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About me

I.T. = Innovation, Transformation 

Currently working as Head of Digital Product and Technology, taking charge of Asia Miles IT strategy and development of blueprint for six main streams of e-Commerce : Loyalty System, Web & Mobile solutions, Digital Marketing stack, Data Warehouse, Online Travel experience and Core Transaction Engines.

Michael possessed over 30 years of experience in Information Technology with focuses on complex application development, database technologies and IT strategy. He also spent the last 20 years in Internet technology, eCommerce development / operations, web usability, computer security and Public Key Infrastructure technologies. Actively promoting IT / IS security in Hong Kong, he is :

In the past 30 something years, Michael implemented many complex IT application systems. Before joining Asia Miles, he was Group CIO of Next Media, led 150 IT professional to take charge of Web, Mobile, IPTV, Video-on-demand and internal IT platform. He was also the CIO of HKICPA - the largest professional association in Hong Kong from 2009 to 2011; and prior to that, spent 8 years in conglomerate Hutchison Whampoa Limited to design, implement and operate numerous e-Commerce, e-Government and e-Travel businesses (,, with businesses set-up in Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan. Those web portals are the top sites in Hong Kong in terms of web traffic, and business results.

As the General Manager – E-Business and General Manager – Technology & Operations of those web portals, Michael headed up several functional teams with dozens of business development, technology, project management, operations and customer services professionals.

Prior to joining the conglomerate, he was the General Manager – Internet Services Development of Tradelink Electronic Commerce Limited and developed the first PKI based Internet Trade Declaration system for the HKSAR Government in Hong Kong.

Michael also developed numerous systems for Caltex, SingTel, Cathay Pacific, A.S. Watsons and Hongkong International Terminal in his career. Throughout this various IT and business projects, Michael had chances to work with teams and lead many of them from Bejing, Singapore, India, Taiwan, Japan and US. 

As one of the Cloud Security Alliance Hong Kong and Macau Chapter founding members, Michael is now serving the chapter as Immediate Past Chairman. In addition, he is also the Past President of ISACA China Hong Kong Chapter.

To keep pace on the ever-changing landscape of information technology and Internet, Michael also attended many conferences and trainings in the past few years:

  • Adobe Summit, Las Vegas (2019)
  • Loyalty & Awards, Paris (2019)
  • Payments Masterclass, Singapore (2018)
  • Beyond Block Summit, Seoul (2018)
  • Blockchain 2.0 Masterclass, Singapore (2017)
  • Airline Executive Summit, Dublin (2017)
  • Disruptive Technology, HBX | Harvard Business School (2017)
  • Loyalty Summit, Bangkok (2016, 2018)
  • OpenJaw t-Retail Summit, Dublin (2015)
  • 500 Startups Demo Day, San Francisco (2015)
  • Oracle OpenWorld 2014, San Francisco (2014)
  • AWS re:Invent 2013; Las Vegas (2013)
  • Strictly Digital - West Coast Innovators; San Francisco (2013)
  • AWS Cloud Summit; Singapore (2013)
  • Newspaper Annual Conference; Bangkok (2013)
  • UX Hong Kong; Hong Kong (2012)
  • Open Summit; San Francisco (2011) 
  • AsiaCACS Conference; Japan (2009)
  • ISACA Leadership Conference; Toronto (2008), Kyoto (2009), Mumbai (2010)
  • Usability Week; Sydney, Nielsen Norman Group (2006)
  • 2005 User Friendly; Shanghai, UPA China (2005)
  • Planning And Implementing SOA; Singapore, Ark Group Asia (2005)
  • Six Thinking Hats; Edward de Bono Training Associates (2004)
  • Usability Week; London, Nielsen Norman Group (2002)
  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People; Stephen Covey Leadership Center (2001)
  • Security Conference; San Jose, RSA Security Inc. (2000)

Michael earned his bachelor's degree in computer science from University of Windsor and received an MBA from Australian Graduate School of Management.

