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Maths A level: Grade A

Further Maths A level: Grade B

Chemistry A level: Grade C


Grade A: Maths, Geography, Religious Studies, French

Grade B: Statistics, ICT (Double Award), Science (Double Award), English Language

Grade C: English Literature.

I also passed the Community Sports Leadership Award course.

I am now a second year university student studying Mathematics at the University of Birmingham. My module average for maths in the first year was 66.5%.

I am either looking for a summer job in between my university terms, or work experience in banking, or anything mathematically related to my degree.

Work experience

Aug 2005May 2007

Netherton United FC

I worked in the bar in the Netherton United Clubhouse every Sunday during the football season. The manager opened the bar for me when I arrived, and I was then on my own for the rest of the day. I sold food and drink, and handled the money float for the whole day until closing time, when i closed the bar, locked up the building and returned the money to the manager. The job involved serving and working with members of the public, which I think gave me good experience in the field.


Sep 2007Present


I am studying a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and am starting my second year in September '08.