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Michaël Karim

Health & Lifestyle Coach


Helping you become the strongest version of yourself, mentally, physically & emotionally.

Work History

Personal health & LIFESTYLE coach 

Leander Personal Training
Jun 2016Present

Personal Health & Lifestyle Coach

Student Internship @   lpt

Leander Personal Training 
Feb 2016Jun 2016

Internship, 350+ Hours

calileo @ 2XL

SEP 2015DEC 2015

Coaching a group of employees towards a healthy lifestyle in a 7 week, 3x/week small group setting

Student Internship @ Q-Life

Apr 2015Jun 2015

Internship, 100+ Hours

Student internship @ basic fit

basic fit
FEB 2015MAR 2015

Internship, 100+ Hours


Institute Of Motion Certified Trainer Lv 1

Derrick Price
May 2016

A 3 day course about how loaded movement training could change the way we train our bodies.

Functional Patterns Level 1 Course

Naudi Augilar
Apr 2016

A 4 day immersive course about structural integrity, and the fundamentals of functional 3D movement.


Sports & Movement 

Howest - Hogeschool West-Vlaanderen
Feb 2013Jun 2016

Sciences & Math 

Heilig Hart & ColleGE
Sep 2006Jun 2012


Nutrition Advice & WEIGHTLESS

Want to get healthy, lose weight, or just stay fit? Let me show you how.

Behavioral Change 

Learn how to take control over your life by changing the way you think about your issues.

Posture Training & corrective exercises

Getting a body into structural alignment in order to move efficiently. 

Hypertrophy Training

Using classic weightlifting exercises to optimise muscle growth.


All about proper technique and lifting heavy weights.

Loaded Movement Training

Using a wide array of tools to prime the human body for movement.

Bodyweight Training / Calisthenics

How to use your own bodyweight as an effective tool for muscle growth, plyometrics & well-being.