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Oct 2010Present


This Land Press

I get to work alongside Oklahoma's most talented, creative people--the ones who make This Land look, sound and feel the way it does. Part of my job involves: editing This Land magazine, helping to build This Land Radio, facilitating This Land TV, supporting a staff of about 15-20 employees, overseeing daily operations including This Land merchandise & web development/social media for, and manage our sales department.

Jul 2001Oct 2010

Brain Injury Projects Manager

Brookhaven Hospital


Brain Injury




Contemporary Art


I'm the founding editor of This Land Press, a media company based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Called "The New Yorker with balls" by Columbia Journalism Review," This Land Press has received global recognition for its gutsy, courageous reporting and has been sourced by every major news outlet. In its first three years of operation, This Land Press has published over 45 issues of its award-winning print magazine, created over a hundred acclaimed audio programs, and produced both a TV show and a Sundance-selected documentary.

Prior to starting This Land Press, I served as an editor for three literary publications. My first major entry into national journalism was the article, "Dead Men Walking" (2007), which appeared in Discover magazine. It ignited a national debate about the treatment of brain injured soldiers (my first book, Head Cases: Stories of Brain Injury and Its Aftermath (FGS, 2008) is an exploration into the harsh realities endured by brain injury survivors). Assignments have taken me into the Iraqi war zone and behind Vatican walls. In 2010, I decided to focus my work on major stories from Middle America and created This Land Press as a vehicle to help produce those stories. 

As an editor, my greatest successes involve the discovery and cultivation of new stories and new writers. In This Land’s first issue, I helped writer Randy Potts relay the story of growing up gay in the Oral Roberts family–an article which has since inspired thousands across the globe. In the second issue, I encouraged reporter Denver Nicks to delve deeply into the early life of Chelsea Manning, resulting in an exclusive report noted by TIME, Harper’s, and a number of other national and international media outlets, all of which earned Nicks his first book deal on the life of Manning. In 2012, I helped Kiera Feldman reveal a child molestation tragedy that occurred inside a Tulsa megachurch. Both Longreads and Daily Beast/Newsweek called her article "Grace in Broken Arrow" the best non-fiction longform article of the year. This Land continues to publish groundbreaking stories based on life and culture in the middle of America.



Veterans Initiative Advisory Board


TBI Resource Optimization Center

Board Member

Academy of Certified Brain Injury Specialists


Brain Injury Association of Oklahoma


Pen American Center for Writers

Certified Brain Injury Specialist

American Academy of Certified Brain Injury Specialists