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Work experience

Dec 2008Present

Senior Strategic Consultant and Founder


    Synergo! was born to create the "Business Improvement". Our best value is the degree of commitment to our customers. The world is full of companies that are involved in advising other companies and we have not invented anything, just ourselves things work, the changes are such that the numbers tell us the truth. Stratego! Creates value for its customers thanks to the "cloud management" idea, attracting the best professionals and brightest young people to form a working group to take on the challenge of becoming a benchmark in strategic business solutions.

Sep 2005Nov 2008

Strategic Consultant

Sealco Consultores

    Sealco is a Consulting Company Based in Valencia. We have our own methodology PIRECO And ADEMEYCO and a team of highly qualified and specialize in our areas of intervention: Business Strategy, Coaching, Human Resources and Organization, Financial Area, Visual Merchandising and Management. internal management of companies.

Sep 2003Aug 2004

Account Director

Nexus Active Group

Nexus born for give a wide range of services to companies. Our activities are: franchising concept development, business improvement, brand managing, marketing strategies and replacement, communication strategies. Our customers come from little companies to big enterprises. We work with: Mercadona, LLanera, Chambers of Commerce of Valencia, Chambers of Commerce of Burgos, Chambers of Commerce of Valladolid, Chambers of Commerce of Donosti, Chambers of Commerce of Gasteiz, Generalitat Valencia (Valencia Government), Carnica Serrano and more

Oct 2001Apr 2004


Rocket Jump ( Group British Telecom)

International franchisor of stores leisure-related video games, Internet and new technologies.

Jan 1988Dec 2003



  Free Lance Journalist and correspondent from Spain for differents Italian newspapers - Valencia, Spain,

Apr 2001Oct 2001

Sales Manager

NGI ( Group British Telecom)

NGI Spa belonging to Group I. Net - BT, a company associated with the new technology and retail sales and higher product and videogames telecommunications (voice and data, ASP) through a related vortal -

Dec 2000Apr 2001


Text 100

Consultant in Public Relations Text 100 in Italy with a customer base as Vitaminic, CiaoWeb (Ifil-Fiat Group), Manugistics, Yahoo. Text 100 is a multinational company, public relations and marketing comunication with a portfolio of clients such as IBM, Compaq and Xerox - Milan, Italy - (

Apr 1998Dec 2000


Global Game Spain

CEO and Sales Manager of Global Game Spain (franchisor games with a turnover of approximately € 1,300,000 in the year 2000)

Jan 1996Sep 1999

Teacher and Tutor


Teacher and tutor at school Tracor issues: Marketing, Journalism, Sales, Computer Graphics and Office Suite with MS Office product

May 1988Oct 1996

Editor in chief

G.R.Edizioni Italy

Editor of the following italian's magazines: PCWindows, PCGame Parade (video), Net.Ropolis, Enigma Amiga Run (in this last task of carrying the Editorial Director)


Master en Sales and Marketing Managment

Lluis Vives

Master in Marketing and Communication at the University of Valencia partners, the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of Valencia and various institutions and companies of recognized prestige, bringing each in their area of knowledge and experience.

  • Will be an expert in marketing, both from a strategic point of view as the various management tools to support decision making in marketing.
  • Develop knowledge and skills necessary to develop the marketing plan of the Company and to its implementation and monitoring.
  • Learn how to design an effective media campaign.
  • It will identify information needs and implement a marketing research.
  • Develop your analytical skills and critical decision-making based on real experiences.
  • To be able to direct and organize the marketing department of your company.

Differential main elements:

  • .Program developed through a balanced combination between theory and analysis and discussion of case studies of enterprise.
  • Teachers trained specialists from leading universities in advanced marketing and business professionals with first class career and consolidated marketing.
  • Implementation of New Information Technologies and Communication in the Master considered as strategic resources with which to count the professional marketing for the consolidation and development of your business.
  • Development of a protected marketing project that enables the practical implementation of the contents of the program and fosters communication skills in public.


Mondragón University
  • Provide a strategic vision about managing people and a reflection on the business activities.
  • .Develop itself as a more powerful observer of organizational and human phenomena, which allows you to operate more effectively.
  • Become an agent of change in their community.
  • Become competent to intervene in their networks in terms of conversational install most effective practices that will allow himself and the groups they belong to raise their performance levels.
  • Learning to generate for himself and the people he works with an area of ethics based on mutual respect and legitimacy, in keeping with the values of the organization.


