Certified tennis instructor...I currently coach 2 junior players.  In addition to tennis, I'm also active in recreational basketball and softball leagues.

I'm an avid reader, and particularly enjoy books on...current events, business, and history.  

For the past several years, I've been an alumni mentor for MBA students at the University of Toronto's Rotman School of Management.  I also participate on the alumni advisory board, and recently helped with the development of a new website dedicated to keeping graduates in touch with the business school.

In addition to work experience in the United States and Canada, I have worked as a market research moderator and have facilitated focus groups and individual interviews for an automotive client in Ecuador, the UK, Taiwan, and Spain.



A comprehensive background leading multi-discipline corporate initiatives, with expertise in...

  • Customer experience strategies developed in diverse areas including...acquisition, onboarding, website design, automobile lease renewal
  • Qualitative and quantitative consumer research techniques to develop value propositions
  • Using facilitation and interviewing to gather customer needs and translating into guidelines for designing service and product offerings
  • Developing customer journey maps to design client experience processes
  • Database analytics and the use of predictive models for customer acquisition and defection
  • Extensive large scope project management experience, including leadership of cross-functional teams - sales, IT, finance, human resources - , department management, as well as collaboration with customer-facing channels and marketing agencies

Work experience

Work experience
Apr 2013 - Present

Client Experience Lead

MD Physician Services

Lead the implementation of a new corporate client experience initiative involving over 30 regional offices and 300 plus financial advisors.  Completed CX projects include...

  • The design of an onboard process for new physician clients
  • The implementation of service and contact standards for each of the company's 5 client segments
  • Ongoing journey mapping and service design for each of the company's "Moments of Truth"
Apr 2012 - Mar 2013

Client Engagement Manager

Greenwich Associates

Greenwich Associates provides business intelligence services to financial institutions including commercial and retail banks and credit unions.

  • Managed the development and implementation of voice-of-customer surveys for 6 Canadian credit union clients
  • Developed and presented client training courses focusing on using Net Promoter survey feedback to manage customer satisfaction initiatives
  • Consulted with clients to identify user requirements for designing survey questionnaires and reporting methods
Apr 2005 - Apr 2012

Manager, Customer Relationship Management

Honda Canada Inc.
  • Was the founding manager and launched the successful implementation of the CRM Department at Honda
  • Oversaw all direct-marketing - Sales and Service - activities for the Honda, Acura and Motorcycle operations
  • Led the development and introduction of a comprehensive customer database containing over 3 million households and 100 million transactions.  The database improved on existing legacy systems and is used throughout the organization for analytics and reporting
  • Leveraging the customer database, introduced predictive modelling analysis to better understand potential in-market customers and customers with potential to defect
  • Executed integrated direct-marketing campaigns using digital and surface mail methods
  • Introduced and implemented a strategy to support lease retention.  Over 3 years, retention of owners who leased their vehicles increased from the mid 30 percent range to the high 40 percent range
Sep 2002 - Apr 2006

Manager, Customer Experience and Process Improvement

Honda Canada Inc.
  • Managed the design, introduction and implementation of a national customer satisfaction initiative involving over 300 dealerships from the Honda and Acura brands
  • Collaborating with a vendor partner, successfully delivered a two-day training course to over 1,000 dealership staff throughout Canada
  • Designed and delivered a supplemental process improvement training course for over 50 Honda and Acura district managers.  Following the course, district managers were equipped to provide consulting support to dealerships in the implementation of process improvement activities
  • Developed and delivered a specialized training course for dealership Process Improvement Facilitators to assist them in managing the process improvement function at their dealerships
  • Designed and introduce a first-ever customer defection survey...the reporting provided actionable insights to understand and address reasons for customer brand defection
  • Within 3 years of the introduction of this initiative, Honda and Acura retail customer satisfaction rankings as measured by an independent third party stood in the top quarter amongst all manufacturers





Journey Mapping

Have designed journey maps in financial services and automotive contexts.  To develop journey maps and capture customer "jobs to be done," I have moderated focus groups,  completed individual customer interviews as well as executed quantitative surveys.

Fluent in Conversational and Written Spanish

Project Budgeting

Customer Experience Management

Managed the design, implementation and ongoing operations for customer experience activities at MD Physician Services and Honda Canada Inc.     At MD Physician Services, I designed an onboard process for new clients.  New physician clients now complete a formal introduction to the company that includes the following touchpoints experienced during the initial 3-months... Compulsory meetings with their Financial Advisor and support staff An introductory call and orientation from the company's Service Center A Welcome Brochure containing user guides to their online accounts and monthly account statement At Honda Canada, I oversaw the introduction and implementation of a national customer experience and satisfaction initiative involving over 1000 staff at 300-plus dealerships.  Notable accomplishments include... A top-quartile ranking in customer satisfaction based on the annual J.D. Power Canadian industry survey of auto manufacturers Over 3-years, a 15 percent decline in the frequency of specific customer dissatisfaction inquiries to the company's call center.  

Project Management

Market Research - Qualitative and Quantitative

Have moderated over 60 consumer focus groups and individual interviews covering topics such as branding, product development and consumer sentiment.  Qualitative research has been completed in Canada, the US, UK, Taiwan, Ecuador and Spain   Have designed and executed over 100 survey questionnaires and analytical reports focusing on customer satisfaction and journey mapping

Database Analytics

At Honda Canada, I lead the design and implementation of a comprehensive customers database that included all of the individual client's  sales, service, research, and call center transactions with the company.  The database was used for direct marketing activities, as well as analytics and predictive modeling


Nov 2005 - Present


Association for the Advancement of Relationship Marketing
Sep 2004 - Present

Kepner-Tregoe Decision Making

Kepner-Tregoe Education
Nov 2013 - Present

Business Model Master Class

Strategyzer Academy
Feb 2011 - Present

Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of Mouth Institute