My Talks

Michael is an active speaker in IT industry and his recent public speeches include:

  • How Asia's Largest Loyalty Program Uses Blockchain ..., Forbes, 2019
  • Blockchain For Future : Road to Mainstream Adoption, AsiaCACS, Hong Kong, 2019
  • Blockchain Use Case and Lessons Learned, Loyalty & Awards, Paris, 2019
  • Running Loyalty System with Blockchain, AWS Summit, 2018
  • Hitchhiker's Guide to BlockchainHKIB, PolyU, CUHK, CPA Australia, 2018
  • Is Startup an Option ?, HKUST MBA, 2017, 2018
  • Customer LoyaltyCornell Hotel Alumni INSIDEOUT Talk, 2017
  • Igniting Innovation: Fueling Growth From Within, AWS Executive Leadership Series, 2017
  • Innovation from within, KPMG/CanChamHK's Innovation and Technology Series, 2017
  • Big Data Campfire discussion, TEDxHongKong 2016
  • Running Loyalty Program in Asia, HKUST International MBA, 2016
  • Travel Retail Platform, Loyalty 2016
  • A Day in the Life of Digital Professional, HKICPA IT Conference 2015
  • Digital Customer Experience, Adobe Innovation Symposium 2015
  • From Frequent Flyer Programme to Loyalty Rewards Programme, OpenJaw t-Retailing Summit 2015
  • To Cloud or Not To Cloud ?ISACA AsiaCACS / ISRM 2015, CloudExpo Asia 2016
  • Cloud Security Standards for your Business, ComputerWorld, Cloud Security Forum 2014
  • Cloud Security and CSA STAR Scheme, BSI ICT Seminar : Get Ready for Change 2013
  • From Mobile App to Mobile Business, mCMO Conference 2013
  • Growing Confidence in Cloud Computing, GTI Cloud Computing Symposium 2013
  • Protection Against Emerging Risks in IT, IIA Annual Conference 2012
  • Application of Cloud Technology in Media Industry, CSA Summit 2012
  • Innovative Mobile Apps, Digital Media Asia 2011
  • Build Your Online Branding and Advance Your Career with Social Media, ISACA China Hong Kong; PMI Hong Kong; City University of Hong Kong, HSMC, iET  2011 - 2017
  • Cloud Computing - Benefits and Risks, CIO Asia 2010 Hong Kong, IS Summit 2010 Hong Kong
  • Security Enabled Organization, University of Hong Kong (April 2009)
  • IT Governance of E-Government Project, AsiaCACS, Japan (February 2009)
  • E-Commerce Technology; Forum on Online Dispute Resolution, UNESCAP (December 2007)
  • Aligning CobiT and ITIL - The Business Benefit; ISACA and itSMF seminar (July 2007)
  • Usability in Practice – Revamp a Travel Web Site; Usability Professional Association (April 2007)
  • Governance in IT Project Management; Project Management Institute Hong Kong (November 2006)
  • ICT Planning and Budgeting; NGO ICT Policy Seminar (November 2006)
  • eGovernment in Action; Copenhagen, Denmark (October 2005)
  • PKI and eCommerce; City University of Hong Kong (March 2005)
  • Integrating Public Services; IDC's Integrating The Enterprise Conference 2004 (July 2004)


"Michael is an interesting figure, someone who knows innovations/disruptions from theory to practise. He sees future in an unique way that based on facts and researches. A true leader who embrace technology for real impact. 

Humorous, generous and knowledgable, his presentations offer great opportunities on understand digital transformations."

Antony Ma, Tech Startup Founder, Cloud Security Architect, Blockchain Believer


"I worked with Michael together for Google EYE program as Startup mentors and Domain experts. Michael's philosophy of "learn something new everyday" is energetic and inspiring. It was a very pleasant experience and his in-depth knowledge and insights fuelled many teams with solid foundations. Michael is a very experienced IT professional which equipped with knowledge in many aspects within the IT industry and he is keen to learn new things happening in the world. It is always a pleasant talk with Michael and he will inspire you with many new "toys" and trends in the industry."