Ordine dei Giornalisti della Lombardia - Scuola di Giornalismo Walter Tobagi


Strategic Planning
Balanced Scorecard


Jan 2008Feb 2009

Master en Leadership and Personal Development

Mondragon University


Startup firms. He actively involved in the design of business processes and building teams work in Italy (Rocket Jump) than in Spain (Global Game and Nexus) from three companies With construction on Business Plan. Experience in the development of franchise networks in either Spain (Global Game) than in Italy (Rocket Jump). Planning of advertising campaigns in traditional media (press) in the company Global Game in Spain and in the company Rocket Jump in Italy. Contacts with the media, hiring spaces. Planning and managing campaigns with media site (NGI). Implementing a channel of e-commerce design, development of the interface, management of Supply Chain Management with carriers, choice of products, implementation of demand, revision of trade policy from the B2C and B2B. Implementation and management of communication plans for different companies. Communication and Marketing efforts of events for different companies. Positioning and repositioning brands, brand management (Rocket Jump). Experiences in the process of mergers and acquisitions (due to dilingence) Implementation and management of strategic plans collective at the Chamber of Commerce of Oviedo in the localities of Llanes, Cangas de Narcea, Navia and Cangas de Onis (Asturias). High level of knowledge in the tools of Balanced Scorecard (Balanced Scorecard), Strategic maps according to their use with EFQM. Installation and maintenance tool in workgroup client-server environment. (WorkGroup Share, Softalk, USA) Design of facilities and tutoring Tables Command for Integrated Business Partnerships and SMEs. Creation and maintenance Blog with the different Web Tools 2.0, a platform feeding RSS feed and content.

High level of knowledge in the tools of Balanced Scorecard (Balanced Scorecard), Strategic maps according to their use with EFQM.

Member of Comité of City Marketing in Club Marketing Valencia.


Vicente Casanova

“Michele is an enthusiastic and highly talented business management professional. He perfectly combines the ability to asses business and public administration opportunities with mastering several change management disciplines and insight from different industries, while leads the team to the pursued goal, with proper balance of respect and discipline. I am always

Eleonora Gandini

“Michele is a serious and skilled professional. When we worked together in Text 100, he always helped me with is seniority in many kind of situations and choice I had to take. His skills as past journalist make him the perfect consultant in both b2b and b2c fields.” 

Alberto Costa

He realizado proyectos con Michele, y de entre sus aptitudes profesionales destaco:

Capacidad de Planificación Visión estratégica Cualidades para la gestión del cambio en personas Amplia experiencia en proyectos, tanto para entidades públicas como privadas Alta capacidad de comunicación Afán perfeccionista por el trabajo bién hecho.

Por ello, no tengo duda en recomendar como profesional a Michele.

Esteban Rodrigo

Michele es de las personas que sorprenden desde el primer momento. Su capacidad de racionalización es tan grande que hace fácil cualquier trabajo. Su dedicación es inaudita, muy por encima de la media de otros consultores conocidos, por ello los resultados obtenidos superan siempre las expectativas creadas. Muy recomendable

Maria Georgina Mena Moyano

Quiero recomendar a Michele, porque durante el tiempo que compartimos en el Curso de Experto en MU, fue un gran compañero, siempre creativo, motivador y mostrándose predispuesto a colaborar con todos.

Le deseo mucho éxito en todos sus emprendimientos ya que en ellos pone todo su corazón y su ser.

Manuel Aduna

Michele is simply singular and brillant

Nicola Massara

It is my very great pleasure and honor to supply this letter of recommendation on behalf of Michele. I have been cooperating with him since 1999, under different circumstances. Michele is an outstanding manager who on a daily basis goes “above and beyond” in his administrative support to the companies he worked in, and continuously exceeded the performance standards for his position

Ana Carrau Minguez

“Michele es un "torbellino" profesional. Es impetuoso y tiene muchísima energía para ejecutar cualquier proyecto. Además de su amplio bagaje, tiene una gran capacidad de empatía y genera mucha confianza en su interlocutor, cualidades indispensables en un buen consultor.” July 16, 2009

Enrico Barichella

“Establishing business relationships with Michele provides a safe way to grant a return of investment because Michele is always challenging his business partners to improve efficacy and efficiency in their daily business activities. One of the most relevant business attitude of Michele is his consistent motivation to focus on and pursue a target he set.” July 22, 2009