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Catalyst For Process Innovation & Technology To Create Solutions & Opportunities

Diverse Industry Experience – Healthcare, Finance, Manufacturing

Dynamic leadership career as a Chief Technology Officer, Vice President of Technology, Business Strategist, Enterprise Architect and Consultant for companies across broad industries, markets, products, services and technologies.

Offer a track record of success in the design, development and delivery of strategic initiatives, process innovations and advanced technologies to drive business performance. Dedicated to bridging the gap between business and technology, with proven ability to translate business requirements into innovative, technology-based solutions.

Accomplished in planning, designing, and delivering large-scale projects in both IT and business environments. Excellent problem-solving, presentation, communication, interpersonal and team mentoring, and leadership skills. Effective in driving cooperative relationships with business partners, colleagues, and among all levels of management and staff. Solution-oriented, analytical and decisive.  Highly accomplished visionary with experience in operations, technology development, infrastructure, and strategic planning with both start-up and growth organizations.

  • Mobile Application Design and Development
  • Application Development Management   
  • Internet & E-Commerce
  • Project & Program Management 
  • Integrated Systems & Technology Solutions
  • Business Process Reengineering / Design   
  • New Product/Service Development & Launch
  • Strategic Business Planning

Work experience

Jan 2008Present


Snappy Minds, LLC.

Founding Partner of a Product Development and Enterprise Mobile Application Services group.  Provide design, implementation and support for all software and infrastructure related activities.

  •  Assist clients in Design, Development and Implementation of:
    • Software Applications for Mobile Platforms including iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile.
    • Public and Internal Enterprise App Development.
    • Backend integration with Enterprise Business Applications (ERP, CRM, Financials, Process Automation, EAI, BI)
  • Provide Design and Implementation of internal and hosted Infrastructure for product and business support.
  • Establish IT Frameworks, Methodologies, Processes and Audits for SDLC, ISO, SOX, HIPPA, CMM and others.
Apr 2008Sep 2008

Vice President of Technology

Olivia Greets & Merrick Healthcare Solutions

Vice President of Technology responsible for establishing product development, support and implementation departments within two businesses. 

Provided oversight for all software and infrastructure related activities for a Software as a Service model.  

Partnered with Purdue University and the Regenstrief Institute to identify new product solutions for Merrick Healthcare Solutions. 

Created Business Plans for Operations and R&D activities with a five-year outlook for presentation to multiple audiences including prospective clients and investors. 

Participated in business development opportunities and contribute to overall strategic development.Led new product development for Olivia Greets bringing two commercial product releases to market in a four-month period. 

Implemented key Change Control processes for supporting multiple applications and software releases, scope management and quality software.

Jul 2007Apr 2008

Director, Business Application Management

Kimball International

Assume the Director of Business Application Management role in the Furniture Group (FG) IT department with influence over all Business Applications supporting the FG for all areas including Internet, Intranet, Extranet, ERP, CRM, EDI, HR, Finance and Logistics.

Responsible for building a Requirements Management Methodology and Business Analysis Certification Program for entire IT Staff to reduce project lifecycle timelines and costs.  

Managed implementation of an Automated Fax Order Submission and OCR solution utilizing Esker’s DeliveryWare products for Purchase Order Entry to reduce Order Entry cycle time from 24 hours to less than 12 hours while eliminating the paper printing, handling and storage of all Purchase Orders.  

Created the enterprise wide design and led the implementation of SharePoint technologies for Structured and Unstructured Document Management, Web Content Management, Search, Document Revision Tracking, Business Forms and Project Collaboration throughout all of FG.  This effort eliminated issues with overseas offices not getting appropriate and timely document updates while reducing document download times from 15-20 minutes down to less than 2-3 minutes.  This effort also allowed for the replacement of 400+ custom forms along with Business Process Automation that was previously not realized due to technical limitations.

Led the application selection and successful implementation of for two business units in the FG supporting 300+ field sales representatives.

