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Work experience

Jun 2012Present

Managing Editor


I was hired as News Editor at in late May 2012, and have been working at the site since June 4 of that year. I was promoted to Managing Editor in August 2013, and I've held that position since then. A little bit about the site:

Stereogum is the leading online community for independent and alternative music tastemakers. With a daily offering of news, commentary and MP3s, the site drives the conversation around the music that matters. Stereogum writers and columnists identify the best up-and-coming bands and trends before they hit the mainstream. The site covers the spectrum of alternative and underground music (indie, hip-hop, pop, and metal) and has amassed a passionate readership of music fans, industry insiders, and indie rock stars. Cited for its commentary and band discovery everywhere from The New Yorker to FOX News, Stereogum’s awards and distinguished mentions include the Plug Award for best music blog, Blender‘s Most Influential People in Online Music, Village Voice‘s Music Blog Of The Year, and Entertainment Weekly‘s Best Music Website.

My own role here is quite diverse; its primary component has been the assembly and management of a freelance team who contribute long-form essays and criticism to the site. (Before I came on board, Stereogum published only short-form news items.) Since coming here, I have established a team of nearly two dozen regular freelancers who report to me directly. Our efforts have aided the site in achieving record traffic across all metrics, as well as changed the face and feel of Stereogum.

I established Stereogum's first internship program in January 2013, and it has been going strong since then, often leading to employment for the intern. We've now hired five Stereogum interns as full-time editorial staff, and numerous others have contributed in freelance capacities.

I also contribute to the site via regular writing under my own byline.

I truly love my job, and find more here to love every single day. At present, my responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

  • Assign, manage, and edit all long-form editorial content for the site, including feature stories and franchises.
  • Oversee nearly two-dozen freelance and staff writers. Review submitted work, provide guidance on story ideas, and mentor writers toward greater professional excellence.
  • Develop new features and columns, and work with writers to build pitches into successful projects.
  • Established and continue to manage the Stereogum Editorial Internship program.
  • Contribute long- and short-form written content to Stereogum.
  • Help to grow the scope of the site with new users via: establishing and reaching page view goals; working with SEO team to develop proper keyword strategies; creating and maintaining a presence on social media channels, and utilizing that presence to drive users to Stereogum.
  • Contribute to the strategic direction of the site. Provide input regarding content, design, voice, and marketing focus.
  • Evaluate and interview job candidates.
  • Manage monthly editorial budget.
  • Help to cultivate and manage the site's commenter and reader community.
  • Assist in all aspects of the site's social media strategies.
Mar 2002May 2012


Long Island Press

I started at Long Island Press in March 2002, as Arts and Listings Editor. In fact, I was part of the editorial team that started up the newspaper. Over time, I worked my way up the editorial ladder: to Senior Editor, then Managing Editor, and finally, Editor-in-Chief in July 2009. I left the paper in May 2012, when I was hired to work at Stereogum.

A few notes about the paper itself: Though it's no longer distributed in print, at the time I left the job, the Long Island Press was the ninth-largest alternative newsweekly in the country. As an editorial staff, we won more than 185 awards in the nine years I worked there, and we broke quite a few major stories. Along with cover stories, features, reviews and special sections, I wrote a weekly column, and my own writing was honored numerous times.

As Editor-in-Chief, my role was fairly vast, but it included the following elements:

  • Assigned tasks to and managed a staff of 20 professional writers, artists, bloggers, and video journalists.
  • Developed, oversaw, and managed all elements of weekly print edition, which included news, features, event listings, columns, and award-winning investigations.
  • Evaluated and interviewed job candidates, and managed editorial budget.
  • Contributed to the publication via written content, including a weekly column, daily blog, cover stories, reviews, features, event previews, and headlines.
  • Contributed to the strategic direction of the paper. Provided input regarding content, design, voice, and marketing focus.
  • Developed, oversaw, and managed all editorial elements of the Long Island Press website.
  • Won 14 awards for written work from the Society of Professional Journalists.
Sep 2008Dec 2009

Adjunct Professor of Journalism

New York University

I taught journalism at NYU, my alma mater, from September, 2008 to December, 2009. (I left only because it was impossible to balance my teaching responsibilities with those of my full-time job.) My title was Adjunct Professor. I loved the job, which included (but was not limited to) the following:

  • Taught a 15-student section of the Foundations of Journalism class, a required course for all undergraduate journalism majors at NYU. Worked directly with students, both individually and in the classroom setting, on their writing skills and their understanding of the required readings.
  • Helped to construct the Future of Journalism panel, in which five influential journalists working in new-media fields were brought to NYU to discuss the industry’s evolution and its implications.
  • Assisted in the development of the class’ syllabus, curriculum, and grading policies.
Aug 1999Mar 2002

Managing Editor

The Island Ear

My first job in journalism was at The Island Ear, a now-defunct bi-weekly music newspaper based in Long Island, NY. I started in August, 1999, as Assistant Editor, and was promoted to Managing Editor early the following year. (It was a small newspaper, and the jump from Assistant to Managing Editor was not as great as it might seem.) I literally did everything there -- including layout, when needed -- but the basics of my job were the following:

  • Edited content and copy for this biweekly music newspaper, which featured over 20 columns and articles per issue.
  • Authored two columns per week, Editor's Note and Music News, as well as assorted stories and reviews.
  • Ran the paper's internship program. Evaluated program applicants. Trained and supervised interns. 


Sep 1995Sep 1997

Bachelors in Journalism

New York University