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  • Lecture and Exhibition for Headhunt Revisited in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea - 2015
  • Radio interviews on Headhunt Revisited with Isabelle Genoux of Radio Australia and Sandi Klein Show, New York - 2014
  • BLUE Ocean Film Festival, exhibition and lecture with Celine Cousteau: "The Ocean & Indigenous Communities" - 2014..  Also at BLUE for lectures in 2012, Monterey, CA; Auburn University and Savannah, GA
  • Lecture and Exhibition for Headhunt Revisited and Faces of Melanesia, Pinyao International Photography Festival, China - 2013 
  • "On the Brink" exhibition at G2Gallery in Venice, CA and lecture on Melanesia in 2013
  • Lecture and Exhibition for Faces of Melanesia, Tekesi, China - 2012
  • Explorers Club lectures for Headhunt Revisited at the headquarters in New York and chapters in San Diego, Dallas and Seattle.
  • Society of Woman Geographers and Adventurers Club lectures for Headhunt Revisited in Berkeley and Los Angeles
  • "Oceans in Focus" exhibition at FotoWeek DC with David Doubilet, Brian Skerry and Octavio Aburto - 2012
  • Keynote Address Speaker "Melanesia - Islands of Diversity" North American Nature Photography Association - 2011
  • Guest lecturer for Headhunt Revisited on board the Clipper Odyssey for Zegrahm Expeditions - 2008

Core Accomplishments

  • Produced more than 30 stories for magazine publications about Papua New Guinea.  These articles included travel, natural history and cultural topics.  Smithsonian Magazine, Asian Geographic, Origin Magazine, Explorers Journal and many others specifically featured Caroline Mytinger and the Headhunt Revisited project.
  • Managed and developed core teams for both photography and filming for the 2-month long expedition to retrace the footsteps of Caroline Mytinger (circa 1920s) for Headhunt Revisited in the very remote region of Melanesia. 
  • Produced more than 40 stories for magazine publications on topics about underwater photography education, marinelife natural history, African wildlife behavior and photography. Select publications include: Sport Diver, Scuba Diving, Unterwasser, Diver Canada, Scuba Diver Australasia.
  • Managed core team for an expedition in the discovery of an underwater cave system in Papua New Guinea.
  • Directed video shorts for 2 separate expeditions for International League of Conservation Photographers.
  • Directed 3 multi-media short videos for DivEncounters Alliance marketing campaigns.
  • Managed and collected content and story development for Living Oceans Foundation in French Polynesia.
  • Managed and directed content, team and story for Yucatan Rapid Assessment Visual Expedition covering Cozumel marinelife issues, health and sustainability through International League of Conservation Photographers.
  • Produced, directed and photographed a number of advertising campaigns for resort properties.
  • Photographed, produced, collaborated with writer for book titled "Ocean Duets" published by Fulcrum.
  • Instruction courses on photography through North American Nature Photography Association; Adorama New York, Beijing Film Academy, China.
  • Organized and led more than 20 photographic tours internationally.  Major focus and expertise in Melanesia.

Work experience


Primary Artist/Director

Mytinger Project, LLC - Headhunt Revisited

Major film project chronicling the life and journey of artist, Caroline Mytinger, who traveled to Melanesia in the 1920s.  Worked in all stages of development, planning, and execution of this documentary film, book and exhibition project.  Discovered the story in 1996 and began research of subject, Caroline Mytinger, based on her books. 25 years experience in traveling to Papua New Guinea allowed for logistical and base of operations from the relationships built over many years.  Planning took over one year to address complicated logistics. Expedition leader during the 2-month journey to retrace Caroline Mytinger’s footsteps and connect/engage the local communities in the islands with the paintings.  Compared their contemporary lives with the stories and paintings of the past.  Engaged and developed a collaboration with Papua New Guinean contemporary artist, Jeffry Feeger, as a representative of a growing community of young artists. Negotiated contracts for camera crews, base of operations, airlines and fiscal sponsorship.  Raised $426,000 in funds from private and corporate sponsors, grants, and in-kind services, established a business plan, structured all phases of expedition.  Designed all print material for marketing.  Engaged potential donor/sponsors through speaking events and other avenues of solicitation. Continue to target media outlets for project publicity and seek out donor/sponsors. 



Westmorland Images, LLC

Created and operated a growing photography business with a library of more than 140,000 images.  Developed business strategies, marketing plans and established appropriate accounting methods.  Negotiated multi-level contracts with 7 stock agencies and various client based agreements for providing visual content.  Developed story boards and shoot lists to provide well rounded coverage for marketing campaigns.  In addition to the commercial work to sustain the financial base, developed and photographed a variety of environmental and conservation stories and built relationships in Melanesia to include documenting the lives and traditions of the communities.




Various organizations

Photography is a never ending learning curve.  Not only do I teach but I stay current on technical, new methods, video and audio for all forms of multi-media production.  These are offered through live and on-line educational organizations.


Certificate of Completion

Mandell Communications

Three day personal training and coaching in presentation skills.  Provides best practices for effective communication.


Bachelor of Professional Studies

Barry University

Business degree consisting of legal studies, accounting, planning. In addition to obtaining the degree, I received credit for courses in contract negotiations and business related studies from Georgetown University and Florida International University.

Electives taken in photography


  • North American Nature Photography Fellowship Award - 2015
  • Photo District News 1st Place for Underwater Photography - The Great Outdoors 2014 
  • Video short selected to show at WILD Festival in Salamanca, Spain 2013
  • Inducted into the Women Divers Hall of Fame - 2011
  • Keynote Speaker invitation - NANPA 2011
  • Featured in "They Made Their Mark" by Jane Eppinga 2009 for The Mytinger Project
  • Explorers Club Vancouver Award - 2008
  • Environmental Photography Invitational Grand Prize - 2008
  • Featured in "Adventurous Dreams-Adventurous Lives" by Jason Schoonover, 2007 for The Mytinger Project.
  • Neil Shipman Award for Post Production -  Headhunt Revisited - The Mytinger Project 
  • Scott Pearlman Field Award for Science and Exploration - Headhunt Revisited -  The Mytinger Project
  • Numerous awards for photography including the Grand Prize in Papua New Guinea Underwater Photo Competition.

Professional Affiliations

  • Fellow National of the Explorers Club - New York Headquarters and Pacific Northwest Chapter
  • Member and instructor/ North American Nature Photography Association
  • American Society of Picture Professionals
  • Society of Woman Geographers
  • Women Divers Hall of Fame
  • Wings WorldQuest
  • Ocean Artist Society
  • Senior/Founding Fellow of International League of Conservation Photographers