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Spanning a career of nearly 30 years, Michael Mouyal has held a wide-range of positions in fields such as marketing, publishing, and private business consulting. Mr. Mouyal launched his career at Xerox Canada based in Toronto as a Senior Marketing Consultant, where he developed marketing programs for various dealer networks. Later in his career, Michael Mouyal worked for Merchant Transaction Supplies from 1992 to 2001. He then joined Miami-based F/X Publishing in 2002, helping the firm to market and advertise its services. There, he focused on the sales of specialized databases located in the Caribbean and Latin America. Mr. Mouyal currently works as an independent business consultant, focusing on direct monetization and capitalization.Mr. Mouyal attended the Ryerson Institute of Technology from 1983 to 1985, specializing in communications. In his spare time, he enjoys modern and Italian interior design. In addition to his interest in visual aesthetics, Mr. Mouyal also enjoys outdoor grilling, waterskiing, playing golf, and personal fitness.

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Independent Business Consultant

Michael Mouyal



Ryerson Institute of Technology