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Michelangelo Di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni

 Sculptor, painter, architect, poet, and engineer.

Work experience

The Pieta - 1498-1499, Rome

Received a commission to make a sculpture called the Pieta

 My sculpture shows Jesus after he was crucified lying on the lap of his mother Mary. I have signed it.

Statue of David 1501-1504, Florence 

Received a commission to create a large statue

Worked with piece of marble very tall and thin. Worked in secrecy, not letting anyone see it until it was finished. It is 13 feet tall and it is the largest statue made since Ancient Rome. It is considered by many experts to be perfect sculpture.

Sistine Chapel, 1508-1512, Rome 

Commissioned by the Pope to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel

Painted upside down on a scaffold in order to finish the painting. The painting is 141 feet long by 43 feet wide. It contains nine scenes from the Bible down its center and over 300 people. I pained the Creation of Adam at the center of the scene, where God's hand and Adam's hand almost touch. 


Florence , Italy

School run by Francesco da Urbino 

For several years until 1488.

Florence , Italy

Studio of Domenico and David Ghirlandaio


Florence , Italy

The sculpture school of Bertoldo di Giovanni.


Florence , Italy

A student of Donatello and Lorenzo de' Medici.

1490 to 1492 

Text section

My other Major Accomplishments in Sculpture: Madonna of the stairs 1491, Battle of the Centaurs  1492, Madonna and Child (Madonna of Bruges) 1501–1504, Tomb of Pope Julius II  1505-1545, Awakening Slave 1520–1523

My other major Accomplishment in Painting is The Last Judgment, 1534–1541

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Here some of my greatest works, including those three I have listed in my work history