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  • Develop People: Coached and equipped individuals on character development, personal productivity and team dynamics to expand their personal and corporate capacity and capability.
  • ŸDeliver Profit: Delivered profits consistently in the top 10% of a retail industry facing massive challenges and increasing competition.
  • Maximize Sales and Customer Service: Received nationwide award for retail store of the year due to exceptional operational, sales and customer service practices.
  • ŸCut Costs: Managed a $450,000+ year to year reduction in budgeted cost, primarily through right-sizing staff and leading team leaders to trim non-compensation expenses.
  • ŸBudget Effectively To Mission: Revised $6,000,000 budget to include capital improvements, budgeting to mission, intentional cash reserves, and a competitive compensation system.
  • ŸManage Individual Performance: Developed and implemented systems for hiring, termination, goal setting, performance review and compensation to ensure desired results and retention of top talent.
  • ŸCorporate Branding & Marketing: Facilitated rebranding and corporate mission/vision/values clarity for mature organizations seeking a refreshed identity; led subsequent redesign of company websites for greater user experience. Developed cost effective marketing/communication strategies for profit and nonprofit needs.
  • ŸAdaptable Leadership: Shifted from CEO/Owner role to COO role in a hierarchical command/control organization, and again to a COO role on an influence-based, “flat” org chart team.
  • Captivating Guest Environments: Renovated multiple retail, meeting and public gathering areas to increase utilization and maximize effectiveness/efficiency.
  • ŸPurchasing & Inventory Management: Sourced diverse retail products, negotiated pricing/terms and group buys, managed vendor relationships, priced for profit, marked down to maximize cash flow, and trained others to do the same utilizing objective data to improve results.
  • ŸLead Projects & Planning: Led strategic and tactical planning for change initiatives, project teams, task forces, volunteer teams, staff meetings (20-60 people), management/tactical & leadership teams, and board meetings.
  • ŸCustomer/Donor Appreciation: Developed meaningful experiences to tangibly express gratitude and develop customer / donor confidence and loyalty.


  • Family: Happily married to Christine for 27 years, father to Mikey, Emily, Zach and Caleb ages 18-24, and house and care for my 87 year old mother.
  • ŸWorld Traveler: Backpacked around the world to Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania for 67 days with wife and four children ages 9-16; traveled extensively for multi-cultural missions in Mexico, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Philippines, Belize and Brazil.Ÿ
  • Coach, Mentor, Counselor & Teacher: 15+ years soccer coach with NSCAA E license. Mentored pre-marital couples, counseled people in personal, relational or financial crisis, and those seeking to live well and live wisely. Taught budgeting, pre-marital classes and leadership principles; officiate weddings.
  • Marathoner: Trained for and ran a full and two half marathons. Ÿ
  • Family Business: Worked in and led thriving family business for 20+ years.


  • Creative, curious, fascinated by the best ideas or methods.
  • Instinctively matches individuals to team roles that maximize their highest contribution.
  • Clarifies organizational purpose, mission and goals.
  • Catalyzes greater effectiveness and efficiency, open and honest communication, and a healthy, high-integrity staff culture.
  • Relentless about progress and results.
  • Driven by a  bulldog passion to make things better.



  • 1998 - 2008 - Bible Book Store, Billings, MT
    • two retail locations
    • $1.8-1.9 million annual sales
    • 18-20 FTE team members
    • Top 10% nationally for profitability
    • Served on various national boards and councils

Executive Pastor with COO responsibilities 2009 - 2016

  • 2009 - 2016 - Faith Chapel , Billings, MT
    • 3,500 weekly attendance
    • $5.6 – 6.2 million annual budget
    • 55+ FTE team members