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These are a few examples of small business web sites we have designed, maintain, and implemented social media and Google search results largely in the United States.

E-Business and Intranet Sites

E-business or e-commerce sites for business to consumer and business to business online transactions can also be designed. These sites usually feature a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate for online safety associated with accepting credit cards. For more information on how to create a site which allows online transactions,  there are many credit card vendors to choose from, depending upon your banking preferences.


Michele graduated with a terminal degree in graphic art from Cornell University. Since graduating, she has helped small business owners to establish an internet web site presence online, create markets for customer goods sold online, and increase brand recognition for small businesses.

In addition, she has been a full-time employee of Eli Lilly USA, ADESA, and Conseco and created web sites and supported web sites. She has also worked with third party vendors, such as Grey Worldwide Advertising and others to create stunning web sites with professional photography, video, and analytics to measure web site traffic.

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