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Experienced team builder and staff development professional with more than 15 years of sales experience and more than 10 years of management expertise in search of an opportunity in an industry with growth potential.

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Sales Associate

Alan's Shoes, Inc.

Assistant Store Manager

Alan's Shoes, Inc.




University of Phoenix


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Richard Bowman

"Michael Miklofsky was recently a student in my Organizational Leadership class through the University of Phoenix MBA program. I found Michael to be a bright and intelligent young man. He displayed a strong work ethic and dedication toward furthering his education. Michael developed strong relationships with his fellow Learning Team members, who complimented his dedication toward their group assignments. Michael made a couple of presentations to the course and presented himself in a clear and concise manner. From what I have seen, Michael would be a great asset to any team or organization."

Daniel Silver

"I have known Michael for a few years while he was working with The Shoe House. Michael helped negotiate various marketing and sales programs for our brand in his stores. While Michael always stays professional and focused in business endeavors, he is passionate about what he does. I consider him a "silent leader" as he works to establish relationships and trust rather than the "hard sale." As a former lecturer at San Francisco State University, I learned that the most effective "sell" in education is genuineness and passion rather than pushy "sales." Michael truly exemplifies these elements.

As you see from Michael's resume, at a very young age, he has been successful in many different endeavors including becoming a Realtor and VP of prestigious brick-and-mortar and Internet shoe corporations. In addition, he never neglected his education and earned his degree at Arizona State University, a Realtor license, and soon an MBA from the University of Phoenix. While this is quite impressive, it has become apparent that Michael accomplishes all his endeavors with integrity and trustworthiness. Because of this, I consider Michael a valued business partner and genuine friend.

Please feel free to contact me at anytime to further discuss my support of Michael."

Matthew Lerner

"It is with great pleasure that I can recommend Michael Miklofsky. I have worked with Michael for the past seven years to build the Mephisto brand of footwear at the Alan's Shoe House retail stores in Tucson, Arizona.

Every season Michael approaches me with advertising and promotion ideas in an effort to expand consumer awareness as well as educate and encourage the sales staff. His plans are well thought out and thorough. We have achieved mutual success with the vendor events, training sessions, and ads in the local newspapers.

Michael always shows a passion for the business and communicates with me in a courteous and professional manner.

I am pleased to recommend Michael as he will be an asset to any team. His dedication and work ethic will carry him far. I welcome your phone call (714-544-0610) or e-mail ([email protected]) should you wish to discuss anything further."