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Neuropsychology researcher with interests in affective neuroscience and neuronal networks. Editor in online psychology magazine and lecteur of psychology.

Work experience

Aug 2014Present

Lecteur of psychology


Making presentations of psychology for student who make NCE (National comparing exams) of social sciences.

Feb 2013Present

Coordinating other editors and writing short popular-educational articles.
Jan 2009Mar 2010

Condition English courses, art-therapy

Fokus a.s.
English conversation for clients with mental illness. Practice the art therapy as a supplement lessons.


Oct 2014Present

Master's degree

University of South Bohemia

Participating on affective neuroscience research. Administrator of laboratory website.

Jan 2011Jan 2014

Bachelor's degree

University of South Bohemia

Thesis: Neuropsychological correlates of emotions in EEG.

Student research project - Qualitative research of anxiety in horror video gamers. Research of evidence of bullying in primary schools in Ceske Budejovice of international grant study.

Jan 2006Jan 2010

High School Ceska

Focused on sports. Passed with distinction.

Graduation exams: Czech language - B, English language - A, History - A, Social sciences - A.


Measurement, data mining, hypothesis testing, FAQ etc.
Brain anatomy and physiology for psychologist. Basics of neuroimaging techniques - EEG, fMRI.
Neuronal networks
Demax s.r.o. (now Global People Ldt.) - development of controled artificial inteligence for private sector. Beta tester and hypothesis testing. Validization process.
English language lecteur for people with mental illness. Lecteur of psychology and sociology of high school student for university exams. Private language lessons. MATLAB basics seminars.
MATLAB programmer
Vectors, function, scripting, ploting, hypothesis testing, data visualisation, toolbox development, basics of GUI, interactive functions, statistical toolbox.
General psychology
Terminology, scientific point of view on psychology, senses and sensors, perception, consiousness, sleep - phases, disorders, dreams, attention, memory, cognition - operations, logic, forms etc., emotions.



EEG beginner lesson

University of South Bohemia, Department of education and psychology
EEG recording, analysis, data mining. Neuroanatomy lesson.


Czech - C2, English ~B2, German ~A2, Russian ~A1


Anhtropology, Norway crimi literature, sci-fi movies, Apple computers, rock music, coffee