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Work experience

Sep 2008Present

Field Ops Administrator / Executive Support
  • Tier 2 and 3 support position with an expertise in all facets of IT platforms; an IT utility type role.
  • Work closely with the IT Infrastructure teams, other internal operating units, vendors, remote IT teams, and external companies to ensure the IT Field Operations support requirements are exceeded and supported in a timely fashion.
  • Lead Role over Field Ops and Helpdesk, Executive escalation, and Field Ops Technician guidance and training.
  • Monitor ticketing system for new tickets and work-items. Update existing tickets. Maintain hardware inventory control in ticketing system.
  • Hardware, software support as well as recommend technologies better suited for a highly mobile business environment.
  • Maintain, tune and patch systems for optimum performance and security.
  • Prepare and maintain key team support documents.
  • Reinforcement and transition of knowledge.
  • Provide support for Procurement and costing solutions (hardware, software, and implementation labor).
  • Project Design, Implementation and Management, Efficiency in Windows environment.
  • Vendor Relations - customer support, service contracts, procurement.
  • Assist as part of a team in building and managing lab environments with complex settings, configurations, topologies and equipment including servers and various network elements.

Key Achievements

  • Established Executive Support channel within; provided direct support to Executive and Administrative staff.
  • Created new documentation for New Hire process, conference room FAQ, RIS deployment project, Clearspace instructions.
  • Introduced WebEx Conferencing Solution for Company Meeting Presentations and Executive Staff use
  • Created first ever IT Newsletter.
Oct 2010Present

Technical Support Specialist I

Kendle GmbH
  • Respond to incoming questions in a timely manner, track 100% of all customer contacts, research questions and issues and resolve each interaction with customer satisfaction.
  • Document each contact with details and enough information as not to cause extra efforts by other support personnel.
  • Use IT tools such as Remote Desktop Connection to provide support.
  • Use Active Directory to reset domain ID passwords and unlock user accounts.
  • Configure and troubleshoot VPN connections for internet connectivity
  • Provide Lotus Notes support including email and databases.
  • Provide MS Office and other packaged software support.
  • Support custom built Kendle software and coordinate support with application owners.
  • Escalate problems to second or senior level support personnel when appropriate via proper escalation procedures.
  • Alert management and IT technical staff of recurring problems and patterns of problems.
  • Stay up to date with Kendle policies and procedures.
  • Regularly attend technical and communication training sessions.

Key Achievements

  • Performed office wide deployment of over 50 desktop workstations for full laptop workstations.
Sep 2011Present

Product Support Coordinator

CROWN Gabelstapler GmbH & Co. KG
  • Provide Customer Support for Crown proprietary hardware and software product InfoLink ( to all German and European customers.  Provide German language support for German clients and Crown forklift technicians.
  • Configure, Install, and Administer InfoLink hardware and software in customer locations.  Travel to customer locations across Europe to coordinate InfoLink installation project.  Organize and collect customer specific information, including truck operators, truck equipment, and truck\operator certification.  Organize and collect IT information from customer environment, including but not limited to server configuration, WiFi configuration, networking configuration.  Installation of InfoLink hardware on Crown forklifts.  Install and configure server software on customer computer equipment or Crown hosted server environment
  • Support of InfoLink server software, including administration of proprietary software, MySQL and\or SQL Server configuration, installations, SMTP, and connectivity.
  • Direct liaison with customer IT department and Crown IT department so as to configure network connection to Crown hosted equipment, VPN connections, firewall configuration, MySQL and\or SQL Server configuration
  • Provide direct support to Crown forklift technicians with InfoLink installation and configuration, both hardware and software
  • Create documentation for InfoLink systems for customers and technicians.

