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About Michael Ortner

Michael Ortner founded Capterra in 1999 in an attempt to resolve two problems plaguing the software industry: a high rate of purchase failures and exorbitant marketing costs. With the growing popularity of the Internet as both a tool for product research and marketing, Capterra would capitalize on these trends and address both problems by creating an online marketplace connecting software buyers with software vendors. Capterra is now a profitable, high-growth technology company based in Arlington, VA. Michael grew up in Malvern, PA, graduated from Georgetown University in 1995 and currently lives in Falls Church, VA with his wife, Liz, and his two children, Gabriel and Julia.



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Founded in 1999, Capterra is the online marketplace dedicated to connecting buyers and sellers of enterprise software. Capterra identifies every enterprise software solution on the market and presents them to buyers in a way that facilitates fast, easy comparison.

Capterra helps organizations better accomplish their goals through smarter software purchase decisions, and helps software companies reach buyers more efficiently and effectively.