  • Managed an overall budget of $6.5 M within the Furniture Group IT division and a 22 member staff.  
  • Established a Change Control Board to manage priorities of focus across multiple Business Units streamlining IT operations and eliminating daily review meetings.  
  • Managed a portfolio of 400+ Business Applications and Priority of Focus initiatives.
Oct 2004Jun 2007

Director, Application Development

Kimball International

Recruited to Kimball International to assume the role as Application Development Manager in the Furniture Group (FG).  Quickly assumed role as the Director of Application Development within the FG-IT group with influence over all Development supporting the FG for all areas of Application Development including Internet, Intranet, Extranet, ERP, CRM, EDI, HR, Finance and Logistics.

Re-organized the Application Development group to promote cross training and team oriented development.  Established Project Best Practices, including Master Project Plans, Capacity Plans for resource management, and project status tracking.  Implementation of .NET Best Practices including:  Automated Builds, Landscape Transports, Coding Guidelines and Reviews, Defect Lifecycle Management, Automated Unit Testing and Code Documentation.  Consolidated the Microsoft Solutions Framework and SAP Accelerated SAP (ASAP) methodologies into one nomenclature for managing application development on combined Microsoft and SAP technologies. 

Implemented key Change Control processes within the FG-IT group for supporting SOX and ISO requirements.

Managed implementation of Web based Order Submission and EDI application for Order Management allowing multiple business units to move from 10% EDI to 60-80% EDI within 12 months.  Project consisted of 30+ team members including in house IT staff, On-Site/Off-Shore Partner resources.  

  • Managed an overall budget of $3M within the Furniture Group IT division and a 14 member staff.  
  • Created and implemented a formal career and development path for Application Development staff.
Oct 2002Oct 2004

Application Development Manager


Recruited to GMAC-RFC to assume the role as Application Development Manager for a multi-million dollar project in their Service Delivery Group.  Recognized as a proven leader within the SDG-IT group with influence over the Development, Architecture, Support, Infrastructure, Analysis and Reporting teams.

Led the management and coordination of acquiring a project implementation from the vendor midway through the project lifecycle.  This included constructing a 12 member development and support staff from existing employees, contractors and new hires.  Organized the knowledge transfer from vendor to staff, new technology training and individual mentorship’s.  

I was responsible for outsourcing Production Support activities, to On-Site/Off-Shore Partner, for all major Business Applications.  This allowed all new product development and enhancements to be performed by internal staff members.

  • Implemented key Change Control processes within the SDG-IT group for supporting multiple projects and software releases, scope management and quality software.
  • Liaison between the SDG-IT and Service Operations groups for business requirements definition, process re-engineering and application support.
  • Project Manager for SDG-IT delivered projects supporting new product development, product enhancements and product compliance (Gramm-Leach-Bliley, Sarbanes-Oxley) for multiple products.
Jan 2000Jan 2012


iSalus Healthcare, LLC.

Co-founded in cooperation with three other partners a software development and application services provider with a portfolio of solutions and services to middle-market healthcare companies throughout the US.

Served as the Chief Technology Officer defining technology direction, new product development, operations infrastructure, strategic partnerships as well as managing business affairs (e.g., strategic planning, operating, staffing, quality assurance, budgeting, P&L).

Transitioned business from concept to start-up and is in full-scale operation with the commercial releases of the web-based OfficeMD for Practice Management, OfficeEMR for Electronic Medical Records and BillingMD for Medical Billing applications in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

2010 - 2012

  • Designed and developed iOS version of OfficeEMR product.

2000 - 2003

  • Guided the development of operating, business, financial, budgeting, sales, client engagement and service policies, procedures and processes to facilitate business start-up.
  • Designed, developed and implemented infrastructure supporting a SaaS model for managed hosting, regional IT infrastructure hosting, web and email based hosting services.
  • Research and design to HIPAA standards and transactions.
  • Guided developers on specific methodology, development patterns and technologies (ASP, COM+, and SQL Server).
  • Developed strategic business plan including vision, mission and critical objectives. Included a roll-out strategy for extending the core business offering.
Jan 2000Jan 2002

Lead Architect


Recruited to NISYS to assume the role as lead architect for multi-million dollar projects at First American CREDCO  (FAC) and GMAC; the companies largest clients. Served as the Lead Architect enabling GMAC to deliver a $13M package enabled reengineering project in their Residential Financial Lending division (RFC).