Key Achievements

  • First employee for continental Europe hired to support InfoLink, specifically for Germany.  Established InfoLink customer support relationship for Germany and various European markets.
Jun 2010Sep 2010

Customer Client Services

Insight Technology Solutions
  • Order renaming, archiving, and filing
  • Order entry 
  • Credit & Re-Invoice activities
  • Return & Re-Order activities
  • Sales Order Changes
  • License Key forwarding to clients
  • License proof requests
  • Delivery queries
  • Order related queries
  • Invoice queries
  • Client account set up requests
  • Back Order Management
Apr 2004Aug 2008

Helpdesk Technician

  • Support multi-user environment of over 200 PCs and users at the Corporate office and local remote office. Provided additional support for six remote locations and remote users at locations.
  • User Administration including Active Directory accounts and permissions; Exchange accounts and permissions; Internal application accounts and permissions; phone accounts; Blackberry\PDA accounts; 3rd party accounts and permissions (example - Postini, eFax, HelpSTAR).
  • Desktop Support including, software installation and support; PC installation and support; laptop installation and support; printers, copiers and fax support; phone and PDA support; VPN support (RRAS, Cisco); data migration; maintain all current images for PCs and laptops; presentations, meeting and conference room support\setup.
  • Set up and install all new hires to the Corporate office and local remote office, including PC and installation, accounts, software, user profile, and part of new hire orientation process.
  • Maintain warehouse\backstock of all equipment, including PCs, laptops, printers and toner, and basic computer supplies for the Corporate office.
  • System Administration duties include Active Directory administration; NTFS Permissions support\administration; HelpSTAR ticket system administration; Shavlik\NetChk Protect Administration; Microsoft Exchange support; Anti-virus support; server support; datacenter support.
  • Acting lead for Helpdesk employees and supervisor for Corporate Helpdesk assistant (including tracking workload, ticket queue, and timesheet).

Key Achievements

  • At its inception, chosen to relocate for 10 months at our Ohio distribution center as primary support for multi-user environment that included over 100 users, PCs and printers, manifesting equipment (UPS, DHL, Pitney Bowes), and frame\poster manufacturing equipment.
Apr 1999Mar 2004

Desktop Support Specialist

  • Supported Multi-user environment of over 100 PCs, printers, PDAs, scanners, paper test scanning machines.
  • Basic duties included Windows OS installation and troubleshooting; software installation and troubleshooting; hardware installation and troubleshooting; PC re-imaging; printer support; local device support; hardware and software purchases; PC/Furniture moves and setups; generic phone support.
  • Provide long term program support for ETS contracts, consisting of software support, mainframe database configuration changes and production report printing.

Key Achievements

  • Coordinated, scheduled, and involved in office-wide PC replacement project, involving data backup and program migration and Windows 2000 upgrade.


Helpdesk & System Administration
Advanced experience in maintaining enterprise and business wide applications and systems Network Backup. Telephony and Voicemail. Mobile Infrastructure, including Blackberry, Windows Mobile. Enterprise software procurement and licensing. Enterprise hardware procurement, warranty and end-of-life management. Asset management - hardware and software. System updates and patch management. Helpdesk\Ticket system management Managing SLAs Maintaining \ supporting ticketing system - server and client software, ticketing business rules, change management business rules and logic.
Creating effective and useful documentation, including but not limited to, instructions, presentations, newsletters, and purchase orders. Advanced skills in Office products to create advanced spreadsheets, documents, and publications. Fluid, easy to read and understand instructions for end users. Protocol and procedure documents for staff and technical users.
Customer Service
Excellent communication and inter-personal skills.  Highly effective at bridging the technological gap, in both understanding and effective use, between end users and the technology they employ.  Excellent written and oral skills; highly effective speaker and presenter. No formal training, but effective facilitator \ educator for specific tools and skills as needed by business for instruction to staff and end users. Key Skill - Maintained end user support and appreciation by meeting demands and SLA's to meet a high paced working environment 32 personal recommendations on LinkedIn ( emphasizing my ability to maintain an active, complex and high paced Helpdesk and business infrastructure.    
Full proficiency in desktop and server hardware - installation, maintenance, warranty, upgrades Office environments, Datacenters, offsite installations. Presentations, company meetings, conference rooms Introduced WebEx meeting center to Hotwire, to broadcast to 6 TVs and a live stream of corporate charity Ping-Pong game. Mobile, Wireless, Telephony.
Extremely proficient in the installation, maintenance, and continued use of most business and personal software. Desktop OS, Anti-Virus \ Firewall, SQL and database, networking, wireless, security, backup, Office products, Server OS, Anti-Virus, Telephony, Network Backup, SQL Server


Michael Siemsen

Manager, IT Infrastructure at

  • Direct manager at
  • Worked together on new imaging, procurement, and ticketing systems.

