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Recent Theoretical Mathematics graduate with internship experience in automation, database management and campaign analytics seeking an entry level [BLANK] position.  [TASK RELATED TO  BLANK] using [SUPPORTING TECH].


Aug 2013May 2015

B.S. in Theoretical Mathematics

The Ohio State University

Completed all required senior - level mathematics courses along with Linear Programming and Graph Theory.  Completed senior - level Statistics sequence.

Sep 2012May 2013

A.A.S. in Science and Mathematics

Westchester Community College

Completed biology and physics sequences.


Operating Systems

Working and Academic Experience with Windows, Unix (OSX) and their respective Command Line Interfaces.

Microsoft Office

Fifteen years worth of experience with Word, Excel and PowerPoint.  Academic experience with Visio and Access.

Programming  Languages

Experience with Ruby, JavaScript, Python and PHP.

Web Analytics

Working experience with web campaign analytical tools such as Google and Experian Analytics.  Academic experience with SQL for Google BigQuery and SAS.

Database Management

Query a SQL database using SQLite, MySQL, Sequel Pro and Ruby Gems mysql and mysql2.


Experience with Ruby on Rails and Bootstrap.


Experience with jQuery

Work History

Feb 2016Apr 2016


  • Automation with Ruby and Ruby Gems:
    • Weekly, monthly and yearly reports
    • Dynamic queries to a SQL database
    • Generation of formatted Excel workbooks with graphs and functions
    • Retrieval of information from and sending of HTML e-mails
  • SQL queries and  optimization utilizing MySQL, Sequel Pro 
  • Completed work through Command Line Interface, Homebrew and RVM in OSX El Capitan
  • Script and query versioning with Git
Aug 2015Jan 2016


Jmr Mathematics
  • Managed over 20 students a day though over four different courses
  • Students procure enrichment though arithmetic, LEGO engineering, robotics and basic programming (using Scratch)
Sep 2014May 2015


  • Tutored over 40 middle and high school students to succeed in mathematics
  • Managed a classroom through four different courses a night
  • Tracked each individual student's progress through recording sheets
  • Successfully introduced new concepts ahead of the school curriculum
May 2013Aug 2013


Purdue Pharma
  • Successfully compiled 100 - page monthly analytics reports for Public Relations while simultaneously performing work for Statistics Department
  • Managed over 24 PR websites and ads utilizing Google and Experian Analytics
  • Advised the head of Public Relations on electronic marketing decisions
  • Completed 10 - page statistical analysis reports for new,“ pipeline,” pharmaceuticals
Jul 2010Oct 2011


Geek Squad
  • Generated 15-page operations reports of all repairs being sent out and received
  • Managed profits and losses from outgoing and incoming repairs in the same report
Feb 2008May 2008


Sullivan Architecture
  • Completed urban restoration projects utilizing AutoCAD; presented new projects
  • Added finishing touches to over twelve computer-aided designs and final prints for customer
  • Completed large project – drafted urban restoration initiative and developed plans to turn half of an old mall into a park