Recognized as a key leader within the NISYS organization, bridging the relationship between software engineers and architects.  Led the design and definition of a commercial methodology and framework based on the Rational Unified Process (RUP) and UML. 

Responsible for educating new/existing members on new technologies within the corporation. 

Led research and development of new technologies to create client solutions. 

  • Designed and developed Java framework based on EJB and JSP to provide an enterprise Credit Report processing solution for FAC.
  • Responsible for vendor analysis, management and support, including client demonstrations/presentations.
  • Designed and developed an architecture based on HTML/ASP/COM+ integrating with Captiva OCR and FileNET Imaging, WorkFlo, and Acenza products to provide an enterprise Loan Processing solution for RFC.
Jan 1996Jan 2000

Technical Consultant/Development Manager

Cybertek Software

Recruited as a key member of the leadership team for the new CYBERTEK Software business unit. Challenged to manage key accounts and contribute at the enterprise level to strategic planning, account management, and software commercialization/marketing. 

Managed a 6-person team of employees/contractors and held role as Lead Architect for the commercial LoanXchange Enterprise Application for Loan Originations. 

  • Assisted in Marketing and Sales efforts resulting in software sales of over $24 million dollars and 6 new clients.
  • Spearheaded efforts to integrate Microsoft Solutions Framework for design, development, testing, implementation efforts.
  • Designed and launched web-based version of LoanXchange, converting 450+ user interface screens to a new HTML/ASP/COM framework.  Educated entire staff on new technologies and framework.
  • Led the Performance/Load testing and analysis team consisting of four Microsoft contractors and two team members to test feasibility of 2000+ user system support.  Designed Performance Test Lab for isolated testing efforts.
  • Managed Research and Development team with 5 direct reports.
  • Contributing member of Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization (MISMO) and the Object Management Group (OMG) standards bodies.

Guided the development of operating, business, client engagement and service policies, procedures and processes to facilitate business unit start-up with ISO compliance. Notable Client Projects:

  • Chase Manhattan Mortgage – Project Manager for implementing enhancements and new technologies.  Led the design and implementation of production environments supporting 2000 end users of the LoanXchange Enterprise Application.
  • Resource Bancshares Mortgage Group – Served as Project Manager for implementing the LoanXchange Enterprise Application.  Guided the design and development of new line of business processing for Correspondent/Wholesale lending.
  • Banc One Mortgage – Led the design, development and implementation of performance enhancements to the LoanXchange Enterprise Application.  Facilitated production environment assessment for business growth and application enhancements.
  • – Served as Project Manager /Client Relationship Manager from implementation to production support.  Orchestrated the design and development of additional strategic business opportunities, services and technologies reaching out to the correspondent lending community on the internet.  Managed development, client and contractor team of 6.
Jan 1994Jan 1996

Senior Developer/Lead Architect

Banc One Mortgage Corporation

Recruited as a key member of the Originations Management System (OMS) project team.  Served as Lead Architect on the Loan Originations Enterprise Application.  Designed and launched multi-tiered version of OMS, reducing the end user processing time by over 500%.

  • Educated entire staff on new technologies.
  • Team Lead for Research and Development of new technologies.


Jun 1994


Indiana State University



Microsoft Certified Developer


Standards Bodies

Member of Object Management Group (OMG) Standards Body, 1997 - 2000

Member of Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenence Organization (MISMO) Standards Body, 1997 - 2000


iOS Application Development
iOS Developer since March 2008.
Android Developer
Android Developer since March 2011.
Microsoft Technologies Architecture
.NET, Visual Basic, ASP, C#, SQL Server, BizTalk Server, Windows Sharepoint Services