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Aug 1999Dec 2006

Certificate in Horticulture

Johnson County Community College

Identify plants as well as problems such as diseases, weeds, and insect pests, Prepare soil for planting, and plant or transplant seeds, bulbs, and cuttings, Cut and prune trees, shrubs, flowers, and plants, Inspect orchards or fields to determine crop maturity or condition or to detect disease or insect infestation, Inspecting equipment, structures, or material, Experience with: Autodesk AutoCAD software, Chain saws, Desktop computers, Garden hoes, Gardening shovels, Laptop computers, Lawn mowers, Microsoft Word, Personal computers, Weedeaters

Aug 1972May 1980

Associate of Arts

Johnson County Community College

I have 15 hours in interior design.  I completed Interior Design I, Manual Drafting for Interior Design, Cad Interior Design, Furniture and Ornamentation Ancient to Renaissance, and Interior Textiles I.

Work experience

Feb 2001Sep 2014

Data Transcriber

Internal Revenue Service

I entered data on tax returns and corrected data on report returns on a computer.  I deposited checks on a computer using a device.


computer operator
10-key by touch
data entry

Data Transcriber

Willing to take on additional responsibilities and challenges.  Displays excellent time management with high attention to detail.  Works effectively as a team member.  Strong attention to detail, customer service and listening skills; highly motivated, creative and flexible.  Possess effective planning, organizational, communication, presentation and interpersonal skills.