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I am an American living in Finland for almost 8 years. I have gained experience with social marketing, branding, online marketing, capture pages, email marketing, e-Commerce, lead generation, programming, product procurement, coaching, consulting, blogging and digital product creation with my businesses of the last three years. 


Snowboarding, yoga, ice swimming, woodworking, smartphones, tablets, renewable energy, creative writing,  blogging  and learning to play guitar.

Work History

Nordic Digital Nomad

Jul 2016Present


I started Nordic Digital Nomad to help others to start living the lifestyle they truly desire and and deserve.

Wither you are an a just starting out as an entrepreneur or a seasoned business professional.

I am here to help you reach that next level wither in business or in your personal life. Let’s work together to achieve your potential and live the life of your dreams

Providing consulting service and the tools to create a lifestyle you not only desire but deserve. 




CEO and founder of SLAPPS. Conduct market research, mentor/monitor interns, generate new ideas for applications, recruitment of interns and search for inspired talent to join the SLAPPS family.

Itella Oy

Jun 2010Present


I pre-systematize the post. I have acquired my Forklift Licence (Trukkikortti) for three different Forklifts.

MiAppTee avoin yhtiö

Oct 2013Jul 2016


CEO and co-founder of MiAppTee avoin yhtiö. MiAppTee's main line of business is reselling radio and TV broadcasting equipment. MiAppTee is also in alpha stage of entering the mobile application business. The business has been registered in Finland, but the operations are global in nature.

May 2012Nov 2013

Talon rakentaminen (not as a job)

Built my own house.

Liikuntakeskus Forever, Matinkylä

Jun 2009Aug 2009


Watched over childern while parents worked out . I played games with the children.

United States Marine Corps (Department of the Navy)

Jun 2005Mar 2009

Flight Equipment Technician

In June I started my basic training which was eleven weeks long. This is where I started to learn about leadership. We had many courses each week learning about leadership. Also learning about being a leader first hand everyday during training. After I graduated from basic training I was then sent to do my combat training which was twenty-one days long.

The next stage of my military career was Flight Equipment Technician school in Pensacola, Florida. I was there for six months. Three months was waiting for my class to pick-up and the other three months was the actual schooling. I learned how to pack parachutes, life-preservers, life-rafts, etc. I graduated with high marks in my courses.

After graduation I then was stationed in Okinawa, Japan for the next two years and two months. I took leadership courses and Lance corporals course. I have taken a Six Sigma course while in Japan as well. I was a mentor to some of the more junior Marines. I was also the safety representative alternate. After my tour in Japan was over I was stationed in Jacksonville, North Carolina. I was only there for ten months before getting a Honorable Discharge.


Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

Aug 2012Present

International Business and Logistics

My courses are conducted as evening studies. Metropolia has just stated the new International Business flexible programme. My couses are on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Kymenlaakson ammattikorkeakoulu

Aug 2009May 2012

International Business

Did not finish the degree programme because of switching schools to Metropolia. The reason for switching schools was because of the location was much closer to where I live.



Able to see the big picture and make plans from where I want to go to the starting point


Always thinking of new ways to solve pain points for others.


Being in the Marines instilled leadership and management experience. Running my own businesses and being in-charge of interns has helped me further develop my management skills.


Running my own eCommerce store.

Online Marketing

Online marketing experience with my three startups over the last three years 

Social Networking

Using LinkedIn,  Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for both my personal business profiles. 

Public Speaking

Giving presentations and competing in competition(crowdfunding competition.)

Business Planning

Business planning for my businesses over the last 4 years. 

Java Script

Learning Java Script from a online course(

IT Skills

I have used Mircrosoft Office(Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) both in my studies and in my professional life. I am familiar with the Apple operating system and Linux.


Running my own Startups. 


Being an entrepreneur for the last 4 years. 


Learned from 


Taught myself with online courses.

English Language

I am a native English Speaker.

Social Skills

I get along with people easily and I enjoy working with different types of personalities. It is extremely rare that I meet a person that I don't get along with. Even in these cases I can still work with them with ease and efficiency.

Finnish Language

I am studying Finnish in my spare time. I have taken Suomi 1 through Suomi 6 and have taken a spoken Finnish course for beginners. I understand more Finnish than I can speak. I continue to study Finnish so that I would be able to speak Finnish more fluently.