Alvin Lam, Charter President at Rotary Club of Innovation Hong Kong


"Michael is a passionate professional in HK, a knowledgeable person, innovative, and humble, he is very supportive to youngest, and willing to share his experience to everyone who willing to learn regardless their age and background. He is one of the top in HK who combined academic knowledge and practical experience, he always provide quick and in-depth advice and consultation in tech and innovative issue.

Michael also a person with a lot of good stories and good sense of humor, he is a mentor also a friend for everyone! He empowering people, I learnt a lot from him."

SL HO, Serial Entrepreneur, AI & Digital Transformation, Team Builder


"I was fortunate to have the help of Michael in the early years of the formation of CSA APAC. Michael brought to the table years of experience and a rich network that jumpstart the fledging CSA APAC, especially in Hong Kong. His cosmopolitan experience helped to steady the ship and provided valuable insights and advice to me.

In fact, his presence gave the cloud and computing industry in Hong Kong a clear strategic direction of where we were heading. Michael with his analytical mind, presented presentation after presentation that are smooth, simple to understand and persuasive, help to lead in a new generation of IT people and helped to de-mystify cloud computing at such an early stage."

Aloysius Cheang, Visionary, CEO, board director, trusted partner and connector and cybersecurity enthusiast


"Michael is a well respected IT professional knowledgeable in IT management, securities, and business strategy. In my experience of working with him as my client, I find Michael to be very open-minded, articulate, and professional in managing business relationships and projects.

His approach to business is both pragmatic and strategic, with a strong sense of purpose and urgency. Michael is also very resourceful in helping other colleagues and the IT community. It’s an honour to know him and I look forward to working with him again in the future."

C Y Yeung, B2B IT Sales & Digital Marketing Professional, Regional Sales Director, Oracle Marketing Cloud


"I was lucky to have Michael as my manager. He is very passionate to help me grow and suggest where I can improve. I remember one time he told me where same idea should presented in another format, the suggestion was precise, accurate and helpful as when the pdf was sent out, the other parties digested the idea very easily. He has excellent understanding in how technology would impact the business as each technical decision would impact different area such as finance, call center and data security."

Draco Yam, Assistant eProduct and Technology Planning Manager at Asia Miles


"Michael is my Obi-Wan* on innovation, he look for more than idea or accomplishments, but potential development of participants and organic growth of organization. He treasure every piece of chance revealing alternatives we could pioneer, or to put as next delta reinforcement.

He illuminate me learning to learn (he was exceptionally great and made me want to learn more) about technologies, services and user experiences, from essentials to enhancement.

He always has a calm, vivacious, positive outlook and he’s super at organizing and bringing people together. He was a great supporter on every level, I appreciate his empathy, leadership and mentorship.

* Obi-Wan "Ben" Kenobi is a fictional character in the Star Wars universe. In the original trilogy of films, played by Alec Guinness, he is a mentor to the protagonist Luke Skywalker, initiating him into the ways of the Jedi. ~ According to Wikipedia 2014"

Adam Siu, COO / Head of Studio / Executive Producer at nxTomo Games


"Michael is a very experienced IT professional with a breadth of knowledge across a wide spectrum of subjects. He also has a deep understanding on what's realistically achievable given the constraints in the local environment. It is a pleasure to work with Michael, and his mild manner and great sense of humor always helps to lighten up the work place. I was very fortunate to have someone like Michael on our team."

Cassian Cheung, Group Chief Executive Officer, Next Media Ltd.


"There are few times when you hear of a colleagues departure and you know your life just became more difficult. Michael leaving Next Media as our CIO was one of those times.

Michael was responsible for all aspects of the technical side Next Media's digital world. No small job when we have a boss who wanted to wire up Taiwan with alternative cable, and then pressed to be the top mobile news site in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Michael was there for all, and in no case did the technical side of the business ever hold us back.

