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Based in Pennsylvania, entrepreneur Michael Pouls provides parents with a means for keeping their children safe. After reading a parenting test in Reader’s Digest, which questioned the logic of parents carrying an out-of-date photo of their child in their wallets, especially if that child becomes missing or lost, he launched Kidz-IDz in 2002. Mr. Pouls established Kidz-IDz for the purpose of educating children and their families to make smart decisions in order to stay safe. He provides parents and caregivers with tools to prevent children from going missing, offering unique and effective identification for swift and accurate response to any catastrophic event.

With Kidz-IDz, Michael Pouls offers three essential products for helping to improve children's safety in various ways. The first product, Safetyville, provides safety education to children in the form of a fun board game. Children move pieces around the board, answering a selection of safety questions. Mr. Pouls and Kidz-IDz also offer a series of identification products, including a descriptive photo identity document (ID) and emergency medical card, providing current information and emergency contacts, as well as a signature that grants medical professionals permission to act in the event parents cannot be reached. Finally, in anticipation of an emergency, Kidz-IDz offers parents a document-based electronic ID based on the AMBER Alert Program, allowing parents to save time and increase the likelihood of a successful recovery.

In addition to Kidz-IDz, Michael Pouls helps nonprofits in many ways as the owner of the North American Booster Club Association (NABCA). He first came in contact with NABCA to help bolster Kidz-IDz's education of child safety. Shortly after working with NABCA, the organization encountered economic difficulties in conjunction with the Great Recession. In a goodwill gesture, Mr. Pouls took over the nonprofit organization, where he currently focuses on promoting child safety throughout the nation.

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