Jeremy Koerber

Director of Network Infrastructure at

  • Worked directly under Jeremy for several years.
  • Learned and grew my Helpdesk skills in direct response to his example and leadership.

Josh Holets

Executive Assistance at

  • Executive assistant to all VP level staff and the company president.



Experienced, Dependable IT Support

Customer Service, hard work, and personal determination are the key characteristics that define my work ethic and professional history.  With 10 years of experience in Information Technology, I offer a wide range of skills and abilities that suit a high paced and high demand business environment.  My resume will show my expertise, experience, and a history of goal oriented achievements.

I bring real world education and experience to any team I am a part of.  I have worked to stay on top of the IT Industry by continuing my education as I've progressed in my career.  High School and Community college classes became technical schools.  I passed courses at Heald Technical Institute in 2000 and achieved Heald certification in Windows NT and Networking maintenance.  In 2003, I achieved my Windows 2000 MCSE \ MCSA certification and in 2008 I achieved upgraded certification by obtaining my MCSE 2003 certification.  My professional experience has ranged from Education to e-Commerce to the Travel Industry.  These broad range of services and products, which all have common ties of technology, have given me an expert understanding of the internal needs of business, from an individual perspective to an enterprise level.

As a member of the Infrastructure team of and, I've had hands-on experience with Helpdesk Administration and support as well as System Administration and support.  I've had extensive experience with ticket system management, security and patch management, enterprise data backup, enterprise Anti-Virus, and network infrastructure support, such as DHCP, DNS, VPN, and Active Directory.  I've supported mobile infrastructures of laptops, wireless devices, and PDA\Smartphones.  I've supported and managed telephony systems such as Avaya and StrataCS.  I've supported Exchange and user mailboxes\profiles\permissions.  Other systems that I've been helped to support are Citrix, Sharepoint, VMware systems, and Symantec.  I have hands-on datacenter experience, installing, racking, and cabling servers, switches, UPS and power devices, and various networking components. 

Supporting an office environment has become strength of mine as I've had to support offices of over 200 users and computers.  This support included, but was not limited to, Windows and Apple PCs and peripherals, mobile devices, user account administration, company-wide presentations, Executive Support, developer\engineer support, ticket and SLA management, vendor support, and documentation.  In particular, balancing and managing user expectations and SLAs against business\company needs and personal time management have become a key ability and strength of mine, directly responsible for my success in IT Infrastructure.  Excellent communication and prioritization skills give me the advantage I need to leverage my experience and to be the asset to the company that I am. 

As a member of an IT staff, I bring an excellent work ethic to the team, an individual and experienced perspective to support and administration, a friendly and fun personality, and most especially, an experienced technician with a "get it done" attitude.  My out of the box thinking, creative solutions, and goal oriented achievements will show that I am the person you want to hire for your company.

Professional Objective

My goal is to continue to achieve in the field of Information Technology and move my career forward into Systems Administration.  I wish to become a Systems Administrator, with the future goal of moving into management and leading my own highly skilled team.

The next step in my career is logically Systems Administrator as I have been educated for the position and have received real-world, hands-on experience in a Systems Administrator capacity.


Each day I continue my growth as an IT professional.  Working hand in hand with System Administrators, Network and Unix Administrators, and Helpdesk and Desktop Support personel has expanded my personal and business knowledge farther than all my training and education could have taken me. 

Working for different e-commerce business' has educated me as to the ways of business and how to work interactively with all the different departments.  I've gained incalculable experience learning to meet the particular needs of the individual departments and how to make the business techology work to suit the needs of the business.

My strengths to adapt, learn, and make applicable all new technology I encounter is my best attribute and is what makes me successful at being an IT professional.  The challenge of learning new technology is something I look forward to and I keep myself abreast of what's new and innovative in Information Technology.

I consider myself to be an extremely well rounded employee, blending business experience, technical expertise, outstanding Customer Service, and a likable and inviting personality, into a solid and dependable IT member.