Michael adopted every new technology we needed, and invented a few. He adapted in a media environment with old style content producers who saw no reason to change. He handeled security threats of the most severe nature, and mentored app development teams who worked in t-shirts and shorts. He is a guy who does not sweat the small stuff, because he has it covered.

An excellent manager and calming force, Michael Yung is one of the few tech industry leaders in Hong Kong and we do miss him."

Mark Simon, Assistant to the Chairman, Next Media Ltd.


"It was a true pleasure and a great learning experience to work in Michael's organization during his tenure in Next Media. His thought leadership and business conduct are truly inspiring. As CIO, he led the company through a major transformation and help reshaped the way things are done.

With great people skills and analytic thinking, he went through complex issues and help turn them into solutions and positive results. I would be very happy to work with Michael in the future."

Guy Livneh, High tech executive and entrepreneur


"Since knowing Michael in late 2010, I have always been able to find a 'voice with reason' in him. To me, he was more than just a chief or director, if it was wisdom that you seek, he would be the one to go to. His knowledge of technology was (still is!) extraordinary, and definitely a good listener, especially knowing how many time I came to him for directions. But don't be misled by his wealth of technological knowledge, because his business sense was just as sharp. Definitely love to work with him again in the future, and for any expertise photography advices, look no further!"

Freeman Chiu, Director of Project Management, RAPP (CRM) & TribalDDB (Digital)


“This is a letter of strong recommendation for Michael whom I have known for approximately eight years. He is a mature professional and a dedicated Internet Evangelist. I first came to know Michael when I joined Hutchison Whampoa in 2000, and since then we have engaged in ongoing dialogue about issues in the fields of Internet development and web services. Michael is the first person in mind when it comes to technology and innovative products -- comprehensive, insightful, and well focused, detailing the ideas in the interrelationship between user experience and technical solutions. In short, Michael is a resourceful, creative, and solution-oriented person who was frequently able to come up with new and innovative approaches to a problem. He is highly respected, as both a person and a professional, by colleagues, employees, suppliers, and customers alike.”

Lewis Chong, Head of Research at Hong Kong Economic Journal Co. Ltd.


"I have known Michael for over seven years. He is not only one of the most top-notch leaders with excellent technical and team management skills, but also has great knowledge of eCommerce, on-line user experience, and stay updated with the web media trends. Michael is a highly intelligent and respected professional who is very good at leading teams as well as partnering with various parties to develop solutions and services to achieve the business goals. His spirit of pursuing perfection and passionate interest in Internet web technologies always brought unique and helpful insight to me. I was very lucky to work with Michael to deliver many eBusiness projects. He is a very good person at heart with high IQ and EQ. Anyone fortunate enough to work with him will certainly benefit from his knowledge, leadership, and vision."

Kim Yu, Manager, Information Technology, Asia


“I have known Michael since 2000. He is a detail oriented manager who takes pride in his work. Michael is very patient and highly knowledgeable in Information Security. His greatest strength lies in his ability to form relationships with both colleagues and clients alike. Michael is respected by all in his workplace, as he builds bridges and demonstrates his professionalism, integrity, and expertise in all areas. It was an honor for me to work with him.”

Priscilla Ho, Manager - IT & Operations, ESDlife Services Limited


“Michael is always sincere and helpful when I sourced for suggestion or assistance. He is not only very technical to the technical work in this industry but is also very dedicated to the promotion and knowledge sharing in his field of work. Being a HKICPA member, I am more than delighted to see that they make the right choice in recruiting him as their new CIO for the organization. Congratulation to his new job and wish him for every success and apex to his career and the organization that he works with.” 

Simon Leung, Development Manager at Hutchison Whampoa Limited


“I've known Michael since 1998. Michael has consistently illustrated his customer-oriented work style that you should not be surprised if he indeed changed the culture of your team in no time. Michael is very knowledgeable in prevailing Internet technologies and has expertise in ICT and risk management best practices. If you get a chance to meet Michael, don't forget to ask for his beautiful photo portfolio - I find it very enjoyable browsing through.”

Alfred Yuen, Chief Information Officer at SCMP Group Limited

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