any favorites as this could leave to problems amongst the other players. Also, as a coach you have to learn how to deal with the differnt players as everyone is differnt. Last but not least, as a referre you are in charge of directing the players by calling the appropriate rules and regulations. In addition, you must be able to know how to deal with any parents, coaches, or even players that may have problems with the referres calls as it is a natural thing for people to disagree with the calls that are made by the referree.  
People Oriented
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I decided to join this site because I felt like it was a great way to try and advertise myself by marketing myself to potential employers. My goal is to find a full time job throughout the summer time, that way I can help pay for my schooling since school can be pretty expensive. I have also created various differnt social media sites such as: Youtube, Flickr, LinkedIn, and a Blogger account. I feel that by me creating these social media sites I will have a higher chance being able to find a job because these sites provide insight about myself to employers so that when they look at me their just not looking at a piece of paper with just my resume, but these sites also give employers the opportunity to get to understand me as a person and what I am capable of doing as an employee.


To obtain Summer employment


I have a variety of differnt interests, however some of them include: playing soccer and basketball, singing, writing my own songs and poetry, hanging out with friends, watching scary movies, going shopping etc.


Sarto Provenzano

Waneta Dennis

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