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All children can and will learn.

“Barack and I understand from our own experiences…how a good education can lift you up from the most humble circumstances into a life you could never imagined.” Michelle Obama

It is with great enthusiasm that I submit my resume for the position of Director of State and Federal Programs.  As an educator with 9 years classroom experience in Title 1 schools in the heart of the central valley, and 9 years administrative experience in urban schools with large English Language Learner populations, I believe I possess the knowledge and skills that make me a highly qualified candidate for this position. 

I have had extensive experience with Title 1 schools, State and Federal programs, and extended learning programs from the beginning of my career.  I was fortunate enough to return to my childhood elementary school as a teacher in Kerman, California.   I quickly found my passion for teaching students who came from low socio-economic backgrounds and were learning English as a second language. During my teaching tenure and under the principalship of Mrs. Nancy Newsome, I was given the opportunity to learn from and eventually lead amazing professional development, oversee migrant education during the summer, help schools with Categorical Program Monitoring audits, and be a member of the district team who wrote and reviewed the ELD master plan. 

As a result of my work in Title 1 schools and extended learning as a teacher, I was able to apply my extensive knowledge of English language development to my first principalship at Carriage Elementary. Through focused and intense training and coaching on best ELD practices around speaking and listening, Carriage drastically increased the percentage of ELL students who were proficient on the CST.  As a result, Carriage was named a California Distinguished School in 2009. I have carried that strong language focus to Greer Elementary, where we have been working on understanding the new CCSS ELA/ELD framework and writing lesson plans with complex texts and rigorous academic vocabulary that provides all students access to the skills necessary needed to close the achievement gap and become productive and contributing members of our world.  Our school continues to show dramatic increases in text levels and MAP scores each trimester. I was also the principal representative in the development of our LCAP, and encouraged many parents to be represented during this process.  My school level administrative experience, coupled with my district level participation in many important groups and committees has given me the experience needed to lead State and Federal programs in the Earlimart District.   

Lastly, as an EL student and the first to graduate from high school in my family, I personally understand the importance that Title 1 and ELL school supports can provide for students just like me. Each and every year, I have learned and grown as a professional. I am the living example of how a good education, from student to teacher to administrator, can lift you from the most humble circumstances.  I look forward to working with a team who shares my passion for serving students from diverse backgrounds and giving them the same learning opportunities to a better life that I was so fortunate to have. 


Michelle M. Ramirez