Michael Mayer

Michael Mayer

Work experience

Work experience


Sep 2007 to CurrentVice President - Large Projects CIS countries

Responsible for the sales strategy and sales execution for very large projects in CIS countries.This included high level relationship building with C-level executives and government officials, complex contract structuring and negotiation, leading and mentoring the local sales force.

May 2005 to Oct 2007Vice President - International Development Agencies (IDA) Group

Lead an international team of 15 professionals located throughout the world and focus on winning projects funded by International Development Agencies such as the World Bank, Asia Development Bank, USaid, EU Agencies, etc..This involved maintaining high level relationships and knowledge on how the IDA's work, project procurement life cycle, complex /project/contract structuring and negotiations, as well as working with international consultants within the IDA eco-system.


Nov 2000 to April 2005Senior Director - International Projects

Lead international sales team that focused on strategic "country win" projects.Country win meant that by winning the project Oracle effectively won the IT system of a country's government for the foreseeable future.Major country wins:Russian, Kazakhstan, Viet-Nam, Ghana as well as a number of smaller countries (e.g. Albania).As I won every project I competed against SAP, SAP recruited me.

June 1995 to Oct 2000Director, Sales East Central Europe, Middle East and Africa

Worked to develop the Oracle sales organization primarily in Easter Europe and CIS and focus the organization on winning key customers and projects.


Oct 1992 to May 1995International Sales Development Manager

With the opening of Eastern Europe, focus on a number of countries (Poland, Russia and Hungary), help establish a DEC presence as well as lead major project sales.At the time, managed the sales process and signed contract for the largest project in Eastern Europe for the Polish State Railways which was financed by the World Bank.

Jan 1987 to April 1992Software Products Group Manager

Manage all the software business (software sales and software support) for DEC in Israel.Manage dedicated software sales force as well as worked with hardware system sales in maximizing software sales.For two consecutive years achieved the highest ration (20%) of software to hardware sales globally for DEC.

March 1984 to May 1987Software Support Manager

Managed a group of 15 software specialist in providing software support for to all DEC customers in Israel.Consistently ranked in the top 3 countries in EMEA annual customer satisfaction surveys.

May 1982 to Feb 1984Software Support Specialist

Worked in providing software support services for DEC customers in Israel


June 1978 to April 1982Software Development Manager

Managed the development of SCADA software for large projects like automated feed mills and at the time for the largest civilian software project in Israel, the development of SCADA software (together with the Swiss firm of Landys & Gyr) for the Israel Electric Corporation.At the time I was the largest DEC customer in Israel and after the project finished, was recruited by DEC.


Jan 1975 to Dec 1976Australian Ministry of Supply - System Analyst

Worked on analyzing the Australian energy sector and helped build an econometric model which could show the effects of changing energy sources/prices on the Australian economy.

Jan 1974 to Dec 1975Aeronautical Research Laboratory - Software Programmer

Developed software to gather data from air trials of military aircraft (F-111) and manage the static fatigue test on the aircraft in order to predict component failure.


Feb 1973 - Oct 1976

Electronic Date Processing

Caulfield Intitute of Technology