Michelle Cosgrove

Michelle Cosgrove

Work experience

Work experience

Education Representative

President Pro-Tempore and Senator Point Park University
Education Representative ▪ Represent the Legislative Body as an ex-officio member of the Executive Cabinet ▪ Represent the Education Department in legislative body meetings ▪ ChairStudent ConcernCommittee meetingsandorganize Student Forums !


Office of Point Park University Pittsburgh Point Park University

cards to elder care homes ! United Student Government of Point Park University Pittsburgh, PA Corresponding Secretary ▪ Maintain all correspondence from the United Student Government ▪ wExecute the Student Government Advertising Campaign, ▪ Maintain all bulletin and message boards ▪ Chair the Communications Committee Meetings !

Student Teacher

Pittsburgh Langley High School Point Park University
Pittsburgh, PA Student Teacher ▪ Teach English 2 PSP, English 4 Mainstream, and English 4 PSP under the supervision of Mrs. Karen Arnold ▪ Prepareandpresentinglessonandunit plansaccordingthe Point Park University model !


High School ELA Curriculum

Pittsburgh Public Schools Pittsburgh, PA Coach- ▪ Assist teachers in curriculum implementation through peer coaching with core curriculum teachers ▪ Lead professional development ▪ Collaborate with Reading Intervention Specialist and teachers to identify and place students in need of reading interventions

Literacy Specialist

Langley High School

Pittsburgh Public Schools Pittsburgh, PA Literacy Specialist-, Obama 6-12, and CAPA 6-12 ▪ Assist teachers in curriculum implementation, classroom management, lesson planning and student engagement through peer coaching and professional development

English Teacher

Riverview School District
Oakmont, PA English Teacher-Riverview Jr./Sr. High School

English Teacher

Allderdice High School

Pittsburgh Public Schools Pittsburgh, PA

▪ Grade 9 Promise Readiness Corps-Responsible for teaching 9 Grade Academic English and 9th Grade Gifted and Talented English according to the adopted Pittsburgh Public Schools curriculum

▪ Facilitated and participated in meetings with students, parents, faculty and administration concerning student progress

▪ Collected data concerning student growth, behavior, attendance, and progress throughout the second semester

Aug 2010 - Jun 2011

Classroom Teacher

Pittsburgh Student Achievement Center

 ▪ Communications 8-implement the core curriculum for the AAC/Overage 8 th Grade program. Students completed one full semester of Communications 8 before being promoted to the 9th Grade. ▪ English 1-implement the core curriculum in block scheduling for one semester at an accelerated pace for all promoted AAC/Overage 8 th grade students. ▪ English 1-implement the core curriculum for a full year for all panel and credit recovery students

Aug 2005 - May 2009

Point Park University

Point Park University
Pittsburgh, PA Honors Program Member ▪ Participate in Honors events on campus ▪ Traveled to Texas and New Jersey to represent Point Park University at the National and Regional Honors




Aug 2005 - May 2009

B.A English, Secondary Education

Point Park University

3.85 GPA

Dean's List 8 Semesters

Graduated Summa Cum Laude




Academic English

Grade 9





Oct 2009 - Oct 2015

English 7-12

Pennsylvania Department of Education
Instructional I Certificate